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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 232 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A 9 counted there 16 Dec (JCW). About 10 White-winged Doves were known along the coast in Dec–Jan; one at C.L. 20 Dec (SLS) was unusually far north, and 23 at Valle Vista, sw. Riverside 20 Dec (JSz) was a large num - ber for this area. A Barred Owl on the east side of the Sierra Nevada at Bishop, Inyo 4 Feb–3 Apr (JSco) is the first to reach s. CA. A Northern Saw-whet Owl at Griffith Park, Los Angeles 3 Jan (LB) and a vocal bird at 400 ft. elevation in Harmony Grove, San Diego 19-24 Feb (EH) were both in the coastal lowlands, where exceptional. About 15 Vaux's Swifts in the area of Hart Park, north of Bakersfield, Kern 16 Dec (JCW) were evidently wintering locally. A Broad-billed Hummingbird, a rare vagrant to CA, frequented a feeder at Lake Murray in San Diego 12-22 Feb (M&PT). An ad. male Rufous Hummingbird at Jacumba, San Diego 1 Feb (EGK) was the earliest of the spring migrants this year. An ad. male Calli - ope Hummingbird at Buellton, Santa Barbara 14 Feb (PTS) and another at Silverado Can - yon, Orange 21-23 Feb (SM) were either ex- ceptionally early spring migrants or the first known wintering in CA. A Williamson's Sapsucker in the high des - ert at Morongo Valley 29 Dec–24 Feb (PC) and another along the coastal foothills at Simi Valley, Ventura 14 Feb (ET), along with others at Neenach, Los Angeles 1 Jan–27 Feb (M&JS); Griffith Park 3 Jan (DSC); Glen Helen R.P. 29 Jan (JSci); San Bernardino 14- 25 Feb (CY) were all considered of interest. Close to 25 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were reported from as many locations scattered through the Region. The Crested Caracara that arrived at Santa Catalina I. in 2014 was still present 13 Feb (DR). Seven Hammond's Flycatchers were found in coastal counties during the period, with others in Riverside 18 Dec (NT) and Bakers - field, Kern 5 Feb+ (KH-L). Small numbers of Gray and Pacific-slope flycatchers were noted on the coastal slope, as expected. The Dusky Flycatcher near Santa Paula, Ventura re - mained from fall to 20 Jan (AJS). Six Eastern Phoebes were found on the coastal slope from late fall to 23 Mar. Singles were near Bakers - field, Kern 16-31 Dec (RAB) and 1 Jan (JCW); at P.P. 5-24 Dec (M&JS); in the Imperial Val - ley at Niland 15-19 Dec (DSC, MGo); at Sun- beam Lake 31 Jan–9 Mar (RC). A Western Kingbird at Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo 3 Feb (BKS) establishes another winter record at this site, and one at Santa Maria 20 Dec (JMC) was only the fourth found in winter in Santa Barbara; one at Fountain Valley, Orange 28 Feb (DaK) was likely a record-early spring migrant. The 12 Tropical Kingbirds reported during the period were all on the coastal Bay 1-18 Jan (GMcC) was exceptionally far south. Two Scripps's Murrelets off San Diego 22 Jan (M & PT) were the earliest of birds returning from wintering areas to the north. A Laughing Gull, rare along the coast, was at s. San Diego Bay 17 Nov–22 Mar (JMcM, MSa). A Franklin's Gull, unexpected in win - ter, was at Lake Perris 22 Jan (EAC). Single Mew Gulls at Lake Isabella, Kern 3 Jan (GW) and at Prado Regional Park 13-14 Feb (MW) were well inland, where rare. At least 13 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were known on the Salton Sea, with up to 7 together at the mouth of Salt Creek 25 Mar (CAM, GMcC) and at least 4 at Lake Perris/Lakeview through most of the winter. Elsewhere, single ads. were at Silver Lakes, San