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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 195 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I an early migrant. Seven Orange-crowned War- blers found on the Wheeler C.B.C. in Lime- stone/Madison/Morgan 19 Dec (fide CDC) con- stituted a good number for the T.V. A Nashville Warbler on the Eufaula C.B.C. 22 Dec (ECS, JAT, ph.) furnished the first winter record for inland AL. Palm Warblers have become annual winterers to inland portions of the Region. In AL, 21 were recorded on the Wheeler C.B.C. 19 Dec (fide CDC) and established a new T.V. winter max; 12 were on the Guntersville C.B.C. 26 Dec (KW, JMH); 6 were at Logan Martin Dam 10 Jan (RSD); up to 5 were at Saginaw 21-22 Feb (RJK, JNo). In MS, up to 10 were at McLeod 4 Dec–16 Jan (TLS, MHS, JH); one was at Starkville, Oktibbeha 6 Jan (TLS); one was 11 miles east of Macon, Nox - ubee 12 Jan (DP, JP); one was 3 miles east of Artesia, Lowndes 24 Jan (DP, JP, ph.); one was at Starkville 29 Jan (ph. MMo); 2 were one mile east of Artesia 6 Feb (JH, MHS, LC, JC). A Yel - low-throated Warbler at Enterprise, Dale, AL 15 Jan (RI) established the sixth I.C.P. winter record. One at Browning Creek 1-18 Jan (TLS, MHS, ph.) established a first winter record for e.-cen. MS, as did an ad. male Black-throated Green Warbler at the same site 18 Feb (TLS) and an ad. male Wilson's Warbler at White's Slough, Lowndes 8 Jan (ph. JO.). American Tree Sparrows are erratic winter visitors to the Region, typically associated with wintry weather later in the reporting period. One at Cold Water River N.W.R., Marshall, MS 3 Dec (RH) was seasonably early and note - worthy. A Clay-colored Sparrow near Webb 26 Feb (JHo) constituted a fourth I.C.P. winter record, while 2 were at Biloxi, Harrison, MS 3 Jan (ph. HC), where the species is rare. Three Lark Sparrows south of Columbus 9 Dec (DP, JP) represented the seventh winter record for e.-cen. MS. At least 10 Lark Sparrows near Tree Swallows winter in numbers along the coast, records farther north at this season are few. The first Jan record for n. AL involved one at Opelika, Lee 29 Jan (JTG). Up to 4 at Saginaw, Shelby, AL 19-26 Feb (LM, ph.) were almost assuredly early migrants. Ten Northern Rough-winged Swallows at Blakeley I. 6 Feb (RJK, RLK) were very early mi - grants while two at Columbus, Lowndes, MS 29 Feb (TLS) missed the earliest ar - rival date for e.-cen. MS by four days. Barn Swallows are only occasionally re - corded in AL during winter. Two at Eu- faula 22 Dec (ECS, JAT, ph.) represent- ed only the third I.C.P. winter record; one was found during the Gulf Shores C.B.C. 2 Jan (WJB, GB); one was at Wheeler, Morgan 17-22 Jan (SP, m.ob.); 3 were near Magnolia Springs, Baldwin 5 Feb (RLK); up to 3 were at Blakeley I. 6-9 Feb (RJK, RLK). Five White-breasted Nuthatches found dur - ing the AL Ornithological Society winter meet- ing in the Eufaula area 22 Jan (KW, m.ob.) and three pairs at Gilmore Quarters, Hale, AL 13 Feb (DS, JSe) were rare so far south. Nine Brown-headed Nuthatches detected during the Waterloo C.B.C. 19 Dec (fide PDK) established a new nw. AL max. House Wrens are some - what hardy winter lingerers in AL. One was at Huntsville, Madison 17 Dec (CB); 2 were found on the Wheeler C.B.C. in Limestone 19 Dec (JMH, CG, GJH, JG); 2 were in Guntersville 28 Dec (fide LBR); 3 were in