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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 228 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A Dec (Jason K Pietrzak, DVP, LHa); at Devil's Slide, San Mateo 2-8 Dec (D. Pomeroy et al.); at Land's End, S.F. 30 Dec+ (BFi, m.ob.); at Crescent City, Del Norte 10 Jan (Melissa Mc- Dowell; found dead); at Tomales Bay, Marin 6 Feb (David Lumpkin, Scott Jennings); at Pt. Pinos, Monterey 7-11 Feb (Steffan Rodeb- rand, BLS et al.). An imm. Blue-footed Booby at F.I. 18-29 Feb was accompanied by an ad. on the first date of occurrence (Point Blue). The resident Northern Gannet was seen only sporadically (on 29% of days) at its usual outpost on F.I. (Point Blue); it was detected more often than in previous seasons at Pillar Pt. and other San Mateo locations north to Pacifica throughout the period (m.ob.). Sev- enty Brandt's Cormorants at Coyote Pt., San Mateo during a herring run 27 Dec (RSTh) provided a high count so far inside S.F. Bay. BITTERNS THROUGH CRANES Coastal Cattle Egrets were scarce, with single birds in Del Norte 30 Dec (Romain Coo- per), Santa Clara 4-12 Jan (RPh, m.ob.), and Humboldt 27 Feb (TKz); up to 2 birds were in Santa Cruz 15-24 Dec (m.ob.), with a single there 20-24 Jan (Norman Uyeda et al.). Coastal White-faced Ibis, on the other hand, were much more numerous, with high counts of up to 24 in Santa Cruz 12 Dec (Jeff Roisman) and 33 in Monterey 13 Jan (CSc, ph. PFw). Marin's Black Vulture was seen again, this time over Abbotts Lagoon 28 Feb (Shannon Burke). The continuing Sonoma Common Black-Hawk was reported near Delta Pond 12 Feb (PBC). Seven Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks in six counties included Monterey's second at Elkhorn Slough 23 Jan–20 Feb (Jane Rudebusch, ph. BLS, ph., m.ob.). Black Rails continued to be detected at Al- viso Marina C.P., Santa Clara 20 Dec–21 Feb (MMR, SCR et al.); another was seen at C.R.P. 17 Dec (Joanne Katanic, Virginia Bon- ham). A Sandhill Crane first found 24 Sep near Delta Pond, Sonoma remained through the period (Don Kirker, ph., m.ob.). SHOREBIRDS Very rare so far south in S.F. Bay, a Black Oystercatcher at Alviso 12 Jan–3 Mar (Vic- toria Heyse fide MJM, PDu et al.) was the fifth for Santa Clara. A Solitary Sandpiper returned along Rd. 208 5 km northwest of Millerton Lake, Madera for a third consecu- tive winter 14 Nov–18 Mar (ph., m.ob.). Rare winter C.V. Willets included singles along W. Woodbridge Rd., San Joaquin 26 Dec (†Brad Rangell) and Woodruff Lane, Yuba 12 Jan (†David Magney). C.V. Marbled Godwits, likewise rare in winter, were found at Staten Island, San Joaquin 20 Dec (LPt, TFi, m.ob.) and Colusa N.W.R., Colusa 31 Jan (LaG). Two Lesser Yellowlegs at Ander- son River Park 10-12 Jan (ph. Barbara Peck, Brooke McDon- ald), with one continuing to 23 Feb (†MSw), were unexpected in Shasta, particularly in winter. A Ruddy Turnstone near Candle- stick S.R.A. 29 Dec–8 Jan (Ste- phen Berlyant, BFi) was the first in many years on the S.F. bay- side and especially unexpected in winter. Last season's Contra Costa Ruff returned to Richmond W.T.P. 15 Dec–20 Jan (LKh, ph., m.ob.); other Ruffs were at Al- viso, Santa Clara 20 Dec–9 Jan (Steve Tracey, BBrr, m.ob.); at Merced N.W.R., Merced 24 Dec– 20 Feb (PDu, Hugo Ceja); at Pix- ley N.W.R., Tulare 1 Jan (†Diana Kinder); and at Tulare W.T.P., Tulare 12 Feb (ph. DaF). Contra Costa's first Stilt