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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 224 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N Willapa Canyon, Pacific 27 Feb (RM, BT). Two Northern Fulmars were pushed into waters near Dungeness Spit 14 Dec (BL, RM). Mottled Pe - trels were well represented from the cruise ships, with 1 off Tillamook, 3 off Pacific, and 3 off Grays Harbor 2 Dec (PL, RM); an additional 5 were off Oregon 16 Dec (PL). The exact status of this spe - cies in the Region is poorly understood due to limited coverage offshore in winter, but recent cruises Nov–Mar have found them with some regularity. Lingering Flesh-footed Shearwaters included one off Lincoln (RM) and 2 off Grays Harbor 2 Dec (A. Searcy, D.V.Pluym). An impres - sive 27 Buller's Shearwaters were off Oregon and 7 were off Washington 2 Dec (PL, RM). A Short- tailed Shearwater in Admiralty Inlet, Island 31 Jan (F. Lane, K. Lane) was surprising for inland marine waters. No Black-vented Shearwaters were reported, despite the Oct–Nov incursion involving all of Oregon's coastal counties that including hundred of Black-venteds off Curry. Prior to 2015, the Regional total consisted of five accepted Black-vented Shearwaters, all of which were in Oregon. Washington has yet to record the species. Two Manx Shearwaters, less than an - nual in winter, were at Coos Bay 20 Dec (fide TR), and one was off Cape Arago, Coos 23 Jan (RN). Storm-blown Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels included 13 at Neah Bay 13 Dec (BW,CW), 2 at Shipwreck Pt. 13 Dec (CW, L. Wright), 17 near Protection Island, Clallam/Jefferson (BL,RM), and 1 at Edmonds, Snohomish (J. Adams). Oregon checked in with a coastal Fork-tailed Storm-Pe - trel at Seaside, Clatsop 13 Dec (MP), and one off Lincoln City, Lincoln 15 Dec (PP, A. Contreras). Numerous storm-blown Leach's Storm-Petrels reached shore in Oregon during the same time - frame, including 150 moving south past Lincoln City, Lincoln during a 30-minute afternoon span 11 Dec (PP). Leach's Storm-Petrels were even more numerous than Fork-taileds in WA, e.g. 27 at Neah Bay 13 Dec (BW,CW,F. Lane, K. Lane); 1 at Seaview, Pacific; 1 found dead at Coupeville, Island 13 Dec (L. Sirotkin); 16 near Protection I. 14 Dec (BL,RM); 1 at Bainbridge I., Kitsap 14 Dec (BW); 4 at Eglon, Kitsap 14 Dec (BW). A Pacific Loon at Mill Canyon, Lincoln 1 Dec (JI) was the only report from e. Washington this winter (6 would be about average). About dou - ble the normal winter tally for w. Washington were 11 Yellow-billed Loons, including a high count of 8 between Protection I. and Dungeness Spit, Clallam 14 Dec (RM, BL). An exceptional 7 Clark's Grebes were at Wallula, Walla Walla 24 Jan (M&MLD, C. Lindsey, J. Fidorra); this species was considered less than annual during winter in e. Washington, but detections have been on the increase. An American White Pelican at Puget I., Wah - kiakum 5 Dec (K. Black) provided a rare w. Washington winter record. In Oregon, Ameri - can White Pelicans now winter at Fern Ridge Res. near Eugene, but are sporadic elsewhere. In addition to a few in inland valleys, one was over Yaquina Bay 2 Jan (C. Tumer) and another appeared at Astoria, Clatsop 24 Jan (A. Emlen). Impressive numbers of Brown Pelicans overwin - tered, especially in Lincoln, Oregon, where 267 roosted at Yaquina Head 23 Jan (AH, CH, ES). A Snowy Egret continued at Ridgefield, Clark through 8 Dec (BL); Washington has just shy of 40 records. The lone Cattle Egret of the season was just south of Tillamook, Tillamook Nov–5 Dec (m.ob.); this species has decreased pre - cipitously in the Pacific Northwest in recent de- cades, and now one annually is about expected during winter in OR. Turkey Vultures, still rare in w. Washington before mid-Feb, are increasing as a winter - ing species with 9 noted at three locations 4 Jan–8 Feb. An Osprey, now nearly annual dur - ing winter in w. Washington, was at Seattle 9 Dec (B. n Anderson), but one at Yakima 19-27 Dec (DG) provided a very rare eastside winter record. White-tailed Kites were only reported from within their recent breeding range, as far north as Tillamook on the coast and Polk in the valley. Historically, records north to at least Clat - sop were the norm. Noteworthy north of Cowlitz in w. Washington, single