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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 348 T E X A S Katy Prairie, Waller 15 Apr (SGa, KV) and 610 se. of Blessing, Matagorda 28 Apr (BO) were nice spring numbers. Rare for the Pineywoods, 4 were at the Angelina County Airport, Ange - lina 20 & 30 Apr (LoD). A Short-billed Dow- itcher was studied in Levelland, Hockley 20 Mar (AHe). Wilson's Phalaropes touched down several times in the Pineywoods, highlighted by 20 at the Angelina County Airport, Angelina 30 Apr (LoD). A Red-necked Phalarope visited Wilson's Cut, Mustang Island, Nueces 21-22 May (ph. AO, SF). JAEGERS THROUGH FALCONS The surprising larid of the season was a Heer- mann's Gull at Bolivar Flats, Galveston 25 Mar (†ph. PSw), the first for the U.T.C. and only the fourth for the state. The second-year bird was later relocated on the Texas City Dike, Galves - ton 29-31 Mar (ph. NR, et al.). Glaucous Gulls made a good showing with up to 2 at the Texas City Dike, Galveston 27 Mar-2 Apr (RWa, ph. NR, et al.) and singles at w. Galveston Island, Galveston 17 Apr (DMo, KeK) and the Bolivar Peninsula, Galveston 22 Apr-12 May (AHa, et al.). A Sooty Tern was a nice find at Boca Chica S.P., Cameron 16 Apr (GB). A Least Tern at the Angelina County Airport, Angelina 27 May (LoD) was unexpected for the Pineywoods. A Common Ground-Dove w. of Breckin- ridge, Stephens 22 May (GC, SGl) was an out- lier. A Groove-billed Ani at Sheldon Lake S.P., Harris 6 May was late for the species (COn). Out of place was a Groove-billed Ani at Dugout Wells, Brewster 14 May (ph. GS). Two Short- eared Owls hunting at dusk at Anahuac N.W.R., Chambers 6 May were extremely late (MRe). Three Short-eared Owls w. of Valentine, Presi - dio 17 Mar (StC, DD) were an excellent number for the Trans-Pecos. Common Pauraque on the northern edge of their range include one in sw. New Braunfels, Comal 12 Mar (RSw). Well past near Vera, Knox 7 May (TB). Eight Snowy Plovers at Hagerman N.W.R., Grayson 19 Mar (MCh) were a good number. It was an exceptional spring for inland Piping Plovers with sev - eral reports in the e. half of the state, highlighted with a spring county first at Angelina County Airport, Angelina 30 Apr (LoD), 5 at Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir, Bell 20 Apr (GE, RPi), 5 at Hornsby Bend, Travis 21 Apr (NM, MD), and an incredible 11 at Still - house Hollow Reservoir, Bell 11 May (GE). At least one Northern Jacana re - mained at Santa Ana N.W.R., Hidalgo until 13 Mar (ph., m.ob.). Eighty Willets at Rio Bosque Wet - lands Park, El Paso 10 May (JSp) were a very impressive total for the Trans- Pecos; 2 at the Angelina County Airport, Ange - lina 30 Apr (LoD) were unusual for the spring in the Pineywoods. Whimbrels had an excep - tional showing inland with multiple reports in the eastern half of the state including 2 in the Pineywoods at the Angelina County Airport, Angelina 27 Apr (LoD). More surprising were Whimbrels to the west with 9 in Levelland, Hockley 24-27 Apr (AHe, PKe, JeM, ph.), 2 near Lockney, Floyd 27 Apr (CAn, MAn), and 3 near Weinert, Haskell 22 May (JR). A stun - ning count of 850 Hudsonian Godwits wsw. of Magnolia Beach, Calhoun 7 May (MR, ShC) was impressive; lone birds wandered west to Independence Creek Preserve, Terrell 11-12 May (RKo) and Levelland, Hockley 24-27 Apr (JB, AHe, PKe, JeM, ph.). Nice numbers of inland Marbled Godwits were