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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 216 N E W M E X I C O date, a Clay-colored Sparrow was north to Al- buquerque 13 Jan–28 Feb (ph. J. Shenot, ph. W. Robinson, D. Buckley). Noteworthy Field Sparrows were singles at Conchas Dam 13 Feb (ph. WJ-W) and Ute Lake 9-22 Jan (JO, JP). Early for the northeast, some 890 Lark Bun - tings were in two flocks in Harding north of Ute Lake 7 Feb (CR). A Grasshopper Sparrow was north to Ute Lake 7 Feb (CR); in Grant, up to 5 were in grasslands east of White Signal 7 Feb (ph. JBS). High counts for Baird's Spar - row included 3 along Whitewater Rd. east of White Signal 7 Feb (ph. JBS), 7 in the Uvas Val - ley southeast of Nutt 4 Jan (ph. MB) plus 5 at a second Uvas Valley site 6 Feb (WE), and 13 at two locales in the middle Animas Valley 3 Jan (CR, MB). Noteworthy for Santa Fe, a Red Fox Sparrow made a one-day visit to La Cieneguilla 2 Dec (ph. JB). A Swamp Sparrow was west to Mangas Springs 2-13 Jan (ph. JBS); noteworthy for the mid-winter dates were singles at Sum - ner Lake 16 Jan (JP) and Ute Lake 22 Jan (JP). One to 2 Harris's Sparrows were at six locales in Rio Arriba, Taos, Sandoval, Bernalillo, Curry, and Roosevelt Dec–Feb (m.ob.). Noteworthy east to Quay, a Golden-crowned Sparrow was at Ute Lake 4-16 Jan (DA, ph. JO); one in Albuquer - que's North Valley 13-14 Dec (ph. WM, BM) provided the only additional report. A male Northern Cardinal entertained many at the Al - buquerque BioPark 30 Dec–28 Feb (K. Haller, J. Stewart, ph., m.ob.); in the northeast, 3 were at Ute Lake 9-22 Jan (ph. JO, JP), 2 were near jamar 13 Feb (RN). Notably north for the sea - son, up to 4 Northern Mockingbirds were at Ute Lake 4-22 Jan (DA, JO, JP), one was found during the Cimarron C.B.C. 20 Dec (M. Kelly), and 2 were detected on the Orilla Verde C.B.C. 16 Dec (ph. S. Knox). In Grant, a small flock of 9 Olive Warblers was near Seventy-Four Mt. 9 Dec (B. Pfeiffer), 2 were at Cherry Creek Campground 16-17 Feb (ph. JBS), 2 were at Tadpole Ridge 28 Feb (K. Dayer), and 2 were at the Sheep Corral road turnoff 28 Feb (ph. JBS); another was at Clanton Canyon, Pelon - cillo Mts. 15 Feb (DH). January Sprague's Pip- its included singles in the Uvas Valley south of Nutt 8 (JP) & 30 Jan (WE) and in the s. Animas Valley 2 Jan (MB). Sizable flocks of Chestnut- sided Longspurs were located in the south - west, including 500 along Whitewater Rd. east of White Signal 3 Feb (ph. JBS). Rosy-Finch flocks of varying sizes and compositions were reported in Rio Arriba, Taos, Colfax, Mora, and Bernalillo and included a three-species flock of 36 near Chama 28 Jan that was 86% Brown- cappeds (ph. RC); a two-species flock at Angel Fire 31 Jan was 85% Brown-cappeds (G. Zien - tara), and a flock of 45 at Taos Ski Valley that was almost entirely Blacks and Gray-crowneds (WJ-W); Black and Gray-crowneds comprised a majority of the roughly 100 birds at Sandia Crest Dec–Feb (N. Cox et al.). A Lesser Gold - finch was singing at Santa Fe 13 Feb (BF). WARBLERS THROUGH BLACKBIRDS On the warbler front, single Orange-crowned Warblers were north to Redrock 18 Jan (ph. JBS), Albuquerque 20 Dec (ph. D. Weissman), and Clovis 19-20 Dec (CR, ph. DW); farther south, where now regular in winter, one to 2 were at 11 locales in Luna, Sierra, Doña Ana, and Eddy 3 Dec–16 Feb (m.ob.). Noteworthy was a Common Yellowthroat at Roswell 19 Dec (W. West). A Northern Parula was a surprise in Albuquerque's South Valley 16 Dec (ph. L. Ladwig). A Pine Warbler that spent 1-30 Jan at Deming's Mountain View Cemetery (CR, ph. MB, ph. C. Lundblad, JP, WE) provided the second recent winter record for that locality. Providing a first for Otero, at least one Yellow- throated Warbler was at Alamogordo 2-23 Jan (WT, ph. F. Wilson, ph. JO, CR, JP, ph. NH). Unexpected in NM in winter, a Painted Red - start was along the Gila R. north of Cliff 20 Jan (ph. JBS). An Abert's Towhee was singing at Rodeo 27 Feb (RW); the species has only re - cently spread south to that vicinity. Difficult to detect in winter, a Cassin's Sparrow was north to Ute Lake 9-22 Jan (ph. JO, JP). American Tree Sparrows south to Bernalillo consisted of 2 at the Alameda bridge 27-31 Dec (MH, ph. DyC, ph. R. Stewart) and one at Los Poblanos Open Space (D. Mehlman). Surprising for the at Taos 20 Jan (R. D'Antonio). As in recent win - ters, Gray Catbird was much in evidence, with singles at Ute Lake 15 Jan (JO), Conchas Lake 12-27 Feb (WJ-W, JP), Fort Sumner's Bosque Redondo Lake 9-19 Jan (ph. GB), La Cieneguil - la 20-24 Dec (WE), and Cienega Canyon, San- dia Mts. 30 Jan–15 Feb (ph. WM, ph. NH, ph. CMB). Curve-billed Thrashers at the northern fringes of their typical distribution consisted of singles at Grants 15 Feb (J. Boyden), Lyden 14 Feb (M. Peterson), and Wagon Mound 29 Dec (J. Henderson). One to 3 Brown Thrashers were reported at 19 locales in 12 counties from the R.G.V. eastward Dec–Feb (ph., m.ob.). Ben - dire's Thrashers with supporting details includ- ed 4 at two sites west of Lordsburg 21-22 Feb and one near Rodeo 23 Feb (C. Bear, A. Salas). Crissal Thrasher continues to spread north - ward and included 2 in the Buckman area, Santa Fe 16-21 Jan (ph. BF, JO); in the east, one was north to B.L.N.W.R. 17 Feb (ph. B. Dale) and another was at the Conoco pond near Mal - Gray Catbird has only recently been found wintering in NM; this one was at Cienega Canyon, Sandia Mountains, Bernalillo County from 30 January–15 (here 8) February. Photo by © William E. Maley. This first-fall Pine Warbler at the Mountain View Cemetery, Deming, Luna County, NM from 1-30 (here 4) January was the second found wintering at that site in recent years. Photo by © Matthew J. Baumann. Yellow-throated Warbler is rare and irregular in NM; this one at Alamogordo 2-23 (here 2) January provided an Otero County first. Photo by © Frank Wilson. Rusty Blackbird is rare in NM; this female was one of up to 6 present near Clovis, Curry County 19 (here)-21 December. Photo by © Grant M. Beauprez.

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