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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 215 N E W M E X I C O likely wintered locally. Noteworthy for the des- ert was a Hutton's Vireo at Deming 29 Dec–4 Jan (LM, CR, ph. MB); maintaining an Organ Mts. presence, another Hutton's was at Aguirre Springs 12 Feb (NS). Surprising for the season were 6 Northern Rough-winged Swallows at Anapra 1 Jan (MS, JZ); earliest northbound mi - grants were singles at Las Cruces 11 Feb (NS) and Lordsburg 14 Feb (DH), along with 3 at San Antonio 18 Feb (JWS). A Red-breasted Nuthatch was far east to Eunice 6 Dec (JO). A House Wren was late at the n. Roosevelt migrant trap west of Melrose 20 Dec (CR); unusually far north for the season was one that wintered at Algodones 9 Jan–28 Feb (DH). Nicely docu - mented was a Pacific Wren at Cherry Creek Campground 27–28 (ph., v.r. JBS); under re - view are reports of singles at Los Alamos 16 Jan (C. Martin) and Bandelier N.M. 14 Feb (M. Williams). Winter Wrens were relatively plen - tiful from the R.G.V. eastward Dec–Feb, with one to 2 at 13 sites in eight counties Dec–Feb (m.ob.). Marsh Wrens wintering north of ex - pected limits included singles at Santa Fe 1-31 Jan (BF), Las Vegas 29 Jan (WJ-W), and Ute Lake 15 Jan (JO). Carolina Wren continued to make its presence known, with one at Clayton 31 Dec (DH) and 8 Jan (ph. JO), 2 continuing at Ute Lake 11 Dec (ph. JO), one at Belen 25 Dec (CR), and at least one continuing at Bosque N.W.R. 19 Dec (v.r. A. Warner, V. Dern). GNATCATCHERS THROUGH FINCHES Two Blue-gray Gnatcatchers at Las Cruces 16 Dec (ph. NS) provided the season's only report. Continuing a trend, Black-tailed Gnatcatchers were scarce; noteworthy were singles at Re - drock 29 Feb (JBS) and Oliver Lee S.P. 19 Feb (T. Ryan). A Golden-crowned Kinglet was east to Clovis 19 Dec (CR). Eastern Bluebirds west to Grant included up to 3 at Mangas Springs 29 Dec–15 Feb (JBS) and one at the Gila Bird Area 26 Feb (ph. JBS). In the upper R.G.V., 14 were near Pilar, Taos 10 Jan (CR); 12 were near Rinconada, Rio Arriba 10 Jan (DyC); one ventured northwest to Abiquiu 28 Jan (RC). Northerly Hermit Thrushes included singles at Paradise Canyon near Clayton 30 Dec (CR) and Continuing from 25 Oct, the male Red-bellied Woodpecker at Rattle - snake Springs continued Dec–Feb (ph. JO, ph. RN, m.ob.). A Yellow- bellied Sapsucker was west to Mangas Springs 13 Jan (ph. JBS) and an - other was even farther west to the Peloncillo Mts. 3 Jan (MB, ph. NP). Apparent Red-breasted Sapsucker x Red-naped Sapsucker singles were in the Sandia Mts. 14 Feb (ph. NH) and the Black Range 20 Feb (ph. DJC). Downy Wood - peckers wandering south in the R.G.V. includ- ed 4 in the bosque near Fort Craig 19 Feb (AJ, MB), one at Las Palomas 26 Dec (SM), and 2 at Las Cruces 14 Jan (ph. C. Turner). Getting an early start on the breeding season, a pair of American Kestrels was copulating at Luis Lopez 28 Jan (ph. JWS). A Merlin was chasing Cave Swallows as they left the main Carlsbad Cavern 19 Feb (SW). Peregrine Falcon is now a regular wintering species across s. NM; this season pro - duced Jan reports north to Los Alamos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque. Up to 6 Monk Parakeets were near Santa Teresa 17 Feb (J. Groves, WE); a well-established population nests in adjacent El Paso