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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 218 G R E AT B A S I N RF, ST), Red Cliffs Desert Reserve 28 Dec (fide KW), and La Verkin Creek 30 Dec–26 Jan (MD et al.). Harris's Sparrows were reported at Fallon, Churchill, NV 6 Dec (ph. PHu); Ivins, Washing - ton, UT 6 Jan (S&CS); Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT 21 Jan–24 Feb (DW et al.). A Black-and- white Warbler added no color to the drab win - ter season at Sandy, Utah, UT 22 Jan (fide MMo) and a Yellow-throated Warbler delighted bird - ers at Logan, Cache, UT 25 Dec–5 Jan (ph. CC, ph. SE et al.). Clark, NV Rose-breasted Gros - beaks were observed at Henderson 18 Jan (JB) and during the Red Rock C.B.C. 2 Jan (fide JR). Contributors: Meg Andrews, Tim Avery, Jim Biser, Je Anne Blackman, Nate Brown, Hob Calhoun, Cullen Clark, Tommy DeBardeleben, Maurice Demille, Bryan Dixon, Craig Dodson, Scott Erickson, Rick Fridell, Kenny Frisch, Lauren Gonce, Lauren Harter, Mike Hearall, Steve Heinrich, Paul Higgins, Paul Hurtado (PHu), Rick Johnson, Tim Lenz, Michael Les - ter, Rob Lowry, Carl Lundblad, Van Remsen, Jack Ruckdeschel, Dennis and Rebecca Serde - hely, Russell Schreiner, Greg Scyphers, Dennis Shirley, Weston Smith, Steve and Cindy Som - merfeld, Bob and Susan Steele, Justin Streit, Brent Thomas, Jane Thompson, Seth Topham, Mike and Max Malmquist, Dave McNinch, Martin Meyers, Milton Moody (MMo), Bryant Olsen, Matthew Pendleton, Kristin Purdy, Da - vid Vander Pluym, Deb Vogt, David Wheeler, Kevin Wheeler, and Ben Zyla. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rick Fridell, 3505 West 290 North, Hurricane, UT 84737 • Jan (KF, TA, NB) and lingered through 12 Feb (m.ob.). This individual represented the first documented occurrence of the nominate sub - species purpureus and followed two previous documented records of the Western subspecies californicus at the same location (Sep 2007 and Jan 2015). Washoe, NV Purple Finches at Reno 3 Jan (ph. TL) and Verdi 28 Feb (BT) were more expected. There were several Common Redpoll sightings throughout n. Utah this winter that included 12 at Jeremy Ranch, Morgan 7 Dec (DW); singles at Provo, Utah 19 Dec (JB) and Croydon, Morgan 27 Dec–5 Jan (WS); and a flock of 32 at Garden City, Rich 28 Dec (BD). A Lawrence's Goldfinch graced a Las Vegas, Clark, NV feeder 4 Nov–5 Dec (ph. DV). An American Tree Sparrow was a nice surprise at Ash Meadows N.W.R., Nye, NV 30 Dec (CL). Lark Buntings turned up at various Washington, UT locations, including Ivins 1 Dec–8 Feb (ph. breasted Sapsucker lingered at Cottonwood Park, Salt Lake, UT 1-15 Jan (ph. M&MM). THRASHERS THROUGH FINCHES Following several sightings during fall, win- tering Brown Thrashers were observed at Red Hills 20 Dec–1 Mar (S&SC, ph. RF) and Jordan River Parkway, Salt Lake, UT 29 Dec–15 Jan (BO, ph. MP, PH). Curve-billed Thrashers con - tinued at Searchlight, Clark, NV through the winter season (RL, et al.). Utah's third accepted Purple Finch was discovered at Lytle Ranch 16 and late departure date reports were focused across Southeast Alaska. Abbreviations: North Gulf (North Gulf of Alaska); Referenced details (†), photographs (ph.), videotape (vt.), and audiotape (at.) are on file with the Alaska Checklist Committee. Italicized place names or dates denote espe - cially unusual locations or dates for the noted species. GEESE THROUGH SHOREBIRDS Late Greater White-fronted Geese lingered at Gustavus to 4 Dec (NKD) and at Juneau to 15 Dec (GBV). More notable were 2 White-front - eds that spent the season at Hoonah (ACC) and a lone mid-season bird at Kodiak 3-5 Jan (ph. RMC, RAM)—there are few mid-winter records in the Region. Equally exceptional for winter was a lone Snow Goose through the a fraction of the norm for nearly all areas and freeze-thaw cycles were common. Open water areas were rel - atively easy to find and the advancing winter pack ice was very slow to reach its seasonal peak. Intense, late-fall storms continued well into December and freeze-up was protracted through late that month. The warming sea surface temperature regime in the North Gulf of Alaska, which began in fall, continued thru the sea - son with deleterious impacts on wintering alcids and possibly Black-legged Kittiwakes. Despite these conditions, semi-hardy species were not particularly in evidence or found in higher than expected numbers, aside from Nome and Gambell. As expected, rarities Thede Tobish –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– W inter 2015-2016 was Alaska's second warmest on record since 1925. Snow accumulation was Utah's third endorsed Purple Finch, and the first of the East- ern subspecies purpureus, lingered at Lytle Ranch Preserve, Washington County from 16 January to 12 (here) February. Photo by © Rick Fridell. Utah's sixth Yellow-throated Warbler and first since 2004 was discovered 25 December (here) at Logan, Cache County. This cooperative individual continued visiting feeders and de- lighting birders through 5 January. Photo by © Dale Ashcroft. Alaska

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