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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 350 included singles at Quintana Neotropical Bird Sanctuary, Brazoria 19 Apr (LK, VK) and se. of Utley, Bastrop 1 May (ph. RC). A pair of Rose- breasted Grosbeaks in the Christmas Moun - tains, Brewster 13 April (ph. COh) was a nice find. Casual in n.-central Texas, a Black-headed Grosbeak was found at Trophy Club, Denton 13 Apr (JTe, ph.); another visited a feeder in Benbrook, Tarrant 13 May (CAc, ph.). The win - tering Blue Bunting lingered at Frontera Audu- bon Sanctuary in Weslaco, Hidalgo until 13 Apr (m.ob.). A Blue Grosbeak at Sabine Woods, Jef - ferson 26 Mar was a bit early (JHa, et al.). A Dickcissel near Dell City, Hudspeth 21 May (ph., JP) was only the second spring record for the El Paso area. Bobolinks made a good showing in north-east Texas with multiple reports in Na - cogdoches and Red River, topped by 54+ males at Alazan Bayou W.M.A., Nacogdoches 6 May (DW). Ten Bobolinks s. of Hamilton, Hamilton 29 Apr (BrF) were a nice count. Four Yellow- headed Blackbirds near Sabine Pass, Jefferson 14 May were late (TH). A Rusty Blackbird s. of Richmond, Fort Bend 12 Apr was also rather late (GLi, JeG). A grackle showing traits of both Great-tailed and Boat-tailed Grackle on Mus - tang Island, Nueces 30 Apr (ph. AO) certainly suggested hybridization between the two spe - cies. A Bronzed Cowbird in Granbury, Hood 2 May (GC) was an outlier to the northwest of its expected range. Perhaps a sign of the continued expansion of this species, an Audubon's Oriole in the Barton Creek area, Travis 2-21 May (ph. JWa) was a first for the county. Cited observers (subregional editors in bold - face): Chris Acree (CAc), Bill Adams, Markela Adkins (MAd), Charles Alberty (CAl), John Allendorf (JAl), John Anderson (JAn), Connie in Corpus Christi, Nueces 1 May (ph. MHe et al.). A Slate-throated Red - start at Elephant Mountain W.M.A., Brewster (GV, *Biodiversity Research & Teaching Collections #23757) is the first specimen for the U.S. SPARROWS THROUGH BLACKBIRDS The wintering Green-tailed Towhee on the Katy Prairie, Waller lingered through 13 Apr (BHo, MHo); one found in December near the White Rock Lake, Dallas, lingered until 19 Apr (DL). Another Green-tailed Towhee was at Lake Lewisville En - vironmental Center, Denton 31 Mar (KC). Evidently a rare breeder in Jasper, a singing Eastern Towhee near Sandy Creek Park in Jasper seemed to be on territory 14-20 Apr (MO, LZ, BG, DW). A Black-throated Sparrow at the Texas Tech rangeland in Lubbock, Lubbock 28 Apr (ph. LM) was out of place. Three Baird's Sparrows were tallied w. of Valentine, Jeff Davis 17 Mar (StC, DD). Single Baird's Sparrows were detected 20 miles ne. of Terlingua, Brewster 3-6 May (ph. JHi, BHi) and in the Chisos Basin, Brewster 7 May (ph. CoR). A Baird's Sparrow in Midland, Midland 20 Apr (ph. CH) and an - other in Temple, Bell 10 May (ph. RPi) were more unexpected. A Harris's Sparrow lingered well west of its wintering range 30 miles ne. of Terlingua, Brewster 12-21 Mar (ph. JHi, BHi). An exceptional find was a Golden-crowned Sparrow that lingered at Palo Duro Canyon S.P., Randall 31 Mar-18 Apr (ph. MHa, m.ob.). A Hepatic Tanager ese. of Lake Travis, Travis 22 May (ph. AF, EFi) was well east of its mi - gration route. A Scarlet Tanager at Muleshoe N.W.R., Bailey 30 Apr-2 May (JB) was farther west than usual. Western Tanagers put in sev - eral appearances along the U.T.C. with one at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 