Talladega N.F. and surrounding area 28 Feb (JHo). Sedge Wrens are uncommon during winter in the M.R. Up to 3 were found at Birmingham 2-3 Jan and at Saginaw 11-24 Jan (RSD). Three Marsh Wrens were recorded at Swan Creek W.M.A. during the Wheeler C.B.C. 19 Dec (JMH, CG), where the species is rare but regular; one was at Saginaw 11 Jan (RSD) where the species is rare in winter. A Bewick's Wren near Russell - ville, Franklin 17 Jan (JTG) represents just one of a handful of AL records since 1975. Rare in AL during winter, single Blue-gray Gnatcatch - ers were at Wilson Dam 18 Dec–3 Jan (RJK, RLK, m.ob.) and Meadowbrook, Shelby 19 Dec (SH). Single Gray Catbirds were found on the Wheeler C.B.C. in Limestone 19 Dec (SWM, SRM) and on the Guntersville C.B.C. 26 Dec (fide LBR), while 2 were at Columbus Lake, MS 15 Dec–11 Jan (JO). WARBLERS THROUGH ORIOLES Rare in winter in the I.C.P., Black-and-white Warblers (both males) were found at separate Eufaula locations 22 Dec (ECS, JAT, ph.) and 23 Jan (RJK, RLK). A Prothonotary Warbler at Blakeley S.P., Baldwin, AL 22 Feb (MS), only the second AL record in winter, was probably What are the odds of finding two inland Say's Phoebes in MS during the winter? An - swer: pretty good this year! One was found during the Sidon C.B.C. in Leflore 27 Dec (HM, MM, AM, PJB, RS, ph.) where it remained through 29 Dec. Another was near Okolona, Chickasaw 13 Feb (ph. WRP). MS's second Tropical Kingbird was monitored at Bay St. Louis, Hancock 31 Dec–28 Feb (HW, Ami, ph., vt., v.r., m.ob.). Incredibly, MS's first Couch's Kingbird was found less than 60 miles distant on Singing River I., Jackson 13 Jan+ (BJ, ph., m.ob.). Access to this area is restricted and, af - ter 9 Feb, what was presumably the same bird was reported just two more times, both well into the spring. Up to 6 Western Kingbirds were at Dauphin 17 Dec–13 Feb (BCG, PHR, ph., m.ob.) while one found during the Tusca - loosa C.B.C., Tuscaloosa 19 Dec (TL, DA, ph.) supplied just the second winter record for in - land AL. Scissor-tailed Flycatchers continue to winter at Dauphin where an imm. was found 12 Dec (RJK, RLK) and an ad. was located on the east end 17 Dec (BCG, PHR). VIREOS THROUGH MIMIDS White-eyed Vireo is a rare but regular winter visitor to the I.C.P. of AL. Of seven records submitted, all referred to singles with the ex - ception of 11 at Jacinto Port, Mobile and 12 at Saraland, Mobile 20 Feb (MJJ), undoubt - edly early migrants. The trend of Blue-headed Vireos wintering regularly in n. AL continues. Two each were noted on the Wheeler C.B.C. 19 Dec (JMH, KW) and the Waterloo C.B.C. 19 Dec (DJS). Four in Talladega N.F. 28 Feb (JHo) equaled the M.R. winter max. Fish Crows ap - pear to be entrenching themselves north of the coastal plain. Up to 15, a T.V. winter max, were reported at Guntersville 21 Dec–11 Feb (AHa, m.ob.). Rare in the I.C.P., 8 Horned Larks were at Eufaula 22 Dec (ECS, JAT) before 2 were found at Ashford, Houston 29 Feb (JHo). While Rarely found inland during winter, this Solitary Sandpiper was unexpected at the Cedarville Water Treatment Plant, Hale County, Alabama on 11 February. Photo by © John A. Trent. This Tropical Kingbird, representing just the second Mississippi record, was at Bay St. Louis, Hancock County 31 December–28 February (here 14 January). Photo by © Aaron Mitchell.

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