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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 208 T E X A S birds found inland at Smithers Lake, Fort Bend 19 Dec (ph. MSc, JaB, TH, JGr) and Buffalo Bayou Park, Harris 21 Dec (CGo, JJu); others closer to the immediate coast included singles observed from the Bolivar Ferry, Galveston 22 Dec (WB); at the Texas City Dike, Galveston 24-28 Dec (ph. KHa et al.); and the Baytown Nature Center, Harris 2-16 Jan (JaB, RPo). Six Neotropic Cormorants were at Candelaria, Pre - sidio 17-24 Jan (DoB, ABi, ML). Brown Pelicans were found at Lake Amistad, Val Verde 12 Dec (WSe), McNary Res., Hudspeth 30 Dec–17 Jan (ph. BZ, JiP), and at Valley Acres Res., Hidalgo 30 Dec (ph. MBS). Notable American Bitterns were found at Alazan Bayou W.M.A., Nacogdo - ches 20 Dec (DW); Rio Grande Village, Brews- ter 29 Dec (RRe et al.); Candelaria, Presidio 17 Jan (DoB, ABi); and at Richland Creek W.M.A., Freestone 19 Jan–13 Feb (DaC, KP, DPi, TWS). Up to 3 Tricolored Herons wintered at Rich - land Creek W.M.A. Freestone/Navarro 25 Dec–14 Feb (m.ob.); another was at Longview, Gregg 19-24 Dec (PHa et al.). The long-staying Reddish Egret at Lake Colorado City, Mitchell continued through the period (KO). Cattle Egrets at multiple Bell locations, highlighted by 8 near Salado 19 Dec, were unusual for the winter season (RPi). An out-of-season Cattle Egret was at Lake Cypress Springs, Franklin 3 Feb (DaB) while 10 near Seymour, Baylor 18 Jan (CCa) were also unexpected. Green Her - ons were at Aztlan Park, Lubbock 12 Dec (AH) and Kennadale-Sonora Park, Tarrant 14 Dec–8 Jan (RN). Single White-faced Ibises were near Dougherty, Floyd 10 Dec (JBo); at Fort Han - cock Res., Hudspeth 19 Dec (JiP); at Midland, Midland 26 Dec–20 Feb (PHu, m.ob.); at White River Lake, Crosby 2 Jan (JCr, AK, PKe, PKi); and near Claude, Armstrong 15 Jan (LM). Other unexpected Plegadis included up to 15 north-northwest of Throckmorton, Throckmor - ton 6 Jan–11 Feb (JWe) and 2 at North Fork Buffalo Creek Res., Wichita 31 Jan (GC, SGl). VULTURES THROUGH PHALAROPES Up to 5 Black Vultures were at Shef- field, Pecos 1-4 Feb (ML, BSa). Early- arriving Turkey Vultures included one near Dougherty, Floyd 18 Dec (JBo); one at Fort Davis, Jeff Davis 25 Jan+ (KB, ML); 2 at Balmorhea, Reeves 6 Feb (ML). White-tailed Kites wandered to near Winchell, McCulloch 10 Dec (CSe); near Utopia, Uvalde 30 Dec–3 Jan (KGe, CGa); near Anson, Jones 18 Jan (CCa); and near Plains, Yoakum 18 Jan (RRi). In the Trans-Pecos, White-tailed Kites were found at Fort Hancock Res., Hud - speth 19 Dec (ph. JiP); near Van Horn, Culberson 2 Jan (WSe); near Valentine, Jeff Davis 16 Jan–10 Feb (ML et al.); and near Coyanosa, Pecos 12 Feb (TLu). A linger - ing Mississippi Kites was at Anahuac N.W.R., Chambers 4-5 Dec (JGo, MGo, ph. EG). A Com - mon Black-Hawk surprised birders at Laredo, Webb 6 Feb (MGu et al.). A Harris's Hawk near Perryton, Ochiltree 19 Jan (RRo) was a county first. A Broad-winged Hawk was described from the J. J. Mayes Wildlife Trace, Chambers 17 Dec (RiL). Surprising and delivering a solid winter record for cen. TX was a juv. Swainson's Hawk near Granger Lake, Bell 2 Jan (ph. RPi). White-tailed Hawks were reported near Turn - ersville, Travis 9 Dec (ph. WSt); Balcones Can- yonlands N.W.R., Travis 14 Dec (MBy, RHa); and near Granger Lake, Williamson 31 Dec (ph. ByS). Zone-tailed Hawks were observed over El Paso, El Paso 20 Dec (JiP); at Del Rio, Val Verde 10 Jan (TK); and