Sandpiper was long-overdue at Bethel Island 18-22 Jan (ph. Albert Linkowski, m.ob.). Rare any- where in the Region in winter, a Wilson's Phalarope was at Ripon W.T.P., San Joaquin 2 Jan (ph. CCo, DKo). ALCIDS THROUGH TERNS Pigeon Guillemots are Regionally scarce in winter; singles were in Santa Cruz at Santa Cruz 19 Dec (CKf) and Terrace Pt. 7 Feb (MSc, LGo), and in Mendocino at Mendocino Headlands S.P. 1 Jan (ph. RAd) and Pt. Arena 24 Jan (CEV et al.). Tufted Puffins generally move farther offshore in winter, so singles seen from shore at Moss Beach, San Mateo 19 Dec (RSTh) and Pt. Pinos, Monterey 31 Jan (Steffan Rodebrand) were noteworthy. The tally of Bonaparte's Gulls wintering at Black Butte Res. peaked at 125 on 10 Jan (LKh, Bruce Mast), providing a high count for Tehama. Stanislaus's first Black-headed Gull, and the only C.V. record aside from the 1979-1986 string of sightings at Stock - ton, San Joaquin, was at the Modesto W.T.P. 13 Dec (HMR, ERC, RBk, JHG, SSa) before moving to the Ceres W.T.P. 26 Dec–4 Jan (HMR, ph. GaW, ph. Mark Rauzon, m.ob.). The season's sole Laughing Gull was a first- cycle bird recorded in Santa Cruz from the Baldwin Creek mouth to the Santa Cruz Mu- nicipal Wharf 7 Jan–6 Feb (JPo, Adam Rom- swinkel-Guisse, LGo, Sherree Sheide, ph. AMR, m.ob.). In addition to those reported in fall, Tony Leukering's seabird migration monitoring at Pt. Pinos, Monterey document- ed 11 more migrant Ring-billed Gulls 1-15 Dec. Otherwise, reports along rocky coast- lines or offshore included only singles near Fort Bragg, Mendocino 27 Dec (fide TDB) and at F.I. 7 Jan (Point Blue). Among a smatter- ing of inland Mew and Glaucous-winged gulls, the standouts (farthest inland) were single individuals of each species at Eagle Lake, Lassen 17 Dec (ph. JLD, KAb et al.). Four Glaucous-winged Gulls were scattered in the Sacramento Valley, where the spe- cies has become regular in recent years. A Thayer's Gull at Kutras Lake 12 Feb (B&CY) was noteworthy in Shasta. Single first-cycle gulls at Moss Landing, Monterey 9 Feb (ph. Steffan Rodebrand) and Lucchesi Park in Petaluma, Sonoma 28-29 Feb (FHa, ph. Ron Storey, ScC) showed characters of Kumlien's Iceland Gull but were similar to many other individuals that have not been accepted by the C.B.R.C. (for a discussion of the char- acters of first-cycle Iceland Gulls that have been considered acceptable, see Hampton, S. 2013. Status of the Iceland Gull at the Yolo County Central Landfill. Central Valley Bird Club Bulletin 16:1-12). The season's total of 8 Lesser Black-backed Gulls was well above the 10-year average of 3.7/winter. Individuals included a third cycle at the Gaffery Rd. Recology Plant and Delta Mendota Canal, Stanislaus and San Joaquin, 6 Dec–2 Jan (DGY, ph. HMR, m.ob.; second for Stanislaus); an ad. at the Yolo County Land- fill, Yolo 30 Dec–4 Mar (ph. SCH), where the species has been annual in recent years; a third cycle at Bravo Lake, Tulare 2 Jan (ph. DaF); a second cycle at the Ogier Ponds near Morgan Hill, Santa Clara 16 Jan (ph. SCR); a third cycle at Harkins Slough near Watson- The first Black-headed Gull for Stanislaus County, California, and the first in the Central Valley since 1986 appeared at the Modesto Water Treatment Plant 13 December. It later moved to the Ceres Water Treatment Plant (where this photo was taken) 26 December–4 January. Photo © Mark Rauzon.

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