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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 198 A R K A N S A S & LO U I S I A N A the US during winter and only the third win- ter occurrence for AR, a Cape May Warbler was photographed coming to a feeder at Little Rock, Pulaski 15 Feb (CJ). Nearly annual in winter in AR, scattered Palm Warblers were noted at Lake Jack Lee, Union 31 Dec (LA); Maysville, Benton 1 Jan (KG); near Lamar, Johnson 1 Jan (LA); Wapanocca N.W.R., Crittenden 11 Jan (RHo); and rural Lee 31 Jan (JV). An Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler was discovered near Forked I., Vermilion, LA 14 Dec (DL, PAW). A Black-throated Gray Warbler was at City Park, New Orleans 5 Dec+ (JG, NLN, DPM). Only about the fourth AR occurrence in winter, a Wil - son's Warbler was photographed at a residence in North Little Rock, Pulaski 18 Jan (CF, DotB, DorB). Very rare in winter in AR, single Lark Sparrows were recorded at Lonoke, Lonoke 2 Jan (DSc, DMo, VP, TF, EF, TM), and Petit Jean W.M.A, Yell (LA); an incredible 13 were counted at Harrison, Boone 4 Feb (AG, TG, TiB, StB). The season's only Lincoln's Sparrow report in AR detailed 3 individuals at Carden Bottoms, Yell 9 Feb (K&LN). Notable Harris's Sparrow reports entailed singles near Arkadelphia, Hot Springs, AR 19 Dec (LA); New Hope Bottoms, Pope, AR 11 Jan (K&LN, ML); Carden Bottoms, Yell, AR 7 Feb (CL, JefT, JenT, K&LN). Uncommon and of - ten overlooked, Oregon Dark-eyed Juncos were discovered in w. Pulaski, AR 16 Jan (DH) and at Harrison, Boone, AR 13 Feb (SR, HR). Incredibly, there were an unprecedented 11 Summer Tana - ger reports through the season in AR, all involv- ing single birds and all in nw. AR. Very rare dur- ing winter almost anywhere in the US outside of extreme s. Florida, there were two reports in Benton: one at Cave Springs 19 Dec (MM) and another at Bella Vista 31 Dec–3 Jan (JSw, MSw). An additional nine reports came in from Wash - ington: one catching bees and feeding on suet at a Fayetteville residence 19 Dec (DSt, JSt); one near the University of Arkansas campus 20 Dec (BB, RiS); one at Lake Fayetteville 22 Dec (MM); one observed at a suet feeder in Fayetteville 1 Jan until found dead 20 Jan (RJ); another eating suet at Fayetteville 2 Jan–10 Feb (KM, DMu); one at a Fayetteville residence 11 Jan (MH); an - other at Fayetteville 14 Jan (SC); one at a private Fayetteville residence 15 Jan (JMo); and one at a Fayetteville feeder 30 Jan–9 Feb (JerT, JJ, JMa, NV). Long anticipated was LA's first state record for Pyrrhuloxia, discovered 18 Dec and re - ported through 26 Dec south of Welsh, Jefferson Davis, (DO'M, m.ob). Rare but annual in winter in LA, a Black-headed Grosbeak visited a feeder at Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge 29 Jan+ (BM). Western Meadowlark is a very uncommon and often overlooked winter resident in AR. There were five reports for the season, with the most interesting a good count of 28 in e. Miller 22 Jan (CL, CMa). LA hosted multiple Bullock's red nape and other Red-naped Sapsucker char- acteristics was studied near Columbia, Caldwell, 31 Jan–13 Feb (JH, SP). Representing the tenth for AR, a Red-shafted Northern Flicker was near Beaver Lake, Benton 20 Dec (MT). A Prairie Falcon photographed near Atkins, Pope AR 17 Dec (ML) was the season's only report of this rare but regular winter visitor. Present since 20 Oct at St. Gabriel, Iberville, LA, a Pacific-slope Flycatcher was collected 14 Jan; remarkably, another Pacific-slope Flycatcher had been col - lected in the same