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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 192 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y er Hickman Bottoms, Fulton 14 Dec (†MG); and 8 east of Crutchfield, Hickman 26 Feb (†MG). In Tennessee, there were only two reports away from the western part of the state: 2 in Hamilton 25 Jan (BDr) and 7 in Warren 4 Feb (SM). Three Baltimore Orioles, all of which looked like fe - males/imms., were found at feeding stations in Kentucky: one on the southwest side of Murray, Calloway 1 Jan (ph. J&KM); one northeast of Goshen, Oldham 20 Jan–7 Feb (ph. BDa); and one just northeast of Bardstown, Nelson 28 Jan (ph. PG). One was also in Sevier, TN 24 Jan (KW). Purple Finches lingered through the season in Kentucky in generally small numbers. A female Common Redpoll was found at Highland Cemetery, Kenton, KY 12 Feb into early-Mar (RFz, EG, et al.) with 2 present there 28 Feb (ph. AC, ph. JRo); one was also in Montgomery, TN 10-23 Jan (RSh, DM, m. ob.). Generally modest numbers of Pine Siskins lingered local - ly into early winter; low numbers subsequently remained quite locally distributed through the remainder of the season. A male Lesser Gold - finch at Airpark Inn, Lake, TN 5-6 Jan (ph. MG et al.) established a first state record. A Euro - pean Goldfinch at Martin, Weakley, TN 2 Feb (MG) was noteworthy, although obviously of questionable provenance. tablished the state's third winter record. The Black-throated Gray Warbler found at Surrey Hills Farm, Jefferson, KY in early-Nov was last seen 6 Dec (BP). A Yellow-throated Warbler in Knox, TN 12 Dec–1 Jan (CSu, m. ob.) was also rare for winter. Unprecedented for Kentucky during winter was the Yellow-breasted Chat discovered at McMillan's Landing, Monroe 17 Jan (†NB). American Tree Sparrows were mostly absent from Tennessee, with only 3 reported. Vesper Sparrows are rare during winter, therefore two reports from Kentucky and five from Tennessee were of note, including a remarkable 11 at Har - rison Ferry Mountain, Warren, TN 2 Jan (SM, NM). Quite extraordinary for the Region were four reports of Lark Sparrow: one west of Tren - ton, Gibson, TN 19 Dec (MG); one in Hamilton, TN 16-18 Jan (BDr, HB); one along US 421 northeast of Defoe, se. Henry 20-23 Jan (†RR); and one at Georgetown, Scott 16-18 Feb (ph. BS et al.). A Grasshopper Sparrow was moni - tored north of Dot, Logan, KY 21 Jan–14 Feb (ph. FL). A Harris's Sparrow made for a nice find at Ridgley, Lake, TN 21 Dec (MG). There were three reports of Oregon Dark-eyed Junco (J. h. oreganus): one that wintered in a yard at Douglass Hills, Jefferson, KY (ph. MY, BY); one banded at Ashland, Boyd, KY 25 Dec and lin - gered through the season (b./ph. RCa); and one west of Monticello, Wayne, KY for a week to 10 days during mid-Feb (ph. RB). A tardy, imm. male Rose-breasted Grosbeak at - tended a feeding station at Lexington, KY 12- 13 Dec (ph. AH, CV). Three Summer Tanagers, rare in winter, were reported in Tennessee: one at Mt. Juliet, Wilson 4-20 Dec (PH); one at Tul - lahoma, Franklin, TN (CM); and one at Clarks- ville, Montgomery 23 Jan (ph. MRo). A first-year male Yellow-headed Blackbird was in Dyer, TN 26 Jan (MG). The Nickajack C.B.C. in Marion, TN submitted a remarkable high count of 1004 Rusty Blackbirds 26 Dec (fide DSp). Brewer's Blackbirds were found in Kentucky on three occasions: a female west of Monticello, Wayne 12 Dec (†RD); 4 at the Low - reported, with no less than 14 in Kentucky and 12 in Tennessee; headlining these were 4 in w. Fulton 19 Dec (BP, EHu, DW) and 2 south of Daysville, Todd 22 Dec ph. RSt). Quite unexpected was a Black-and-white Warbler at Raven Run Sanctuary, Fayette, KY 9 Jan (ph. AW). Interestingly, the same site played host to the state's first record at this season, secured during winter 2014-2015 (NAB 69(2):246). A Common Yellowthroat was reported at Seven Islands S.P., Knox, TN 6 Dec (JSt), and another was at Jacobson Park, Lexington, Fayette, KY 22 Dec (†JSo). A female/imm. Chestnut-sided Warbler at Forks of the River W.M.A., Knox, TN 18 Nov–4 Dec (†JSt) established the state's first winter record. A female/imm. American Redstart was present east of Mt. Zion, Pulaski, KY 5 Dec–9 Jan (ph. RD). A total of 10 Palm Warblers tal - lied during the Western Allen County C.B.C. 26 Dec (fide JBr) and 10 (including a flock of 9) during the Nolin River C.B.C. 19 Dec (fide JBn) were both exceptional for Kentucky. Tennes - see similarly experienced greater numbers than usual, with one to 9 reported from 12 locations 12 Dec–18 Feb. A tardy Prairie Warbler and a tardy Wilson's Warbler were found together on the west side of Paducah, McCracken, 14 Dec (ph. JRu). A Wilson's Warbler at the Harpeth River Greenway, Nashville, TN 6 Dec (FF) es - This male Lesser Goldfinch at Airpark Inn on Reelfoot Lake, Lake County, Tennessee 5-6 (here 5) January furnished a surprising first state record. Photo by © Mark Greene. Lark Sparrow is an exceptionally rare winter visitor through- out the Region. This individual (one of two reported in Kentucky during the season, with two others reported in Ten- nessee) was present at a Georgetown, Scott County feeding station 16-18 (here 17) February 2016. Photo by © Brian Stern. Three Baltimore Orioles were documented in Kentucky dur- ing the season. This bird was present 20 January–7 February (here 6 February). Photo by © Brian Davis. Quite remarkable was this duo of unseasonable warblers (Prairie and Wilson's) that gleaned insects from a windowsill at the WPSD-TV station in Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky on the morning of 14 December. Photo by © Jennifer Rukavina.

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