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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 217 N E W M E X I C O dell, Marcy Scott, John W. Shipman, Donna Simonetti, Nancy Stotz, Jarrod B. Swackhamer, Wayne Treers, Mark Watson, Richard Webster, Steve West, Debra Whitecotton, Jay Wilbur, James Zabriskie, Barry Zimmer. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Sartor O. Williams III, 1819 Meadowview Drive NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104-2511 • Black, Celestyn M. Brozek, Roger Clark, David J. Cleary, Dylan Cuellar, Wyatt Egelhoff, Gerald Friedman, Bernard Foy, David Hawksworth, Charles Hayes, Nancy Hetrick, Will Jaremko- Wright, Andrew Johnson, William Maley, Larry Malone, Sonja Mendoza, Bernard Morris, Rob - ert Nieman, Jerry Oldenettel, John Parmeter, Nicholas Pederson, Timothy Reeves, Christo - pher Rustay, Jeffrey I. Sanchez, Catherine San- Tucumcari 17 Jan (JO), and a male was at Clo- vis 19 Dec (CR, GB); noteworthy for Carlsbad was a female at a feeder 28 Dec (SW). A Rusty Blackbird was west to La Cieneguilla 4-6 Dec (ph. BF, ph. JB); up to 6 were at Williams Playa near Clovis 19-21 Dec (ph. GB, CR). Contributors: Danny Akers, Jonathan Batkin, Matthew Baumann, Grant Beauprez, Charles L. One of four juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers found in the Great Basin this winter, this individual was photographed at the Tonopah Cemetery, Esmeralda County, Nevada on 7 January. Photo by © B. Seth Topham. Two wintering Brown Thrashers were discovered in Utah, including this individual observed at St. George, Washington County from 20 December to 1 March. Photo by © Rick Fridell. Great Basin at Bear River 14 Feb (S&CS), while Long-tailed Ducks were at Antelope Island 3-6 Dec (S&SC, PH) and Deer Creek S.P. Wasatch, UT 31 Jan–10 Feb (DW, DS). A Black-chinned Hummingbird at Ivins, Washington, UT 17 Dec (S&CS) and a Costa's Hummingbird at Reno, Washoe, NV 14 Feb were unexpected winter surprises. There were few noteworthy shorebird sightings, how - ever, a Spotted Sandpiper along the Jordan River Parkway, Salt Lake, UT 1 Jan (DW, MP) was an unexpected surprise; as was an amazing count of 52 Dunlin at Pyramid Lake 5 Dec (MM et al.). Mew Gulls were found at Pyramid Lake 12-30 Dec (JT, MM, D&RS); Salt Lake Interna - tional Center, Salt Lake, UT 1 Jan (MP); Ogden Bay W.M.A., Weber, UT 13-15 Feb (MH); and Sparks Marina, Washoe, NV 6-16 Feb (PHu). Lesser Black-backed Gulls were observed at Sparks Marina, Washoe, NV 6 Dec–9 Feb (PHu, CD); Quail Creek 4 Feb (ph. RJ, BD); Ogden Bay W.M.A., Weber, UT 15 Feb (MH). A Glau - cous Gull made a rare s. Nevada appearance at Lake Mead, Clark, NV 18-28 Jan (RL, DV, JS). There were several noteworthy loon sight - ings in the Great Basin this winter. Lake Mohave above Davis Dam, Clark, NV led the way with a Red-throated Loon 17 Jan–3 Feb (ph. DVP, LH, B&SS et al.), Pacific Loon 17 Jan–12 Feb (DVP, LH), and Yellow-billed Loon 17 Jan–12 Feb (DVP, LH, TD, et al.). Additional rare loon reports included a Pacific Loon at Pyramid Lake 2 Jan (MA, DM, LG) and a Yellow-billed Loon at East Canyon S.P., 26-28 Dec (ph. WS, †MH, et al.). An American Bittern made a rare winter ap - pearance in the Region at Bear River 6 Jan (KP). An out-of-sea - son Turkey Vulture was photo- graphed at Golden Spike N.M., Box Elder, UT 30 Jan (ph. PH). An Acorn Woodpecker visited Boulder City, Clark, NV 13 Jan (ph. DVP) and a Williamson's Sapsucker at Teasdale, Wayne, Rick Fridell –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he Great Basin Region received some long-awaited respite from the extended drought with above average precipita - tion and winter snowpack throughout Utah and most of Nevada. However, despite the win - ter weather, there were fewer wintering finches and other northern species reported, with the significant exception of Common Redpolls in northern Utah. The highlight of the season was a Purple Finch discovered in southwest Utah, providing the state's third record. Additional highlights included Yellow-billed Loon sightings in both Nevada and Utah and a Yellow-throated Warbler in northern Utah on Christmas Day. Abbreviations: Antelope Island (Antelope Island State Park and Causeway, Davis, UT); Bear River (Bear River Migatory Bird Refuge, Box Elder, UT); Lytle (Lytle Ranch Preserve, Washington, UT); Pyramid L. (Pyramid Lake, Washoe, NV); Quail Creek (Quail Creek State Park, Washington, UT); Red Hills (Red Hills Golf Course, St. George, Washington, UT). WATERFOWL THROUGH WOODPECKERS Eurasian Wigeon turned up at the Hurricane Sewer Ponds, Washington, UT 28 Dec–29 Mar (VR, RS et al.); Provo, Utah, UT 3 Jan–6 Feb (ML, PH, MMo); Lemmon Valley, Washoe, NV 4 Jan (MA). A White-winged Scoter was found UT 28 Dec (HC) was unexpected. Juv. Yellow- bellied Sapsuckers turned up at Porcupine Ranch, Grand, UT 19 Dec (†, ph. SH); Fernly, Lyon, NV 29 Dec–1 Feb (D&RS); Tonopah Cemetery, Esmeralda, NV 7 Jan (ph. ST); and Boulder City, Clark, NV 12 Jan (DVP). A Red-

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