yard in Oct (SWC, DLD). Brown-crested Flycatcher is rare but annual in se. LA; one found at Chalmette, St. Bernard 2 Jan persisted to at least 26 Feb (CR, m.ob). Great Kiskadee continues to increase in LA; one was located near Forked I., Vermilion 14 Dec (DL, PAW). A calling Tropical Kingbird took up resi - dence at Eastover, Orleans, LA 2 Jan+ (JR, DPM). A non-vocal, possible Couch's Kingbird was discovered on the outskirts of Bell City, Cam - eron, LA 11 Jan (MW, DD), while a vocal pair of Couch's Kingbirds was located about 10 miles away 16-17 Feb (EJ). Infrequent in LA during winter, a Bell's Vireo was discovered near Pecan I., Vermilion 18 Jan (PEC, PAW). A rare winter visitor to AR, a Blue-headed Vireo was near Dar - danelle, Yell 17 Jan (K&LN). A nice sum of 89 Horned Larks were present at Crowley, Acadia, LA 18 Dec (PEC). Up to 3 Red-breasted Nut - hatches were present throughout the season at a residence near Dardanelle, Yell AR (K&LN). This was the only report of the season and, curiously, though they were seen and heard al - most daily, none were observed visiting a feeder. Rare and declining, a Bewick's Wren was north of Helena, Phillips AR 17 Dec (LA). Seasonally very rare and possibly the first winter occurrence for Benton AR, a Blue- gray Gnatcatcher was at Gentry 12 Dec (RG); another was at Felsenthal N.W.R., Union AR 31 Dec (LA). Less than annual during the winter season in AR, a Gray Catbird was at Big Lake N.W.R., Mississippi 12 Jan (RHo). Stuttgart Airport, Prairie, AR continued its long tradition as a reliable winter location for rare grassland special - ties; a Sprague's Pipit (CL) and 21 Smith's Longspurs were present 12 Feb (CL, JefT JenT). A count of 340 Lapland Longspurs near Kaplan, Vermilion 1 Jan represented a strong total for sw. LA (PEC). WARBLERS THROUGH BRAMBLING Over a month early, a Louisiana Water- thrush was near Hector, Pope, AR 19 Feb (LA); still very early, another was observed along the Buffalo R., Newton, AR 29 Feb (AG, TG). A Black-and-white Warbler at Hot Springs Village, Saline, AR 15 Feb (AT) was early by a month. Rare anywhere in currence for Logan, AR. Quite rare in AR at any season, 2 Common Ground-Doves were found near Holla Bend N.W.R., Yell 16 Jan (K&LN); a single was east of Little Rock, Pulaski 18 Jan (CF, DotB, DorB). A Greater Roadrunner north of Helena, Phillips AR 17 Dec (LA) was very rare so far east. LA's only Burrowing Owl this season was at Elmer's Island W.M.A., Jefferson 18 Dec–8 Mar (SWC, DLD). Rare and elusive Northern Saw-whet Owls were documented with a game camera near Kingston, Madison 24 Dec and 7 Jan (BC). A Common Nighthawk at Little Rock, Pulaski 5 Dec (CA, RA) was well over a month late and represents one of just a hand - ful of Dec reports in AR. The only AR Rufous Hummingbird report consisted of an ad. male at Little Rock, Pulaski 19 Dec (KH, RSt, LG, EB, AH). Rare in LA, a Broad-billed Hummingbird at Marrero, Jefferson, LA 12-22 Feb was unique in that it was found away from feeders (JBe, LK). Although ultimately not accepted by the Louisi - ana Bird Records Committee, a sapsucker with a This Royal Tern, AR's seventh, was at Dardanelle Lock & Dam, Pope County 8-9 January. Photo by © Michael Linz. LA's fifth Lesser Goldfinch was present 10 February to 2 April (here 13 February) at Alexandria, Rapides County. Photo by © Dave Patton. A stunning first for AR and possibly the Region, this Brambling delighted bird- ers 23-24 January at Little Rock, Pulaski County. Photo by © Dan Scheiman.

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