within 100m of the state line. Among several Empidonax reports were a Least Fly - catcher at Rattlesnake Springs 3-4 Dec (ph. JO) and single Hammond's at Cedar Crest 6 Dec (ph. B. Henderson), Caballo Lake 26 Dec (au - dio DH) and near Cliff 26 Dec (JBS, ph. J. DeM- oss). Single Dusky Flycatchers were document- ed along the Rio Grande at Buckman 12 Jan (ph. RC), in Albuquerque's South Valley 10-16 Jan (audio DH), near San Marcial 30 Dec (MB, AJ), and Redrock 29 Feb (audio JBS). A silent Pacific-slope/Cordilleran Flycatcher was north of Radium Springs 9 Jan (ph. BZ), where it was attracted to Pacific-slope calls and not Cordil - leran calls; another Pacific-slope/Cordilleran was south of Radium Springs 13 Jan–23 Feb (MS, JZ). A Northern Shrike found its way up to elevation 3050 me - ters near Sandia Crest 1-10 Dec (D. Ferguson, ph. WM). A Bell's Vireo was vocal at La Union 25 Dec (D. Belcher), where the species has occurred during early winter in recent years. A Plumbeous Vireo at Las Cruces 19 Feb (JW) Norris, ph. G. Weyburne), E.B.L. 30 Jan–4 Feb (DJC, BM), and Brantley Lake 16-23 Dec (ph. RN, CLB). American Bittern reports included a high 3 at B.L.N.W.R 19 Dec (JIS) and one at Brantley Lake 1 Dec (MB) and 8 Jan (ph. RN). North for the season, a Great Egret was at Belen 27 Jan (JO). Noteworthy for winter, a Green Heron was at Lake Roberts 9-30 Jan (ph. B. Dolton, LM, ph. JBS). Late Turkey Vultures entailed singles at Elephant Butte 14 Dec (DJC) and Carlsbad 15 Dec (SW); mid-winter reports were one near Cliff 13 Jan (ph. JBS) and 8 at Roswell 6 Jan (P. Collins). A White-tailed Kite was north to the dry upper portion of E.B.L. 9-23 Feb (ph. DJC, JP); farther south, one to 2 were in the middle Animas Valley 2-26 Jan (ph. C. Hathcock, ph. BM, m.ob.) and one was at Mesilla Bosque S.P. 18-28 Jan (ph. JW, BM). An imm. Rough-legged Hawk was south to E.B.L. 5 Jan (ph. DJC) and an ad. was there 19 Jan (DJC), where it and some 13 Red-tailed Hawks were concentrated about the rapidly-filling up - per marsh. Long-eared Owl winter roosts in- cluded 4 at Sevilleta N.W.R. 30 Jan (DH) and 10 at Dripping Springs near Las Cruces 19 Dec (JW). Short-eared Owl reports included one to 2 in the Uvas Valley south of Nutt, Luna 8 Jan (JP) and 6 Feb (WE) and one on the Las Cruces west mesa 16 Feb (ph. NS). Up to 3 North - ern Saw-whet Owls were vocal at Cedar Crest 6-24 Feb (WM); in the nearby Sandia Mts., singles were noted at four locales 6 Dec–24 Feb (m.ob.). Another species taking advantage of abundant non-native crawfish, a Belted King - fisher was making a meal of one at the Ohkay Owingeh lakes 27 Feb (ph. GF). WOODPECKERS THROUGH WRENS For the second consecutive winter, an out-of- range Red-headed Woodpecker was west to Tularosa 2-17 Jan (SM, CR). A female Golden- fronted Woodpecker x Red-bellied Wood - pecker, first found at Portales 28 Oct, was doc- umented again 15 Jan–21 Feb (ph. T. Watkins). One of three Brown Pelicans found in NM this winter, this adult was at Bill Evans Lake, Grant County on 26-27 (here 27) December 2015. Photo by © Grant Weyburne. Historically absent from NM in winter, Turkey Vulture has been found wintering with increasing regularity in recent years; this one was at Cliff, Grant County on 13 January 2016. Photo by © Jarrod B. Swackhamer.

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