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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 214 and an ad. male was also present 6 Jan (ph. DS). The male Broad-billed Hummingbird at Clovis, first found 13 Nov, continued through Dec and was last seen 16 Jan (JP). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH KINGFISHERS Noteworthy for winter, 15 Black-necked Stilts were along the Rio Grande near Anapra 1 Jan (MS, JZ); up to 4 American Avocets wintered north to Caballo Lake 8 Dec–21 Jan (ph. DJC). A Snowy Plover was late at B.L.N.W.R. 19 Dec (JIS) and 4 were in the salt lake area east of Lov - ing 18 Dec (ph. RN) where one lingered to 15 Jan (ph. RN). Wintering Dunlins included up to 5 at Caballo Lake 8 Dec–4 Jan (ph. DJC) and 4 at Bosque N.W.R. 18 Jan (R. Koehler). Least Sandpipers north for the season included sin - gles at Morgan Lake 20 Dec (C. Wolf) and Clo- vis 20-21 Dec (CR, GB); noteworthy for Luna, 3 wintered at Deming 3 Dec–29 Feb (LM), where a Western Sandpiper was late 3 Dec (LM). A late Red Phalarope was at Brantley Lake 1 Dec (MB). Rare gulls in the news included single ad. Mew Gulls at Albuquerque's Alameda bridge 28 Dec–1 Jan (DyC, JP), at E.B.L. 1 Jan (CR) & 13 Feb (JP), and in the vicinity of Flora Vista, San Juan 16-18 Dec (ph. TR), and an ad. Thayer's Gull at E.B.L. 1 Jan (CR). Rare but now regular in NM, an ad. Lesser Black- backed Gull was near Farmington 6 Jan (ph. TR) and a first cycle was at E.B.L. 27 Feb (ph. WE). The first-cycle Glaucous-winged Gull at Brantley Lake, first seen 22 Nov, continued into Dec (MB, JP, JO) and was last documented 16 Dec (ph. RN); it provided only the third re - cord of the species for NM and the first since 1994. The Red-throated Loon found at Co - chiti Lake in late-Nov continued through 29 Dec (ph., m.ob.). A Pacific Loon was at Bosque N.W.R. 6 Jan (ph. C. Wu) and on the same date another was at the Inn of the Mountain Gods, Otero (ph. L. & S. Ingram). Noteworthy for the far southeast, a Neotropic Cormorant was at Jal Lake 5 Feb (SW). Single ad. Brown Pelicans were at Bill Evans Lake 26-27 Dec (B. Sartor O. Williams III –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– W inter 2015-2016 began with several dramatic winter storms in Decem - ber which complicated or cancelled several Christmas Bird Counts, but progressed into gradually drier and warmer conditions as January and February unfolded. Birding was in - teresting and highlighted by several rarities con- tinuing from the fall season, plus the discoveries of a number of seasonal surprises. As in recent winters, a number of species were found north of historical ranges, while by February several resident species were busily engaged in court - ship and other breeding activities. Abbreviations: B.L.N.W.R. (Bitter Lake N.W.R.); Bosque N.W.R. (Bosque del Apache N.W.R.); E.B.L. (Elephant Butte Lake); L.V.N.W.R. (Las Vegas N.W.R.); R.G.V. (Rio Grande Valley). WATERFOWL THROUGH HUMMINGBIRDS Historically not known to winter north to Al- buquerque, Greater White-fronted Geese were present at Valle de Oro N.W.R. Dec–Feb, in - cluding a high 11 on 5 Dec (DH). Scarce in Rio Arriba, a Cackling Goose was at the Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo lakes 20 Feb (JP) and 3 were at nearby Pojoaque, Santa Fe 16 Jan (WE). An impressive season for Tundra Swan found 2 in the Maxwell area 4-22 Dec (MW, JP, ph. RC, CR), one at Watrous plus 3 at Cherry Lake, Mora 4 Dec (MW), a