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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 347 T E X A S of migrants through the end of the season. In contrast to shorebird migration, the passage of songbirds seemed below average for the most part, particularly inland. There were certainly a few locations and days where there were some large numbers, but for most observers, the va - riety and quantity were below expectations. WATERFOWL THROUGH IBIS A Black-bellied Whistling-Duck at Lajitas, Brew- ster 21 Apr (ph. GG, AT) was much farther west than expected. Continuing an expansion north - west, other wandering Black-bellied Whistling- Ducks included 6 at MacKenzie Park, Lubbock, Lubbock 21 Apr (PKi), with one there through 18 May (JB, LM), 2 in Plainview, Hale 12-14 May (NP), and another at Higginbotham Park, Lubbock, Lubbock through 30 May (AHe). A Fulvous Whistling-Duck at John Bunker Sands Wetland Center, Kaufman 30 Apr (MAd) was a rare find in n.-central Texas. A late Canada Goose was present in Harlingen, Cameron 9 Apr (MBS). A Mottled Duck wandered north to Granger Lake, Williamson 17 Apr (RKo). Rather late was a Greater Scaup at Buffalo Lake N.W.R., Randall 15 May (BP). The only inland Surf Scoter was one at Southside Water Treatment Plant, Dallas 3-16 Apr (ph. RRa, BSt, EW); one persisted around Green Island, Laguna Madre, Willacy until 24 May (SB, MT). A male Buffle - head at Ascarate Park in El Paso, El Paso 19 May (ph., JKi) was late. Two Common Mergansers at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 17 May (DMu, RT) were late. A raft of 750 Red-breasted Mer - gansers on w. Galveston Island, Galveston 1 Apr was an exceptional count (HS). Quite late was a female Red-breasted Merganser at Kurth Lake, Angelina 25 May (CaW). A migrant Pacific Loon was found at Lake Tawakoni, Van Zandt 12 Apr (RKi). Along the coast, a Pacific Loon was in Palacios, Matagorda 17-21 Apr (BoF, RWe) while another bird was at Matagorda Island S.P., Matagorda 6-11 May (BoF, RWe). Two Least Grebes were along the river at Rio Grande Village, Brewster 23 Apr-18 May (CR, DHo, CWa) while another was far - ther upstream w. of Cottonwood Campground, Brewster 8 May (LDo). More out of place was one along Musquiz Creek se. of Fort Davis, Jeff Davis 2-10 May (AW, JuM, m.ob.) and another in ne. Texas at Camp Tyler, Smith 9 May (PB, ph. MB, EV). A pair of Clark's Grebes with young at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 9 Apr (JP) was the first breeding pair there in six and a half years; another was well east of its range at Granger Lake, Williamson 5-18 Mar (ph. TF, m.ob.). Wood Storks well ahead of the normal late May/early June post-breeding dispersal includ - ed 12 at Stratford High School in w. Houston, Harris 14 Apr (KP), 25 near Pattison, Waller 16 Apr (RPi), and 3 over Rose Hill Acres, Hardin 23 Apr (JMa, DSa). Early Magnificent Frigate - birds were noted at Sea Rim S.P., Jefferson 9 Mar (RBu) and at the Bolivar Ferry, Galveston 13 Mar (RBu). The Brown Booby incursion into Texas continued with singles at the Port Aransas jet - ties, Nueces 11 Apr (ph. AO), along the Browns- ville Ship Channel, Cameron 18 Apr (ph. ScC), at Anahuac N.W.R., Chambers 20 Apr (†ph. ESt, ESm), and at Chester Island on Matagorda Bay, Matagorda 20 May (†BoF, ph. BB). More perplexing were inland birds found injured or sick and brought to rehabbers; these included one w. of Wimberley, Hays 2 May (ph. MJ) that died the next day (fide AMo) and another along the I-635 loop near Richardson, Dallas 25 May (ph. EL). Brown Pelicans wandered inland as well, with one at O.C. Fisher Lake, Tom Green 17-18 Mar (ph. RBu), it or another along the Concho River in San Angelo, Tom Green 1 Apr (ph. MLa), one at Heart of the Hills Fisheries, Kerr 21-23 Mar (ph. PSe), another in Level - land, Hockley 1-3 Apr (LeS, JB, AHe, PKe, ph.), one at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 9 Apr (JP) & 25 Apr (ph., BSi, m.ob.), and one more at Balmorhea Lake, Reeves 29 May (ph. AMe). A stunning 42 American Bitterns at dusk at John Bunker Sands Wetlands, Kaufman 23 Apr (SGl, GC, BC) were certainly a high count for the region. One American Bittern lingered at Alazan Bayou W.M.A., Nacogdoches 6 Apr - 14 May (DW). A lone Great White Heron was de - tected at High Island, Galveston 3 Apr (WH, ph. CC). An ad. Tricolored Heron was unseasonal at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park in El Paso, El Paso 10 May+ (ph., JSp). An ad. White Ibis was out of place at Sweetwater, Nolan 11 Apr (ph. KRu). Inland Glossy Ibis included one near Webber - ville, Travis 24 Apr (ph. EC, MCa) and another near Dougherty, Floyd 26 May (JB). KITES THROUGH SHOREBIRDS Swallow-tailed Kites may be expanding north- ward with one at Alazan Bayou W.M.A., Na- cogdoches 6 Apr (RR, BA), one at Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches 25 May (SLo), another near the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Tar - rant 9 Apr (SM), one below the Lake Tawakoni Dam, Van Zandt 12 Apr (RKi), another sw. of Blooming Grove, Navarro 22 Apr (SLa), and one at River Legacy Park in Arlington, Tarrant 27 Apr (JSi, m.ob.). Several were seen into May away from breeding areas, with the latest ones being singles at San Leon, Galveston 19 May (BBe), near Normanna, Bee 23 May (AD), and se. of Elgin, Bastrop 25 May (ph. CAl). Two White-tailed Kites over Alpine, Brewster 21 May (MLo) were a bit unexpected. A very early Mississippi Kite passed through College Station, Brazos 11 Mar (MMa). An impressive spring count of 4,330 Mississippi Kites at La - Porte, Harris 22 Apr (LWr) was noteworthy. A Northern Goshawk studied at Madera Canyon, Red Knot is perhaps casual at best as an inland migrant through Texas, being detected far less than annual and usually only as single birds or, perhaps a pair if you're lucky. Thus, one of the more astonishing finds this spring was a flock of 23 Red Knots over Lake Benbrook, Tarrant 17 May. Photo by © John Allendorf

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