highlighted by 7-8 at Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir, Bell 18- 20 Apr (GE, RPi) and 28 at Lake O.C. Fisher, Tom Green 9 Apr (ph. RH). Nine Ruddy Turn - stones at Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir, Bell 18 May (GE) were a good count while one se. of Midland, Midland 14 May (MN) was farther west than expected. Casual at best as an inland migrant, an incred - ible 23 Red Knots at Lake Benbrook, Tarrant 17 May (ph. JAl) were cer - tainly one of the highlights of the spring. A Surfbird was a one-day wonder at Goose Island S.P., Aran - sas 12 April (†ph. JKe, KaK). A Ruff was detected at Anahuac N.W.R., Chambers 13 Apr (ph. RG), while another lingered at Hornsby Bend, Travis 8-11 May (ph. EC, AMo, NM, m.ob.). A rare spring migrant through the central Pineywoods, 5 Dunlin were part of a storm-related fallout at Angelina County Airport, Angelina 27 May (LoD). Tallies of 550 Buff-breasted Sandpipers on the Jeff Davis 16 Mar (†RKo) will be reviewed by the T.B.R.C. A Harris's Hawk was surprising over Guadalupe River S.P., Comal 24 Apr (ph. EFa). An incredible spring count of 14,755 Broad-winged Hawks flew over LaPorte, Harris 2 Apr (LWr). Western reports of Broad-winged Hawks included 3 different individuals in El Paso, El Paso 9 Apr (ph., JoG), 14 Apr (BZ), and 29 Apr (JoG), plus one more near Dell City, Hudspeth 17 Apr (ph., JP). An imm. Gray Hawk near Dell City, Hudspeth 21 May (ph., JP) provided a first county record. A Zone-tailed Hawk seen over Rice University, Harris 17 Mar was the first spring and just the seventh overall record for the U.T.C. (CTL); casual in far w. Texas, one was near the El Paso Zoo, El Paso 31 Mar (JKi). A highlight of the season in the Pineywoods was a Golden Eagle in Nacogdo - ches, Nacogdoches 16 Apr (CDF). Unexpected was a Purple Gallinule in Tem - ple, Bell 19 Apr (RPi) and another at Lake Lew- isville Environmental Center, Denton 28 May (GR). At least one Common Crane continued near Brownfield, Terry through 8 Mar (†JB, m.ob.). Detected more often as fall migrants, 2 Whooping Cranes at Webberville Park, Tra - vis 10 Apr (ph. SH) were a good find for the spring. An ad. Whooping Crane from the Loui - siana reintroduction program was ne. of Ennis, Ellis 4-5 May (BeF, TD, EW). A flock of 300 American Avocets at Lake Benbrook, Tarrant 20 Apr (JAl) was an amaz - ing inland number. A Black-bellied Plover at Imperial Reservoir, Pecos 27 Mar (ph. EC) was early or perhaps a wintering bird. American Golden-Plovers made a strong showing along the western edge of their migration route with one near Floydada, Floyd 31 Mar (JB), in Level - land, Hockley 9 Apr (ph. AHe), another near Floydada, Floyd 15 Apr (JB), 2 at Crosbyton City Park, Crosby 23 Apr (PKe, ph.), one s. of Wayside, Swisher 28 Apr (CAn, MAn), and 2 Surfbirds are typically associated with the rocky Pacific coast shoreline, though they do seem to make it into the Gulf of Mexico every few years. One graced a rocky fishing pier at Goose Island S.P., Aransas, Texas this spring, though it was one-day wonder on 12 March. Photo by © James Sharpless Texas saw only its fourth Heermann's Gull, a second-year bird found on the Bolivar Peninsula, Galveston on 25 March (here). It was only seen there that one day but fortunately was re-found nearby at the Texas City Dike, Galveston 29 to 31 March. Photo by © Paul Sweet

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