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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 210 T E X A S capped Warbler likely wintered at Love Creek Preserve, Bandera with sightings 7 Dec and 1 Feb (ph. RRe, MHa), while another was at the Dolan Falls Preserve, Val Verde 13 Jan (ph. RSm). A Golden-crowned Warbler at Refugio, Refugio 5 Dec–15 Feb (ph. WSe, m.ob.) was a very nice discovery. A Wilson's Warbler was at Rose Hill Acres, Hardin 10 Dec–9 Feb (†JMa). SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Wayward Green-tailed Towhees included singles near Utley, Bastrop 19 Dec (ph. MSo) and at White Rock Lake, Dallas 7-21 Dec (AG, CAy, ph., m.ob.). American Tree Sparrows were outstanding finds near Van Horn, Cul - berson 2 Jan (WSe) and San Bernard N.W.R., Brazoria 24 Jan (HT). A Clay-colored Sparrow near McNary Res., Hudspeth 19 Dec (ph. BZ) provided a rare winter record for the area. A Lark Bunting wandered east to the Katy Prairie, Harris 17 Jan (ph. CM). Henslow's Sparrows well away from normal wintering areas includ - ed singles at Granger Lake, Williamson 5 Dec (BrN, LSa) and at the Lake Lewisville Environ - mental Center, Denton 4 Jan (WC). Summer Tanagers were surprising lingerers in n.-cen. TX with one at Fort Worth, Tarrant 1-20 Dec (BT) and another at McKinney, Collin 26 Dec (fide MiC). Two Western Tanagers were at El Franco Lee Park, Harris 30 Jan (CCa, LC) and another was at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 27 Feb (SM et al.). A Flame-colored Tanager at Refu - gio, Refugio 11 Jan+ (ph. SF, AJJ, m.ob.) was a first for the coastal prairies. Crimson-collared Grosbeaks again made a good showing with singles at Laguna Atascosa N.W.R., Cameron 25 Jan+ (ph. LD, m.ob.); Alamo, Hidalgo 26-27 Dec (†PHe, ph. MBS); and Weslaco, Hidalgo 29 Dec+ (ph. AP, m.ob.). The eastward movement of Pyrrhuloxias from the fall irruption seemed to continue into the winter; county firsts were recorded in Johnson 3 Jan (ChT), Erath 14 Feb m.ob.); at Bentsen S.P., Hidalgo 6-16 Feb (ph. JCu, m.ob.); at Harlingen, Cameron 15 Feb (†ph. DMc); and near Santa Ana N.W.R., Hi - dalgo 17-20 Feb (ph. BP). One of the season's highlights was a Rufous-backed Robin at Del Rio, Val Verde 22-26 Dec (ph. KGl, † m.ob.). A Gray Catbird wintered at Palo Duro Canyon S.P., Randall 6 Dec–11 Feb (BP et al.) while one at Bryan, Brazos 6 Feb+ (ph. IG) was excep - tional for the Central Brazos Valley. The only Sage Thrasher reported well east of the normal wintering range was one near Winchell, Mc - Culloch 10 Dec (ph. CSe). Noteworthy Lapland Longspurs included one southeast of Blessing, Matagorda 12 Dec (BFr) and another near Del Rio, Val Verde 28 Dec (SGl, GC, CFr). Five Smith's Longspurs at Cement Creek Lake, Tar - rant 1 Jan (ph. MSu) were the first documented in the county in more than 25 years. An Ovenbird was at High Island, Galveston 12 Dec (JRo). Louisiana Waterthrushes in the Hill Country included singles at Utopia, Uvalde 6 Dec+ (MHe); Lost Maples S.N.A., Bandera 17 Dec (ph. RSw); San Marcos, Hays 24 Dec (CRo). A Blue-winged Warbler at Selkirk Poinsett, Matagorda 14 Dec (SuH) was an outstanding find for the season. Out-of-season Black-and- white Warblers in n.