16 Apr (JHa et al.), an - other at Quintana Neotropical Bird Sanctuary, Brazoria 17 Apr (JF), one near Sea Rim S.P., Jef - ferson 20-30 Apr (JWh et al.), and 2+ more at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 24 Apr-6 May (m.ob.). Also eastward were single Western Tanagers in Chappell Hill, Washington 11 Apr (DV) and at Cooper Lake S.P., Delta 25 (LiD). A female Flame-colored Tanager in the Chisos Basin, Brewster 29 April (†MF, ph. KT) was an out - standing find; the wintering bird at Lions Park, Refugio, Refugio remained to 31 Mar (m.ob.). The wintering Crimson-collared Grosbeak found at Laguna Atascosa N.W.R., Cameron was last detected 25 Apr (m.ob.) while the one at Frontera Audubon Sanctuary in Weslaco, Hidalgo lingered to 23 Apr (m.ob.). The latest stragglers from the winter Pyrrhuloxia invasion Early for a northern location was a Black-and- white Warbler in Plainview, Hale 14 Mar (NP). A Prothonotary Warbler in Littlefield, Lamb 29 Apr (AR) was a nice find. Outlier Swain - son's Warblers west of migration and breeding ranges included a territorial bird along the San Gabriel River, just below Lake Georgetown, Williamson 19 Apr – 16 May (ph. LWa, m.ob.) and one-day wonder at Pecan Valley Park in Benbrook, Tarrant 4 May (JAl). Exceptionally early was a MacGillivray's Warbler at Plainview, Hale 11 Mar (NP). A Hooded Warbler in Tobe Canyon, Davis Mountains Preserve, Jeff Davis 16 May (ph. RSm) was unexpected so far west. Notably late were single Cerulean Warblers at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 18 May (JHa) and near Mathis, San Patricio 24 May (ph. RBr). A Tropical Parula was a great find at Cotton - wood Campground, Brewster 14 May (ph. RPi) while one was seen sporadically at Lions Park, Refugio, Refugio 16 Mar-2 Apr (KM et al.). A Magnolia Warbler wandered west to Musquiz Lake, Jeff Davis 16 May (MLo). Late and a bit west was a Blackburnian Warbler n. of Boerne, Kendall 20 May (RPa) and another at Cotton - wood Campground, Brewster 23 May (ph. ST). Quite late were 2 female Blackpoll Warblers on South Padre Island, Cameron 31 May (JB). An early Yellow-throated Warbler was e. of Scotts - ville, Harrison 7 Mar (BT). A Sutton's Warbler, a rarely documented Yellow-throated Warbler X Northern Parula, was on territory at Heart of the Hills Fisheries, Kerr 28 Mar – 20 May (ph. PSe). A male Black-throated Gray Warbler visiting Blucher House, Corpus Christi, Nueces 25 Mar (MHe) and another at South Padre Is - land, Cameron 26-28 Apr (BiB et al.) were both probably migrating birds. Easterly wander - ing Townsend's Warbler included one on the Norias Division, King Ranch, Kenedy 26 Mar (JS, BR, JTr) and another at Rosehill Cemetery T E X A S A rarely detected and certainly rarely documented Sutton's Warbler was on territory at Heart of the Hills Fisheries, Kerr 28 March to 20 May (here 30 March & 8 April). Sutton's Warbler is a hybrid between Yellow-throated Warbler and Northern Parula. This bird in Kerr looked most likely Yellow-throated though the recorded songs of it matched closely to Northern Parula. Photos by © Paul Sellin Baird's Sparrows have proven to be regular low-density resi - dents and migrants in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas but are still unusual farther east. This Baird's Sparrow in Temple, Bell 10 May was on the eastern edge of where they are found only occa- sionally during spring migration. Photo by © Randy Pinkston

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