Red-shouldered Hawks included one continuing at Nisqually through 24 Feb (ST), one at Vashon I., King 2 Jan–4 Feb (E. Parker), and one at Duvall, King 9-26 Feb. Oregon's sixth Common Ground-Dove was at Astoria, Clatsop 7 Nov–22 Dec, close on the heels of the state's fourth and fifth at Cape Blanco 6-7 Jun and Yachats, Lincoln 15 Oct–2 Nov, respectively. Anna's Hummingbirds are now regular at all months in Wasco and in cen. Oregon around Bend, but single wintering birds at Milton-Freewater, Umatilla (R. Sallee) and Klamath Falls (D. Hewitt) were still notable. A single female Rufous Hummingbird was at Eu - gene, Lane, OR 13 Dec (SH); one per year dur- ing winter is average. Non-displaying, male Se- lasphorus hummingbirds with green backs were at Coos Bay, Coos, OR 24 Feb (TR) and Takilma, Josephine, OR 27 Feb (R. Cooper), suggesting potential Allen's records slightly outside of the typical Curry and far s. Coos range. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH WOODPECKERS An unidentified golden-plover was at Dunge- ness, Clallam 30 Dec (BB); there are no win- ter records for American Golden-Plover in the Region, and only about 10 winter records for Pacific Golden-Plover in WA. The lone Pacific Golden-Plover in OR was near the Corvallis Airport 28 Feb+ (G. Sandoval, J. Laney); one per year is expected, especially in this portion of the W.V. Oregon's twelfth Mountain Plover wintered with Snowy Plovers at South Beach, Lincoln 4 Dec+ (P. Pearsall). A Willet remained through the season at Dungeness (BB), provid - ing a rare winter record for this species away from the outer coast. A tally of 52 Marbled God - wits at Dungeness 4 Dec (BB) was noteworthy; this species is rare but now annual away from the outer coast in winter. A Red Knot was at Coos Bay, Coos, OR 20 Dec (fide TR); the species is recorded about every other winter in Oregon. Single, inland Red Phalaropes in OR appeared at Hood River, Hood River 9 Dec (J. Davis); Philomath Sewage Ponds, Benton 10 Dec (D. Robinson); Eugene, Lane 13-19 Dec (SH). This species is not recorded inland every winter, but can be widespread after severe storms. Big numbers of Black-legged Kittiwakes were recorded in Washington's near-shore waters, highlighted by 2000 at Cape Flattery, Clallam 13 Dec (CW). Inland Black-legged Kittiwakes in - cluded singles at Vancouver, Clark and Brough- ton Beach, Multnomah 22 Dec (J. Withgott) and Kalama, Cowlitz 27-28 Feb (R. Koppendrayer). One wintered at McNary Dam, Umatilla/Ben - ton 23 Jan–20 Feb+ (E. Heisey, A. Stepniewski) providing a very rare eastside record. A Red- legged Kittiwake briefly seen roosting at South Beach, Lincoln (BA) 13 Dec was the first appar - ently healthy individual recorded from land in Oregon; the state's previous 10 records mostly pertain to dead, beached individuals. A Black- headed Gull frequently joined a gull flock near Monroe, Snohomish 1-14 Feb (ph. J. Bryant) and, amazingly, another individual was noted and photographed within the same flock 6 Feb (ph. D. Tyson); Washington now has twenty- one records. Two Franklin's Gulls were near Anacortes, Skagit 6 Dec (G. Bletsch); there were only about 15 prior winter records for this spe - cies in Washington. Heermann's Gulls lingering in the P.T. into Dec is now an annual event, and 4 were noted through 14 Dec. An impressive 3 Kumlien's Iceland Gulls were detected in Wash - ington this winter, including singles at Neah Bay, Clallam 13 Dec (ph. CW), Bateman I., Benton 11 Feb (ph. RM) and Elwha R., Clallam 20 Feb (BB); Washington now has about twenty-eight accept - ed records, with over half occurring in the last six years. Though now annual in e. Washington, an unprecedented 7 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were noted 7 Dec–11 Feb, highlighted by 4 at Lower Monumental Dam, Franklin/Walla Walla 16 Jan (M&MLD). The Slaty-backed Gull con - tinued from fall at Tacoma through the period (m.ob.), while e. Washington's first was noted at Lower Monumental Dam 8-9 Jan (ph C. Lindsey) and later nearby at Bateman I., Benton 30 Jan–27 Feb (m.ob.); Washington now has over twenty records, with most occurring Nov–mid-Mar. A tally of 23,566 Common Murres at Neah Bay, Clallam 13 Dec (BW) was the second- highest count for Washington. The tally mostly

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