-cen. TX included singles at Lake Tawakoni S.P., Hunt 15-17 Jan (RRa, RKi, m.ob.) and River Legacy Park, Tarrant 18 Feb (JSi). A Tennessee Warbler at Hornsby Bend, Travis 2 Jan (ph. AM) was exceptional. A Lucy's Warbler discovered at Cottonwood Campground, Big Bend N.P., Brewster 14 Jan (ph. CAn) provided a very rare winter record for the state. Northern Parulas away from more expected wintering locations included singles at Lubbock, Lubbock 6 Dec (AI, AH) and Del Rio, Val Verde 9-18 Jan (ph. KGl). A Chestnut-sided Warbler was at San Antonio, Bexar 31 Dec–23 Feb (DMu, ph., m.ob.). A Black-throated Blue Warbler was near LaCoste, Bexar through at least 30 Jan (ph. WSe, MR, SCo) providing an excellent local record. Single Pine Warblers wandered to Lubbock, Lubbock 2-23 Dec (RRi, m.ob.) and near Lo - renzo, Crosby 21-24 Dec (ML). A Grace's Warbler at Seabrook, Harris 18 Dec–9 Jan (ph. MHo, m.ob.) provided the sec - ond record for the U.T.C. A Black-throated Gray Warbler returned to San Marcos, Hays 12 Feb (CRo) for the seventh consecutive winter at this location. A Rufous- represent a county first. Another at Southside W.T.P., Dallas 30 Nov+ (BoS, ph., m.ob.) pro - vided a rare overwintering record for n.-cen. TX. A Dusky-capped Flycatcher was at Resaca de la Palma S.P., Cameron 16 Feb (ph. CCo). An Ash-throated Flycatcher at Fort Worth, Tar - rant 28-29 Feb (JA) was both early and east of its normal range. Brown-crested Flycatchers on the U.T.C. included 2 near Jones Creek, Brazoria 20 Dec (SHa, CH) and one at Eagle Nest Lake, Brazoria 31 Jan (CRi). A Great Kis - kadee near Twitty, Wheeler 18 Dec (SP) provid- ed a second record for the Panhandle. A vocal Couch's Kingbird near Lake Gilmer, Upshur 24 Jan (ph. LP) provided a second county record. A Rose-throated Becard was a one-day wonder at Alamo, Hidalgo 20 Jan (†PP). Following the discovery of a White-eyed Vireo at Rio Grande Village, Brewster in the fall, up to 2 were present 23-28 Feb (JBi, JE, SEw). Single Bell's Vireos were at Selkirk I. 5 Dec (ph. BO) and East Gulf Road, Matagorda 5 Feb (BFr). A Plumbeous Vireo at Houston, Harris 3 Dec (ph. MAW) provided the sixth record for the U.T.C. Blue-headed Vireos lin - gered well into the winter in n.-cen. TX with singles at Lake Tawakoni S.P., Hunt 17 Jan (RKi); Dallas, Dallas 17 Jan (TP); Randol Mill Park, Tarrant 16 Feb (MW); and Parr Park, Tar - rant 19 Feb (BT). Following a trend of increas- ing sightings at this location over the past two years, a Blue-headed Vireo was at Rio Grande Village, Brewster 23 Dec (JeB, CW). Hutton's Vireo was reported along the Nueces R. in Za - vala 23 Jan (TrD). A Warbling Vireo at Polly- wog Pond, Nueces 4-21 Jan (EC, SCa) provided a first winter record for the Coastal Bend. A Blue Jay at Packery Channel, Nueces 25 Dec (CW, JeB) provided a rare barrier island record. Out-of-season Tree Swallows included 15 near Lockney, Floyd 29 Feb (JBo). Two Barn Swal - lows at McNary Res., Hudspeth 19 Dec (BZ) and up to 10 at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, El Paso through mid-Jan (JSp) were unseasonable. NUTHATCHES THROUGH WARBLERS A count of 30 Brown-headed Nuthatches at Alexander Deussen Park, Harris 17 Jan (CTL) was a truly exceptional modern day count south of the core Pineywoods strongholds. A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at Lake Alazan, Nacog - doches 12 Dec (LSt, DW, et al.) was late for the Pineywoods and 2 at Lake Tawakoni S.P., Hunt 17 Jan (RKi, m.ob.) were also of note. A wan - dering Mountain Bluebird was near Hunter, Hays 17 Dec–9 Feb (ph. CRo). A Clay-colored Thrush at San Bernard N.W.R., Brazoria 18 Dec (DS) provided a second record for the U.T.C. White-throated Thrushes staged a mini-inva - sion into far s. TX; singles were at Estero Llano Grande S.P., Hidalgo 5-9 Feb (ph. ME, ph. DJ, Tennessee Warblers are casual in winter away from the immediate coast in Texas. This bird was at Hornsby Bend, Travis 2 January, providing an exceptional find for central Texas. Photo by © Arman Moreno.

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