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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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North American Birds is published by the American Birding Association. We invite all readers to become ABA members by visiting or calling (800) 850-2473. PUBLISHER American Birding Association EDITORS ASSOCIATE EDITORS MANAGING EDITOR Mike Hudson Louis R. Bevier Ted Floyd P. A. Buckley Adam M. Byrne Stephen J. Dinsmore Alvaro Jaramillo Paul E. Lehman REGIONAL EDITORS Mark Adams, Bruce H. Anderson, Yves Aubry, Pierre Bannon, Olivier Barden, Arun Bose, Michael Brothers, Michael V. A. Burrell, Adam M. Byrne, Roberto Carmona, Eric Carpenter, Chris Charlesworth, Paul E. Conover, C. Dwight Cooley, Alix Arthur d'Entremont, Normand David, Jeff N. Davis, Samuel Denault, James J. Dinsmore, Stephen J. Dinsmore, Andrew Dobson, Peter Donaldson, Ryan N. Douglas, Cameron D. Eckert, Walter G. Ellison, Richard A. Erickson, Victor W. Fazio III, Matthew Fraker, Rick Fridell, Kimball L. Garrett, Héctor Gómez de Silva, Joseph A. Grzybowski, Richard Hall, Greg Hanisek, James Hengeveld, Pam Hunt, David Irons, Greg D. Jackson, Tom Johnson, H. Lee Jones, Rudolf F. Koes, Oliver Komar, Tony Leukering, Anthony Levesque, Mark Lockwood, Blake A. Mann, Nancy L. Martin, Ron E. Martin, Amy McAndrews, Guy McCaskie, Steve McConnell, Keith A. McMullen, Ryan Merrill, Shaibal S. Mitra, Jorge Montejo Diaz, Francis L. Moore, Kenny Nichols, Robert L. Norton, Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr., Edward Pandolfino, Robert O. Paxton, Wayne R. Petersen, Randy Pinkston, Tom Reed, Michael M. Rogers, Frank Rohrbacher, Gary H. Rosenberg, Stephen C. Rottenborn, Gorgonio Ruiz-Campos, Robert Sattelmeyer, David Seeler, Willie Sekula, W. Ross Silcock, Chris Sloan, Josh Southern, Mark M. Stevenson, Dan Svingen, Peder Svingen, Mark Szantyr, Peter Taylor, Thede Tobish, John A. Trent, David Trochlell, Joshua P. Uffman, Joshua D. Vandermeulen, Brad Waggoner, Claire Wayner, Anthony W. White, Sartor O. Williams III, Geoffrey A. Williamson. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent's birdlife, including outstanding records, range extensions and contractions, population dynamics, and changes in migration patterns or seasonal occurrence. We welcome submission of papers in these areas. Papers, photographs, and other communication should be sent to North American Birds, P.O. Box 744, 93 Clinton Street, Suite ABA, Delaware City, DE 19706 or email to CHAIR Scott Fraser BOARD OF DIRECTORS • Carl Bendorf • Julie Davis • • Matthew Fraker • Neil Hayward • • Ann Nightingale • Jennifer Owen-White • • Terry Rich • Paul Riss • Linda Rockwell • • Bill Sain • Lili Taylor • • Arnella Trent • Magill Weber • PRESIDENT Jeffrey A. Gordon FINANCE Lisa Slocum MEMBERSHIP & COMMUNICATIONS David Hartley, Webmaster LeAnn Pilger, Member Services Greg Neise, Web Developer Nathan Swick, Social Media Kelly Smith, Headquarters Operations Manager CONSERVATION & COMMUNIT Y Liz Gordon, Birders' Exchange Logistics Jennie Duberstein, Young Birder Liaison EVENTS Liz Gordon, Coordinator PUBLICATIONS Ted Floyd, Birding Michael L. P. Retter, Birder's Guide Mike Hudson, North American Birds John Lowry, Advertising Ed Rother, Design & Production PAST BOARD CHAIRS Louis Morrell (2010–2017) Dick Ashford (2009-2010) Thomas Pincelli (2007-2009) Bettie R. Harriman (2006–2007) Richard H. Payne (1999–2006) Allan R. Keith (1997–1999) Daniel T. Williams, Jr. (1993–1997) Allan R. Keith (1989–1993) Lawrence G. Balch (1983–1989) Joseph W. Taylor (1979–1983) Arnold Small (1976–1979) G. Stuart Keith (1973–1976) G. Stuart Keith (1970 pro tem) PAST JOURNAL EDITORS John W. Aldrich (1947–1951) Chandler S. Robbins (1951–1954) Editorial Board, including Robbins, Ludlow Griscom, Allan Cruickshank (1954–1967) Richard L. Plunkett (1967–1970) Robert S. Arbib, Jr. (1970–1983) John Farrand, Jr. (1984–1985) Susan Roney Drennan (1985–1996) Kenn Kaufman (1997–1998) Michael A. Patten (1999–2000) Edward S. Brinkley (2001–2017) SUBSCRIPTIONS LeAnn Pilger DESIGN & PRODUCTION Ed Rother ADVERTISING John Lowry North American Birds is published quarterly by the American Birding Association, Inc. POSTMASTER: return postage guaranteed; send address changes and POD forms 3579 to North American Birds, P.O. Box 744, 93 Clinton Street, Suite ABA, Delaware City, DE 19706; (800) 850-2473. Subscription prices: $30/year (US) and US$35/year (Canada). Copyright © 2019 by the American Birding Association, Inc., all rights reserved. Printed by Publishers Printing, Shepherdsville, Kentucky. The views and opinions expressed in this magazine are those of each contri - buting writer and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the American Birding Association or its management. ABA is not responsible for the quality of products or services advertised in North American Birds, unless the products or services are being offered directly by the Association. GST Registration No. R135943454.

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