Bernardino 31 Dec (MW); at the Santa Ynez R. mouth 23 Dec (NAL); along the San Gabriel R. at Pico Ri - vera, Los Angeles 28 Feb-11 Mar (LT) with another at the same location 5 Mar (AKL); and at s. San Diego Bay/Lower Otay Lake 9 Feb–19 Mar (JP, MSa). A first-winter Lesser Black-backed Gull was at Lower Otay Lake, San Diego 18 Jan–15 Feb (JP). Single, first- winter Glaucous Gulls were along the coast at the Santa Maria R. mouth 2 Jan (AAA); La Jolla, San Diego 4 Dec (BM); a short distance inland along the San Gabriel R. at Pico Rivera 10 Jan (JFGa) and 19 Mar (AKL); at Lower Otay Lake 30 Jan (JK); farther inland on the Salton Sea near North Shore 3 Feb (RMcK) and 84 th Avenue 16 Feb (RMcK). An ad. Kelp Gull along the San Gabriel R. at Pico Rivera 4-5 Feb (JFGa) represents the first in s.. CA, and only the second in CA (though possibly the same individual found last year in the San Francisco Bay Area). A Common Tern, most unusual in winter, was at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara 1 Jan (PEL). The latest of the fall El - egant Terns included 2 at La Jolla, San Diego 11 Dec (GN) and one at Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo 19- 23 Dec (KJZ); one at Car - pinteria, Santa Barbara 13 Jan–5 Feb (RD) was clearly wintering locally, and the first of the spring birds were 100+ at Playa del Rey, Los Angeles on the early date of 21 Feb (BoSh). DOVES THROUGH FLYCATCHERS Common Ground-Doves appear well established at the extreme northern limit of their range near Bakersfield, Kern with other near El Centro 31 Jan (KZK) might have been exceptionally early spring migrants, and 11 together at Borrego Springs 13 Feb (HC) were obvious spring migrants. A Zone-tailed Hawk at Ojai, Ventura 6 Nov–3 Jan (AJS), along with 3 in Orange and about 10 more in coastal San Diego were all believed to be wintering. A Rough-legged Hawk, becoming increasingly rare in s. CA, near Bakersfield, Kern 20 Dec (SDS) was the only one reported. Two Sandhill Cranes at Lake Casitas, Ven - tura 26 Feb–3 Mar (AJS) and 3 near the Prado Regional Park, San Bernardino 23 Dec–10 Jan (JEP) were well away from any known win - tering locations. Single, apparently "pure" American Oystercatchers were at Santa Cruz I. 21 Dec (JBa) and Santa Rosa I. 21 Feb (AF). Wintering Pacific Golden-Plovers included one near Oxnard, Ventura 14 Jan (JBa); 3 at Seal Beach, Orange 11 Jan (BS); singles at Del Mar, San Diego and Imperial Beach through the period (RTP, SB); up to 8 at San Clemente I. 24 Dec–24 Jan (BSS). A Mountain Plover at Ridgecrest, Kern 20-22 Dec (GW) was at an unexpected location, and two at Seal Beach, Orange 11-14 Jan (JM) were the only ones found on the coast. A Solitary Sandpiper at Huntington Beach, Orange 19 Dec (RS) was probably wintering locally. Three Red Knots on the Salton Sea at the mouth of Salt Creek, Riverside 10 Feb (RMcK) were no doubt win - tering locally. Two Ruffs remained together at the V.C.G.P. 20-27 Feb (LS). An estimated 75 Sanderlings on the Salton Sea at the mouth of Salt Creek 16 Feb (RMcK) was an exceptional number inland in winter. A Red Phalarope was far inland at P.P. 19 Feb (JBi). A Pigeon Guillemot at Cambria, San Luis Obispo 31 Dec (DB) provides one of very few winter records for s. CA. A Marbled Murrelet at San Diego This adult Kelp Gull, photographed on the first day of its 4 & 5 February visits with other gulls to shallow percolation basins along the San Gabriel River in Pico Rivera, Los Ange- les County, provides the first record for Southern CA. Photo by © Larry Sansone.

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