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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 196 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I Edwards, Keith Fraser, Lawrence F. Gardella, Ben C. Garmon, Jeff T. Garner, Jessica Germa - ny, Chuck Graham, Jerry D. Green, Charles H. Grisham, Ken Hackman, Andrew Haffenden, Dana C. Hamilton, R. Stan Hamilton, Shay Handley, Greg J. Harber, Rob Harbin, J. Mil - ton Harris, Jeffrey Harris, Amber Hart (AHa), Ralph W. Havard, Alison Henry (AHe), Geoff E. Hill, Jim Holmes (JHo), Howard E. Horne, Rob Hurt (RHu), Rick Ingram, Debra G. Jack - son, Greg D. Jackson (AL), Brian Johnston, Angela Jordan, Michael J. Jordan, Rick L. Kit - tinger, Ron J. Kittinger, Paul D. Kittle, Bob Ko- rnegay, Gary Lanham, Pixie Lanham, Michael Linz, Tommy Lishman, Clyde Littekin, Cathie Marx, Liz Masoner, Rodney McCollum, Steve W. McConnell, Patty McLean, Mark McShane, Sharon Milligan, Aaron Mitchell (AMi), Hal Mitchell, Andrew Morang, Melinda Morang, Gerry Morgan, Marlee Morris (MMo), Sue R. Moske, Jon Motquin, Al Mullins (AMu), Brian Naylor, Charlotte Naylor, Janice Neitzel, Jamie Nobles (JNo), Jimmy Osborne, Larry Pace, Mil - lie Page, Dianne Patterson, Jim Patterson, Steve Patterson, Wayne R. Patterson, Ashley Peters, Tommy R. Pratt, Dick Preston (DPr), Linda B. Reynolds, Tommie Rogers, Curtis Ross, Kathy Ross, Pelham A. Rowan, Patsy H. Russo, Jeffrey Schaarschmidt, Marion H. Schiefer, Terence L. Schiefer (MS), Don Self, Judy Self (JSe), Joan Siegwald (JSi), Tom Seigwald, Damien J. Sim - beck, Eric C. Soehren, Michelle Steber, Jimmy Stephenson, Robert Stewart, Bill Summerour, Lauren Thead, Sheila Thead, Renea Todd, John A. Trent, Ken Ward, Rufina Ward, Harold We - ber, James White, Randy White, Lucie Wilder (LWi), Harriet H. Wright. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– C. Dwight Cooley, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Complex, 2700 Refuge Headquarters Road, Decatur, AL 35603 • ( viduals were recorded this season. One found on the Waterloo C.B.C. at Cherokee, Colbert 19 Dec (KF) represented a fourth inland winter record; one was seen at the Fort Morgan Pen., Baldwin 28 Dec (ph. JN); one was on the Gulf Shores C.B.C. 2 Jan (ph. AH); singles were at two different Mobile loca - tions 3 Jan (JS) and 29 Jan (JSi, TS). A Western Tanager at Clay, Jefferson 9 Jan-13 Feb (KM, ph., m.ob.) established the third inland winter record and eleventh inland record overall for AL. Up to 2 male Rose-breasted Grosbeaks visited a feeder at Daphne, Baldwin, AL 19 Dec–1Jan (ph. CM). A male Black- headed Grosbeak was at Foley, Baldwin, AL 12 Jan+ (EB, BS, ph., m.ob.). A male Indigo Bunting at Thomasville, Clarke, AL 24 Feb+ (LD) may have been an early mi - grant. Rare during winter in the G.C., a Dickcissel visited a feeder at Foley, Baldwin, AL 25 Jan (MJJ). Seen or heard only occasionally in the T.V., a Western Meadowlark was at Key Cave N.W.R., Lauderdale 25 Jan (ph. GDJ). An imm. male Yellow-headed Blackbird was near Magnolia Springs, AL 2 Dec and 12 Jan (SRM). An imm. male Bullock's Oriole at Ashford, Houston 20 Feb+ (RT) added on as AL's thirteenth record and seventh inland. Bal - timore Orioles abound during mild winters in AL, where they are rare but regular. Up to 10 were at Ashford, Houston 1 Dec+ (RT), an AL winter max; one was at Prairie Eden, Hale 13 Dec (DS, JSe); one was found during the Eu - faula C.B.C. 22 Dec (ECS, JAT); an ad. male was at Powder Magazine in Montgomery, AL 24 Dec (LFG); one was found on the Mont - gomery C.B.C. in Elmore 2 Jan (ECS, AP, JAT); three female-types were found during the Gulf Shores C.B.C. 2 Jan (CHB, PB, AH); a male was at Foley, Baldwin 3-31 Jan (MJJ); an ad. male and a female-type were at Gantt Lake, Cov - ington 8 Jan (LW); a female-type was south of Birmingham 30 Jan (HHW, ph.); a female-type at Rogersville, Lauderdale 19 Feb (DJS) repre - sented the fifth T.V. winter record. Contributors: (subregional editors in bold - face): Teresa Adams, Bill Allen, Roberta Allen, David Arnold, Philip J. Barbour, Eva Barnett, Fred Bassett, Charles Boley, Ned Boyajian, Gre - ta Bremser, William J. Bremser, Cecil H. Brown, Pamela Brown, Gary Brumvoll (GBr), John Cambre, Linda Cambre, Karen Chiasson, C. Dwight Cooley, Holly Cox, Meegan Dale, Rob Dobbs, Lisa Downey, R. Scott Duncan, Nelson Fairhope, Baldwin 11 Dec (KC) served as the max for the G.C. and for AL in winter. Lin - coln's Sparrows are rare but regular visitors to AL. One was detected during the Wheeler C.B.C. 19 Dec (RSH, DCH); one was at Eu - faula 3-12 Jan (GEH, BK); one was found at the Wehle Nature Park near Midway, Bullock 11 Jan (ECS). Discovered by out-of-state bird - ers, an imm. Harris's Sparrow was at Moss Pt., Jackson, MS 16 Jan where it was last seen 19 Jan (GM, SM, MP, AH, ph.). An Oregon Dark- eyed Junco was near Underwood, Lauderdale 21 Jan–26 Feb (ph. PDK.). The only previous, documented record of the subspecies in AL oc - curred in 1989. Summer Tanagers are occasional-to-rare winter visitors in AL. Five female-type indi - Mississippi's first Couch's Kingbird was present on Singing River Island, Jackson County from 13 January through the end of the period (here 13 January). Photo by © Brian Johnston. Rarely found during any season in the Region, this male Black-headed Grosbeak appeared at Foley, Baldwin County, Alabama from 12 January–29 February (here 13 January). Photo by © Bill Summerour. This immature male Bullock's Oriole at Ashford, Houston County, Alabama 20 February through the period's end (here 20 February) shared a yard with up to 10 Baltimore Orioles. Photo by © Renea Todd.

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