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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 202 P R A I R I E P R O V I N C E S Stonewall from early-Dec to at least 13 Dec (R&LH, KDS). Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches were seen at Broadview, SK from fall until 2 Dec (DW); Hud - son Bay, SK in Dec (fide JD); and near Warren, MB 12 Jan (ph. FG). A Cas - sin's Finch was reported on the Endeavour, SK C.B.C. 21 Dec (E&NH). Crossbills were locally abundant in s. AB: Cal - gary tallied 563 Reds and 4448 White-wingeds on its C.B.C., while the Edmonton C.B.C. tal - lied 741 and 2217, respectively. Redpolls, too, were most common in the west of the region, as were Pine Siskins. Common Redpolls were recorded on all but six of the 93 C.B.C.s con - ducted in SK. One thousand Pine Siskins were tallied at Fish Creek P.P. 22 Feb (DA). A Euro - pean Goldfinch was noted at Calgary, AB feed- ers 15 Jan and 27 Feb (BC, ph., fide TK,). A Eurasian Tree Sparrow, first seen on the 2014 Winnipeg C.B.C., was found again by the same observers at the same location during the 2015 count; it remained through the period (GB, JW, ph., m.ob.). Contributors (provincial compilers in bold - face): Erica Alex, Alaina Armbruster, Dan Arndt, Christian Artuso, Diane Barrett, Carrie Braden, Garry Budyk, Susan Burrows, Judith Campbell, Colleen Cobbe, Barb Coote, Arden Curts, John Daisley, Ken De Smet, Don Del - aney, Ryan Dudragne, Randi Edmonds, Dick & Lenora Flynn, Matt Gasner, Marlene Gifford (MGi), Paul Goossen, Fred Gross, Bob Hamlin, Ray & Liz Harkness, Al Hartley, Trevor Her - riot, Ted Hindmarch (THi), Ron Jensen, Rich- ard Klauke, Buffy Knill, Laurie Koepke, Rudolf Koes (RKo), Terry Korolyk, Greg Krätzig, Bob Luterbach, Gerald Machnee, Kim Mann, Donna Martin, Joan & Malcolm McDonald, Charlie McPherson, Ray Methot, Ken Orich, Robert Parsons, Carole Penner, Wayne Pepper, Joel Priebe, Myrna Priebe, Phil Quinn, Dave Russum, Nick Saunders, Dan Sawatzky, Stan Shadick, Bob Shettler, Alan Smith, Rhonda Smith, Marcy Stader, Keith Stephens, Andrew Stiles, Peter Taylor, Phil Taylor (PhT), Bill & Leah Truch, Hank Vanderpol, Jana Venter, Guy Wapple, Greg Warner (GWr), Don Weidl, John Weier, Nancy West, Michael Williams, Bill Wil - son, Brad Yee. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rudolf F. Koes, 135 Rossmere Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2K 0G1 • Peter Taylor, P.O. Box 597, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E 1L0 • Fish Creek P.P., AB 1 Jan (fide TK) and at Win- nipeg, MB 17 Jan (MGi, ph.). Rare were Brown Thrashers at Calgary, AB 16-20 Dec (HV); Canmore, AB for some time to at least 18 Jan (J&MM); and Regina, SK 6 Dec (BY). Equally notable were Gray Catbirds in SK, near Kenosee to at least 1 Dec (fide AA) and during the C.B.C. count period at Morse (fide MP). Winter warblers included an Ovenbird west of Nanton, AB 6 Nov–25 Dec (ph. B<) and Yellow-rumped Warblers at Morinville, AB mid- Dec to at least 10 Feb (DB); Calgary, AB 8 Feb (AS); near Oak Hammock Marsh, MB early-Dec to ca. 25 Dec (GM, CC, JC, ph.); and at Gar - diner Dam, SK 2 Dec (RJ, NS, PhT, GW). Best of the bunch was a Pine Warbler, rare at any time in SK, which survived at Saskatoon 12 Dec through the season (SS, ph., m.ob.). A Spot - ted Towhee at Warren, MB through the period drew many birders (BH, ph., m.ob.); another was at Bethany, MB 29 Dec–1 Jan (fide EA). An Eastern Towhee was at Regina, SK 7 Jan and earlier (fide DS). Other rare winter sparrows in - cluded a Chipping at Calgary, AB 24 Dec–12 Feb (D&LF); a Vesper at Morse, SK 10 & 16 Dec (fide JP); and single Savannahs at Katepwa, SK 6 Dec (KM) and on the Kyle, SK C.B.C. 17 Dec (fide DZ). Lone Song Sparrows were near Oak Hammock Marsh, MB 3 Dec (BS); at Beth - any, MB 29 Dec (fide EA); and at Saskatoon, SK 26 Dec (fide MW). An additional 4 Song Spar - rows reported in AB included one assigned to the merrillii subspecies, well east of its usual haunts; it lingered at Frank Lake through the winter (ph. DA). Also of note were a Lincoln's Sparrow at Fish Creek P.P. 8-16 Jan (PQ,, ph. MS et al.); a Swamp Sparrow at Edmonton, AB 11 Jan (fide RK); a Golden-crowned Sparrow at Morse, SK 23 Dec+ (RD, m.ob.); and MB's fourth Gray-headed Dark-eyed Junco at Ases - sippi, MB during late-Dec (ph. JV). A Scarlet Tanager that attended a Regina, SK feeder 4-23 Dec was a great bird for winter (WP, ph., m.ob.). Equally rare in winter were two orioles in MB: the previously reported Bull - ock's (though possibly a hybrid) at Gimli 17 Nov–6 Dec (DM, ph., m.ob.) and a Baltimore at was discovered at Cypress Hills P.P. 2 Jan (AH), where it was found again 16 Jan (RD). The spe - cies had previously been confirmed here in June 2015. Rare in winter were a Winter Wren at Starbuck, MB (CP) and a Marsh Wren at Oak Hammock Marsh, MB (GB), both on 1 Dec. A Western Bluebird at Mountain View, AB 27 Feb was early (NW). At least 6 Townsend's Soli - taires were reported in both SK and MB; 2 of the MB birds remained into spring. The Odessa, SK C.B.C. tallied a provincial record 4 Varied Thrushes 28 Dec (AC). Increasingly reported in winter, lone Hermit Thrushes were detected at Just a stone's throw from a wintering Spotted Towhee was this equally rare Gray-crowned Rosy- Finch at Warren, MB. It unfortunately remained just one day, 12 January. Photo by © Fred Gross. This Eurasian Tree Sparrow, found at the same Winnipeg loca - tion as the previous winter, provided MB with about its fifth record. Photo by © Garry Budyk. This Scarlet Tanager, one of several exceptional finds in the Region this season, brightened up a Regina, SK feeder during much of December (here 18). Photo by © Wayne Pepper. MB's fourth Gray-headed Dark-eyed Junco made a brief visit to a feeder at Asessippi Ski Resort on 20 December 2015. Photo by © Jana Venter. Exceptionally rare during winter anywhere in the Prairie Provinces, this Ovenbird at Nanton, AB, continued from November to 25 December (here 6 December). Photo by © Jerry Pilny.

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