at Jonesboro, Hamilton 24 Jan (RPi). Unusual for the Edwards Plateau was a Ferruginous Hawk near Fredericksburg, Gillespie 23 Jan (SCo, MR). Three Virginia Rails were an excellent find near O'Donnell, Dawson 25 Feb (RKo). A Common Gallinule was at Kurth Lake, Angelina 20 Dec (ph. JCo, RC). A Common Crane was discovered near Mound Lake, Terry 7 Feb (JBo). This bird was joined by a second individual and shifted to a location near Brownfield, Terry 21-29 Feb (JBo, OD, m.ob.). Four Whooping Cranes from the Louisiana flock took up residence near China, Jefferson (m.ob.). Unfortunately, 2 of the birds were shot in Jan and only one bird was present by the end of the period. An American Avo - cet was unexpected at Richland Creek W.M.A., Freestone 30 Jan (CSe). On the South Plains, late-departing American Avocets included singles near Cedar Hill, Floyd 18 Dec–17 Jan (JBo); Lubbock, Lubbock 19 Dec–24 Jan (JHu, AH); and near Floydada, Floyd 24 Jan (PKe). A Black-bellied Plover was studied along the Col - orado R. near La Grange, Fayette 13 Jan (MBr, RB); another was at Mound Lake, Lynn 5 Feb (JBo). An American Golden-Plover was early at Wolf Springs sod farm, Dallas 27 Feb (EW). A Snowy Plover at Fort Hancock Res., Hudspeth 14 Feb (ph. JiP) was very early. The Granger C.B.C. yielded 87 Mountain Plovers on 2 Jan, the highest total for the Granger Lake, Bell/Wil - liamson area in over a decade (TF). Mountain Plovers in s. TX included 125 in Kleberg 7 Jan (TLa et al.), 92 at the Frio/Atascosa sod farms 30 Jan (DMu, WSe, et al.), and 42 near McCook in Hidalgo 26 Feb (DJ et al.). The Northern Ja - cana found at Choke Canyon S.P., McMullen in the fall was present to 6 Dec. As many as 3 Northern Jacanas provided excitement for bird - ers at Santa Ana N.W.R., Hidalgo with at least one lingering through the period (m.ob.). Far inland, a Solitary Sandpiper was observed in Lubbock 17-24 Dec (PKi, AH, ML). An Upland Sandpiper was observed near Santa Monica, Willacy 5 Dec (ph. BrC, SK). Up to 62 Long- billed Curlews wintered in the fields southeast of Brownfield, Terry 1 Dec–29 Feb (XC, AH, RKo, JaL, YL). Two Stilt Sandpipers were found near Cedar Hill, Floyd 18 Dec (JBo). A Dunlin was at Fort Hancock Res., Hudspeth 14 Feb (ph. JiP). Early Baird's Sandpipers were reported at Hagerman N.W.R. 21 Feb (GC, SGl, ph.) and at La Sal del Rey, Hidalgo 24 Feb (SBi, JuL). A Pec - toral Sandpiper e. of Belton, Bell 20-21 Feb (ph. DLa) was early. Up to 3 Red-necked Phalaropes were at La Sal del Rey, Hidalgo 16-17 Feb (ph. MGu, ph. DJ). JAEGERS THROUGH FALCONS A Parasitic Jaeger was observed at Port Aran- sas, Nueces 27 Dec (CW, JeB, WSe). An imm. Black-legged Kittiwake was a great find at Lake Tawakoni, Rains 26 Dec (†GC, DS); another was studied at Tres Palacios Bay, Matagorda 26 Jan (†PHo). A Little Gull was at White Rock Lake, Dallas 4-19 Feb (CRu, m.ob.). A Laugh - ing Gull was at Carter Lake, Brazos 26 Dec (ph. White-tailed Kite is an unpredictable visitor in the Trans-Pecos away from El Paso. This individual frequented the grasslands near Valentine, Jeff Davis 16 (here) January–10 February. Photo by © Mark W. Lockwood. American Avocets are exceptionally rare in winter in the northern third of Texas, but this winter was the exception with multiple records. The majority of these were from the South Plains and included this bird at Lubbock, Lubbock 19 December (here 24) through 24 January. Photo by © Mark W. Lockwood.

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