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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 234 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A E. Eastman, Tom M. Edell (San Luis Obispo), Herb D. Elliott, David Ellsworth, Richard Englehart, Anna Fasoli, Kyle Fischer, Richard Fisher, John Fitch, Barbara Jean Gard, John F. Garrett (JFGa), Kimball L. Garrett (Los An - geles), Steve Gaulin, Kevin Gin, Peter A. Gins- burg, Mike Gomes (MGo), Jesse Grantham, John F. Green (JFGr), Maria Gritsch (MGr), Ed Hall, Richard Hedley (RHe), Tom & Jo Heindel (Inyo), Kelli Heindel-Levinson (Kern), Rod Higbie (RHi), Ken Hollinga, Mark A. Holmgren, David Holway, Chris and Rosie Howard (C&RH), David Kaiser (DaK), Eric G. Kallen, Doug Karalun (DoK), Jay Keller, Howard B. King, David A. Kisner, Will H. Knowlton, Alexander E. Koonce (San Bernardino), Mary Kronvail, Kenneth Z. Kur - land, Tony Kurz, Denise LaBerteaux, Bill and Carol Langford (B&CL), Andrew K. Lee, Paul E. Lehman, Nick A. Lethaby, Max Liebowitz, Carl G. Lundblad, Anne Maczulak, Nancy J. Mann, Curtis A. Marantz, John Martin, Judy Matsouka, Tim Matthews, Dan Maxwell, Guy McCaskie (San Diego and Imperial), Chet McGaugh (Riverside), Robert McKernan, Dave McMichael, Jimmy McMorran, Rob - ert McMorran, Sherry Meddick, Anthony E. Metcalf, Brennan Mulrooney, Liz Muraoka, Stephen J. Myers, Judy A. Neuhauser, Amy Niemeyer, Gary Nunn, John Parent, Robert T. Patton, Jim Pawlicki, James E. Pike, Wal - ter Piper, Dave Povey, David Rankin, Hugh P. Ranson, Steve Ritt, Carol and Fred Roberts (C&FR), Jim Roe, Matt Sadowski (MSa), Ben S. Sandstrom, Larry Sansone, Mark and Janet Scheel (M&JS), Peter T. Schneekloth, Roger Schoedl, Brad K. Schram, Jeffrey Scism (JSci), Jen Scott (JSco), Adam J. Searcy (Ventura), Bill Shanborn (BiSh), Bob Shanman (BoSh), Brad Singer (BSi), Christopher K. Smith, Justyn T. Stahl (San Clemente Island), Su - san L. Steele, John C. Sterling, Mike D. Stiles, Mark Stratton (MSt), Emilie Strauss, Steven D. Summers, Sherman J. Suter, Julie Szabo, Scott B. Terrill, Ninad Thakoor, Ed Thomas, Millie and Peter Thomas (M&PT), Luke Til - ler, Philip Unitt, Kathleen Waldron, Amy Williamson, Douglas R. Willick (Orange), John C. Wilson, Ryan S. Winkleman, Carol Wissler, Gary Woods, Peter Wolf, Michael Woodruff, Thomas E. Wurster, Callyn Yorke, Roger H. Zachary, Kevin J. Zimmer. Many ad - ditional observers who could not be individ- ually acknowledged submitted reports - all have our thanks. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Guy McCaskie, 954 Grove Avenue, Imperial Beach, California 91932 • Kimball L. Garrett, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90007 • A male "Bicolored" Red-winged Blackbird at Goleta 3 Jan (LRB) was the first to be docu - mented in Santa Barbara; this central coast (mailliardorum) and Central Valley (californi - cus) subspecies group is expected in the Re- gion only in the San Joaquin Valley portion of Kern. A Yellow-headed Blackbird at Bishop, Inyo 19 Dec (R&NO) was first ever on that town's C.B.C. A Bronzed Cowbird at N.E.S.S. 9 Dec–10 Feb (RMcK) has been present there for about a year. A north-sound gradient in wintering Orchard Orioles was evident, with 2 at Los Osos, San Luis Obispo 19 Dec–2 Feb (JAN, CW); one at Isla Vista, Santa Barbara 2 Jan (PEL); one at West Los Angeles 3 Jan (KLG); 4 in coastal Orange 6 Dec–6 Mar (TEW, TF-H); 8 in San Diego during the peri - od. Less expected was one at N.E.S.S. 20 Jan– 8 Apr (RLMcK, CMcG). Small numbers of Hooded Orioles were found in coastal areas, as expected, but one wonders if an ad. male at El Cajon, San Diego 9 Feb (CKS) might have been an exceptionally early spring arrival. As expected, Bullock's was the dominant win - ter oriole, with some 98 reported through coastal counties during the period. Baltimore Orioles were at Santa Barbara 2 Jan (MAH); Goleta/Isla Vista, Santa Barbara 2 Jan–10 Mar (MiC); Ventura 3-10 Jan (RMcM); West Los Angeles 27 Dec (MB); Santa Ana, Orange 1 Feb (RSW); Fountain