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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 212 T E X A S (†JCu) and Elmore 22 Feb (AT) were interest- ing. Spotted Sandpipers, not annual in win- ter, showed up at Salmon, Lemhi, ID 17 Dec (LH) and Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID 17 Dec David Trochlell –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– D espite predictions for a mild winter, unusually cold temperatures accom - panied by above-average precipita- tion afflicted the Region in December and January. February featured seasonally-warm temperatures but precipitation remained well above average. Perhaps owing mostly to the harshness of the season, relatively few va - grants were discovered. But if one supports the time-tested adage of "quality over quan - tity," then the season will long be celebrated for the exciting discovery of an Old World flycatcher in northern Idaho that was unprec - edented in the Region and represented only the fourth record in the lower 48 states. Idaho & Western Montana GEESE THROUGH GULLS The only Greater White-fronted Goose re- ported was near Lewiston, Nez Perce, ID 18 Dec (CS). A total of 170 Snow Geese report - ed from seven locations was far fewer than last winter's record tally, but still well above the norm for the season. The only reported Ross's Goose was near Hagerman, Gooding, ID 18 Dec (SH). Cackling Goose numbers were above average for winter, with 17 tal - lied across seven locations. Only one Eur- asian Wigeon was reported, representing a low winter count. Although unusual for the season, a Cinnamon Teal near Hagerman, Gooding, ID 20 Feb (ph. DH, CHu) undoubt - edly represented an early spring arrival. Single Surf Scoters that showed up in ID's Bonneville 3 Dec (SB) and Bingham 15 Dec (SM) added to only a few winter precedents. A Long-tailed Duck spotted in Shoshone, ID 25 Jan (BK) provided the season's only report of the species. Very surprising, if not unprec - edented were single Eared Grebes at Boze- man, Gallatin, MT 17 Dec (JP); near Bigfork, Flathead, MT 17 Dec (CH); at American Falls, Power, ID 22 Dec (PW). Also unexpected was an American White Pelican in Nez Perce, ID 5-7 Jan (JH). An Osprey that lingered at Boise, Ada, ID 9-28 Dec (ph. JT) added to just a few previ - ous Treasure Valley winter records. Sightings of American Bitterns are rare after autumn in ID, therefore singles spotted in Canyon 3 Dec While participating in the 19 December Missoula, Montana Christmas Bird Count, Jim Brown identified a Fieldfare just west of Missoula. Although it was not easily found during each day of its stay, the bird remained in the area until 23 December and was viewed by many birders. This sighting represented a first record for both Montana and the Region. Photo by © Ed Harper. Romey Swanson (RSw), Samuel Taylor, John Tharp (JTh), Carol Thompson (CaT), Christine Thompson (ChT), Barbara Tompkins, Howard Toole, Jerri Tooley (JTo), Michaeleen Trimarchi, Darrell Vollert, Mike Wease, Mary Anne Weber (MAW), Jeremy Webster (JWe), Ron Weeks (RWe) (Upper Coast: 110 Indian Warrior, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. email: ronweeks@,, Steve West, Ed Wetzel, Jana Whittle (JaW), John Whittle (JoW), Rick Wilde (RWi), Mary Dabney Wilson (MDW), David Wolf, Chris Wood, Bill Wright (BWr), Bonnie Wunderlich (BWu), Barry Zimmer, William Zwartjes. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Eric Carpenter, 4710 Canyonwood Drive, Austin, Texas 78735 • Mark W. Lockwood, 402 East Harriet Avenue, Alpine, Texas 79830 • Randy Pinkston, 3505 Hemlock Court, Temple, Texas 76502 • mussen (RRa) (North-central Texas: 1325 S. Goliad St. Apt. 1302, Rockwall, TX 75087. email:,, Janet Rathjen (JRa), Richard Redmond (RRe), Martin Reid, P. Richardson, Ross Rickett (RRi), Barrett Riess, Cecilia Riley (CRi), Colton Robbins (CRo), Ross Rogers (RRo), John Romano (JRo), Chris Runk (CRu), Bill Sain (BSa), Madeline Sandefur (MSa), Laura Sare (LSa), David Sarkozi, C. Sav - age (CSa), John Schenck (JSc), Mark Scheuer- man (MSc), Willie Sekula (WSe) (South Texas: 7063 Co. Rd. 228, Falls City, TX 78113-2627. email:,, Chuck Sexton (CSe), Cliff Shackelford (CSh), T. Wells Shartle (TWS), James Sipiora (JSi), Ryan Smith (RSm), Misa Soliz (MSo), John Sproul (JSp), BJ Stacey (BJS), David Stevens-Kuceyeski (DSK), Joyce Stevens-Kuceyeski (JSK), Les Stewart (LSt), Bob Stone (BoS), Byron Stone (ByS), Rose Marie Stortz (RMS), Mary Beth Stowe (MBS), Wade Strickland (WSt), Michelle Summers (MSu), Tony Leukering (TLe), Randy Lewis (RLe), Yinan Li, Madge Lindsey (MLi), Dell Little (DLi), Mark Lockwood (ML) (Trans-Pecos: 402 E. Harriet Avenue, Alpine, Texas 79830 (, Richard Long (RiL), Kay Lookingbill, Robert Looking - bill (RoL), Tim Lucas (TLu), John Maresh, John Mariani (JMa), Steve Mayes, Donna McCown (DMc), Liam McGuire, Candy McNamee, Gra - ham Montgomery, Arman Moreno, Marshal Moser, Derek Muschalek (DMu), Robert Neil, Bob Neiman (BoN), Bruce Neville (BrN), Kyle O'Haver, Carolyn Ohl, Andrew Orgill, Brent Ortego, Sue Orwig, Jeff Parker (JeP), Jim Pa - ton (JiP) (El Paso area: 4325 Boy Scout Lane, El Paso, TX 79922. email:,, Dick Peake (DPe), Mark Pendleton, Tim Perkins, Danny Pickens (DPi), Barrett Pierce, Randy Pinkston (RPi), Aidan Place, Ray Porter (RPo), Paul Prappas, Sandra Prater, Linda Price, Katy Putsch, Niler Pyeatt, Nina Rach, Ross Ras -

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