high 7 at Sumner Lake 7 Dec (ph. MW), 6 at B.L.N.W.R. 12 Jan (MW), 2 at Bottomless Lakes S.P. 12 Jan (MW), and singles at Rio Rancho 12 Dec (CH) and Bosque N.W.R. 3 Dec-1 Jan (ph. CS); latest were 2 at L.V.N.W.R. 24 Feb (WJ-W). A male Eurasian Wigeon was at the Clovis W.T.P. 8 Jan–5 Feb (GB, JP), where the species has occurred in seven of the past nine years. Noteworthy for midwinter, a male Blue-winged Teal was at Ro- deo 2 Jan (DH); in the R.G.V., a male Cinnamon Teal was at Bosque N.W.R. 4 Jan (DH) and 3 were near Williamsburg 14 Jan (ph. DJC). A male Surf Scoter was at Storrie Lake 9-22 Dec (ph. WJ-W, ph. D. Hommert, ph. WE, m.ob.); there are now records for 26 of NM's 33 coun - ties. Rare in NM, a male White-winged Scoter was at Simon Canyon below Navajo Dam 19 Feb (ph. B. Ryan). Long-tailed Duck is rare but increasingly regular in NM, where detected in eight of the past 10 years; this season, singles were at Stubblefield Lake 19-20 Dec (JP, ph. RC) and Conchas Lake 7-21 Feb (ph. NH, CR, WJ-W, BM). Recently regular in the up - per R.G.V., Barrow's Goldeneyes this season included up to 4 at Orilla Verde upstream from Pilar 10 Jan–11 Feb (CR, ph. RC, ph. WE), one near Rinconada 16 Dec (ph. WE), and up to 12 in the vicinity of Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo 17 Jan–28 Feb (ph. GF, ph. WE, m.ob.); east of the mountains, one was at Storrie Lake 22 Dec (CR, ph. WE). Nine Lesser Prairie-Chickens were at a display lek near Milnesand on the early date of 18 Feb (GB). Small numbers of Horned Grebes were found in the Chama, Rio Grande, Canadian, and Pecos valleys; high count was 10 at Abiquiu Lake 28 Jan (RC). Under review is a Red-necked Grebe seen at Ute Lake 4 Jan (DA); there are no previous Quay reports. The mid- winter peak for Aechmophorus grebes at E.B.L. was 5500 counted on an aerial survey 15 Jan (MW). First reported in Oct, the 2 Inca Doves far north to the Abiquiu area continued at Bar - ranca to 13 Dec (ph. RC, ph. BF, ph. WE); note- worthy were 4 north to Clovis 20 Dec (CR) and 2 at Silver City 15 Feb (ph. JBS). Noteworthy in winter for the northern tier of counties, single White-winged Doves were at Clayton 31 Dec (CR) and Pilar 10 Jan (CR). As evidence that Greater Roadrunners will catch and eat most anything, one on the snowy plains of Santa Fe was enjoying a (non-native) crawfish caught in a snow-melt ditch near Stanley 11 Jan (ph. RC). More evidence of White-throated Swift winter - ing across southern NM included mid-winter reports of one in the Animas Valley 1 Jan (N. Moore-Craig, A. Craig), 3 at Spring Canyon S.P., Florida Mts. 19 Jan (LM), 24 along the Rio Grande at Derry 4 Jan (DH), 8 near Radium Springs 6 Jan (MS, JZ), and 11 in Slaughter Canyon, Guadalupe Mts., 17 Jan (RN). Con - tinuing from Jan, a male Anna's Hummingbird at Clovis was last seen 5 Feb (JP); in the lower R.G.V. one Anna's was at Elephant Butte 6 Dec– 16 Jan (ph. DJC) and 2 were at Las Cruces 19 Dec (WT). Two female Broad-tailed Humming - birds near Radium Springs 30 Nov continued through the winter, one to 8 Jan and the other to 24 Mar (MS, JZ); at Las Cruces, a young male Broad-tailed was present 27 Dec–6 Jan (ph. DS) New Mexico Providing only the third NM record, this first-cycle Glaucous- winged Gull, seen here among American White Pelicans, was at Brantley Lake, Eddy County from 22 November–16 (here 9) December 2015. Photo by © Robert Nieman.

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