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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 351 T E X A S ducks represented than usual, perhaps ow- ing to the presence of full reservoirs & lakes. Nesting success overall seemed to benefit from the spring rains allowing ample food sources, though some breeders likely had to deal with preferred habitat being inundated with water by late spring flooding. Spring migration con - tinued into early June, as is usual, with a few notables still around into mid-June. The first trickle of southbound migrants was noted by early July and seemed unremarkable for the most part. After several years of running pe - lagic trips out of only the lower coast from Port Isabel, a mid-July trip out of Port Aransas pro - duced a decent number of the expected species and has us looking forward to follow-up trips in subsequent years. WATERFOWL THROUGH GREBES A Black-bellied Whistling-Duck strayed to Lubbock, Lubbock 4 Jun (AH). A seemingly healthy Snow Goose capable of flight lingered near Dougherty, Floyd 7 Jun (JBo). Summering American Wigeon included one in Willacy 23 Jun (ph. ShB, NS), another at Nassau Bay, Har - ris 27 Jun (RG), and one present in Flour Bluff, Nueces 2-31 Jul (ph. AO). Unusual for the sea - son, Northern Pintails summered in a few spots with as many as 6 at Balmorhea Lake, Reeves 3-9 Jul (BLi, BRo et al.), 2 at Richland Creek W.M.A., Freestone 17 Jul (DL, DDC), and one in Temple, Bell 19 Jul+ (RP). Also rare for the sum - mer were single Canvasbacks at Mittag's Pond, Kleberg 7 Jun (BLa, KL), in Willacy 3 Jul (TaB), at Ascarate Park, El Paso 14 Jul (ph., JKi), and one that spent the period at the Jenna Welch Nature Center, Midland (ph. BLu et al.). Like - wise, a Ring-necked Duck remained all summer at Mitchell Lake, Bexar (m.ob.) and a pair were detected at Tornillo Reservoir, El Paso 9 Jun (JPa). Common Mergansers stayed at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth for the second summer in a row with 2 still present 28 Jun (JPa), though only one remained 17 Jul (ph., JGr, JKi). Ad - ditionally, 2 were at Tornillo Reservoir, El Paso 17 Jul (JGr, JKi). A handful of Red-breasted Mergansers also put in unusual summer appear - ances with one at Kurth Lake, Angelina until 2 Jun (LD), another in Fulton, Aransas 4 Jun (SF), one at Goose Island S.P., Aransas 16 Jun (TC, NR), one on the Trinity River, Tarrant , 13 Jun (CJ, ph.), and another at South Padre Island, Cameron through 18 July (BB, MSa). A continuing sign of the expansion of Least Grebe were breeding birds with at least 3 juve - niles near Temple, Bell 29 Jul+ (ph. RP); on the U.T.C., a peak of 16 birds including 4 to 5 pair with young near the Davis Estates Road, Fort Bend 28 Jul (MSc) and a high count of 10 at El Franco Lee Park, Harris 20 Jul that included 6 adults and 4 young (DRo). Two Western Grebes Midland Naturalists, Michael O'Brien, Carolyn Ohl (COh), Cullen Ondracek (COn), Andrew Orgill, Brent Ortego, Richard Park (RPa), Jim Paton (El Paso area: 4325 Boy Scout Lane, El Paso, TX 79922. email:, Bar - rett Pierce, Randy Pinkston (RPi), Karl Poetzl, Niler Pyeatt, Nina Rach, Jane Ramberg, Keir Randall (KRa), Ron Randle, Barbara Rapstien, Ross Rasmussen (RRa) (North-central Texas: 1325 S. Goliad St. Apt. 1302, Rockwall, TX 75087. email:, George Reddien, George Reddkin (GRe), Martin Reid, Martin Renner (MRe), Ross Rickett (RRi), Marla Riddlespurger (MaR), Colton Robbins (CoR), Anona Roberts, Kent Ruffin (KRu), Chris Runk, Chris Rustay (CRu), Madeleine Sandefur, Da - vid Sarkozi (DSa), Willie Sekula (South Texas: 7063 Co. Rd. 228, Falls City, TX 78113-2627. email:, Paul Sellin (PSe), Cliff Shackelford (CSh), Diane Silverstein (DSi), Jim Sinclair, Brad Singer (BSi), Emily Sinnott (ESi), Jim Sipiora (JSi), Ellen Smith (ESm), Howard Smith, Laura Smith (LaS), Leanna Smith (LeS), Ryan Smith (RSm), Tyler Smith, Rick Snider (RSn), Cindy Sperry (CSp), John Sproul (JSp), Eric Stager (ESt), Bob Stone (BSt), Mary Beth Stowe (MBS), Guatam Surya, Romey Swanson (RSw), Paul Sweet (PSw), John Tesch (JTe), Robert Thacker, Ben Thomasson, Simon Thompson, Matthew Torres, Janice Travis (JTr), Kenneth Trease, Anna Troth, Kristen Vale, Gary Voelker, Darrell Vollert, Ellis Vonasek, Joan Wabschall (JWa), Christian Walker (CWa), Lee Wallace (LWa), Richard Watson (RWa), Ron Weeks (RWe) (Upper Coast: 110 Indian Warrior, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. email: ron - ), Craig Weisinger (CrW), Carol Wells (CaW), Ed Wetzel, John Whittle (JWh), David Wolf, Amy Worell, Lynn Wright (LWr), John Yochum, David Youker, Ted Young, Louise Zemaitis, Barry Zimmer. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– S ummer birding in Texas, including this season, is difficult to summarize due to the paucity of reports during the hottest months, combined with a bit of a focus on late spring migrants and then early fall migrants. For many areas, the heavy May rains continued into early June and rainfall through the rest of the June and July was a mixed bag, with some areas like central Texas receiving very little precipitation but other areas receiving mod - erate amounts. It is not unusual to have lin- gering waterfowl staying through the summer but this year it seemed like there were more Andrus (CAn), Marlin Andrus (MAn), Peter Barnes, John Barrera (JBa), Keith Bartels, Bill Beaty (BiB), Brigid Berger, John Berner (JBe), Brian Berry (BBe), Gavin Bieber, Stephanie Bilodeau, Mike Bloodsworth, Colin Bludau, Justin Bosler, Justin Bower (JBo), Rik Brittain (RBr), Richard Bunn (RBu), Alex Burdo, Til Bur - nett, Steve Cardiff (StC), Damien Carey (DCa), Blaine Carnes, Eric Carpenter (Central Texas, Trans-Pecos: 4710 Canyonwood Dr., Austin, Texas 78735. email:, Mag - gie Carpenter (MCa), Katherine Cavazos, Mike Childs (MCh), Rita Clements, Sheridan Coffey (ShC), Scarlet Colley (ScC), Tom Collins, Don Connell (DoC), Greg Cook, Dennis Cooke (DeC), Michael B. Cooper (MBC), Cameron Cox, Howard Davis, Louis Debetaz (LoD), Matt Denton, Liam Desai (LiD), Andrew Dickin - son, Donna Dittman, Lily Douglas (LDo), Ted Drozdowski, Gil Eckrich, Ed Fair (EFa), John Faragher, Elizabeth Farley-Dawson (EFD), Tim Fennell, Andy Filtness, Ellen Filtness (EFi), Charles Dean Fisher (CDF), Mark Flippo, Su - san Foster, Buddy Fowler (BuF), Ben Franklin (BeF), Brush Freeman (BrF), Bert Frenz (East Texas: 221 Rainbow Dr., #12190, Livingston, TX 77399-2021. email:, Bob Friedrichs (BoF), Caleb Frome, Alan Gann (AGa), Stephen Gast (SGa), Brian Gibbons, Richard Gibbons, Steve Glover (SGl), Javi Gon - zalez (JGo), Gregg Goodrich, Jean Greenhalgh (JeG), John Groves (JoG), Alban Guillaumet (AGu), Alician Hall (AHa), Shelia Hargis, Ken Hartman (KHa), Drew Harvey (DrH), Mark Hassell (MHa), Dave Hawksworth (DaH), John Haynes (JHa), Matt Heindel (MHe), Thomas Hellwig, Randy Hesford, Anthony Hewetson (AHe) (Northwest Texas: 4407 36th St., Lub - bock, TX 79414. email: fattonybirds@gmail. com), Barbara Hines (BHi), Jim Hines (JHi), Kelly Holligan (KHo), Wesley Homoya, Bob Honig (BHo), Maggie Honig (MHo), Daniel Horton (DHo), Lee Hoy, Caroline Humpries, David Hursh (DHu), Evelyn Interis, Michael James, Dan Jones, John Keagle (JKe), Kathy Keagle (KaK), Kenneth Kemphues (KeK), Pe - ter Keyel (PKe), Richard Kinney (RKi), Larry Kirby, Vicki Kirby, John Kiseda (JKi), Phillip Kite (PKi), Rich Kostecke (RKo), Sharon Lane (SLa), Mickey Lanty (MLa), Greg Lasley (GLa), Cin-Ty Lee (CTL), Jason Leifester, Manuel De Leon (MDL), Glen Lindeman (GLi), Dell Little, Mark Lockwood (MLo), Suzie Lower (SLo), Eric Lutomski, Liam MacGuire, Stuart Mal - colm, Mike Manson (MMa), John Maresh, John Mariani (JMa), Judy Matsuoka (JuM), Steve Mayes (SMa), Nate McGowan, Anita Meagher (AMe), Jennifer Miller (JeM), Mark Minner-Lee (MML), Karlo Mirth, Arman Moreno (AMo), Diane Morton (DMo), Mike Muir (MMu), John Muller (JMu), Derek Muschalek (DMu),

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