Valley, Orange 21 Feb (TEW). An additional 6 were in San Diego during the period. A small flight of Purple Finches was noted in south-coastal San Diego beginning in early- Dec; late fall birds appearing on the se. des - erts were augmented by one at Bard, Imperial 21 Dec (PEL). Small flocks of the nomadic Red Crossbill were noted in coastal coun - ties (including Santa Cruz I.), with flocks of 10-15 in coastal San Diego and also some movement on the Mojave Desert, e.g. 40 at Silver Lakes, San Bernardino 13 Dec (Andrew Howe); an ad. male of the subspecies minor was salvaged at Fallbrook 13 Jan (*SDNHM), the first specimen for San Diego. Contributors (County coordinators in bold - face): Alex A. Abela, Paulette Ache, Ryan An- drews, R. J. Baltierra, Robert A. Barnes, Joel Barrett (JBa), Richard Barth, David Bell, Lance Benner, Mark Better, Louis R. Bevier, John Birsner (JBi), Thomas A. Blackman, Bill A. Bouton, Johnny Bovee (JBo), Steve Brad, Joyce Brady (JBr), Eugene A. Cardiff (EACa), Jay C. Carroll, Jamie C. Chavez, Petra Clayton, Hal Cohen, Mauro Colabianchi (MaC), Mike Col - lins (MiC), David M. Compton (Santa Bar- bara), Daniel S. Cooper, Elizabeth A. Copper (EACo), Ron Cyger, Dave Czaplak, Rob Den - holtz, Henry Detwiler, Scott Duncan, Bettina was found at Aspendell, Inyo 26 Dec-18 Mar (SLS); these represent the ninth and tenth Regional records, respectively. The latter in - dividual was brightly colored, possibly of the nominate subspecies that is unrecorded in CA. Up to 3 Black-throated Sparrows were at Thousand Oaks, Ventura 22 Nov–20 Jan (m. ob.), with another coastal slope bird at Es - condido, San Diego 2 Jan (ML). Lark Buntings were at Helendale, San Bernardino 12 Dec–27 Feb (MW); Fort Mohave 24 Jan (2 individu - als, with one remaining to 25 Jan; HBK); Jacumba 19-21 Feb with another 24 Feb–9 Mar (EGK). Among the diverse collection of Fox Sparrows wintering in the Region were "Red" birds at Los Osos 31 Jan–4 Feb (JCC); Goleta S.B.A. 10 Dec (PTS); Danielson Ranch, Ventura 1 Dec (B&CL); Fountain Valley, Or - ange 12 Nov–11 Mar (JR); Big Pine 1-4 Dec (T&JH). Up to 6 Nelson's Sparrows were lo - cated in the Tijuana R. Estuary, San Diego 27 Oct–6 Feb (PEL). Thirteen Swamp Sparrows were on the coastal slope through the period, with others at N.E.S.S. 3 Feb (RMcK) and S.E.S.S. 30 Dec–3 Jan (JCS). White-throated Sparrows showed an expected north-to-south gradient in abundance, with 35 on the north coast (San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara), 24 in Ventura/ Los Angeles, and 8 in Orange/San Di - ego; in addition, 2 were in w. San Bernardino, 2 in Inyo, and 2 at N.E.S.S. Harris's Sparrows were at San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo 16 Dec (NJM); Los Osos, San Luis Obispo 26-28 Dec (MDS); Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara 16 Jan (SG); Montecito, Santa Barbara 18- 29 Feb (AM); F.C.R. 24 Dec–31 Jan (CGLL, C&RH). A Gray-headed Dark-eyed Junco at Atascadero 1 Feb–15 Mar (RHZ) was only the sixth for San Luis Obispo. A Dark-eyed Junco x Zonotrichia was photographed at Los Osos, San Luis Obispo 26 Dec (MDS). A Hepatic Tanager at San Diego 13 Dec–27 Mar (MSt) had returned for its fifth winter. Summer Tanager numbers were below those of recent winters, but there was still a respect - able showing of 39 birds, including one on the desert at Borrego Springs 20 Dec–26 Feb (TAB). The only Pheucticus grosbeaks report - ed during the winter were Rose-breasteds at Orcutt, Santa Barbara 4 Jan (DAK); San Di - ego 16 Dec–25 Jan (RE); Jamul, San Diego 20 Dec–11 Mar (JM) and Black-headeds at Ar - royo Grande, San Luis Obispo 18 Feb (BAB) and Beverly Hills, Los Angeles 27 Dec (MGr). A Blue Grosbeak in the Prado Basin, Riverside 12 Feb (DMcM) was the only one reported. Casual in winter, an Indigo Bunting was at Hollywood, Los Angeles 18-22 Dec (LS). A Dickcissel at Goleta 19 Jan–18 Mar (MAH) established the first winter record for Santa Barbara.

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