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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 191 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y along Clear Creek, Hopkins 18 Feb (BP, PS) and at Lake Reba, Madison 20 Feb (JSu) were the first reported in Kentucky. Red-breasted Nuthatches were nearly absent for the third consecutive winter, with one to 2 reported on just four Kentucky C.B.C.s; the only additional reports detailed one in Ham - ilton, TN 17 Jan (TR) and one at John James Audubon S.P., Henderson, KY 11 Feb (BM). One to 4 Brown-headed Nuthatches, which barely reach into Kentucky, were reported at the Mar - shall, KY nesting area through the season (m. ob.). It was an above-average season for linger - ing House Wrens with eight reports in Ken- tucky and four reports in Tennessee 16 Dec–5 Jan. A Sedge Wren was at West Kentucky W.M.A., McCracken, KY 30 Dec (†KM, †BP); 6 were reported in Perry, TN 27 Dec (RSt). Two Marsh Wrens were heard calling in se. Muhlen - berg, KY 3 Jan (BP, RFa). Four tardy or wintering Blue-gray Gnat - catchers were reported: one at the Long Point Unit of Reelfoot N.W.R., Fulton, KY 19 & 21 Dec (BP, ph. MG); one at Standifer Gap Marsh, Hamilton, TN 19-31 Dec (BE); one at Old Hick - ory Dam, Nashville, TN 29 Dec (FF); and one at Duck R. 2 Jan (AT). A Townsend's Solitaire at Gibson County Lake, Gibson, TN 4-6 Feb (ph. MG) furnished Tennessee's fifth record. A Gray Catbird northwest of Stanford, Lincoln 30 Jan (JE) was the only reported in Kentucky; 4 were reported in Tennessee. Cedar Waxwing did not linger into the winter season in large numbers. Three Smith's Longspurs were at Fort Camp - bell, Stewart/Montgomery, TN 2 Dec (DM). A Snow Bunting appeared briefly with a flock of Lapland Longspurs and Horned Larks in Gib - son, TN 22 Jan (MG), but was not found sub- sequently. WARBLERS THROUGH GOLDFINCHES It was an extraordinary season for warblers wintering in the Region. There were an unprec - edented number of Orange-crowned Warblers Owls were found at five Kentucky locales; the peak count came from the Sinclair Unit during early December (P&SF). Two Northern Saw-whet Owls were banded at Surrey Hills Farm, Jefferson, KY 3 Dec (MMo et al.). The imm. male Black-chinned Hum - mingbird banded in ne. Calloway, KY in early-Nov lingered to 14 Jan (ph. TG). One banded in Montgomery, TN 12 Dec (CR) furnished Tennessee's seventh re - cord. The imm. female Rufous Humming- bird at Murray, Calloway, KY remained through the season (ME et al.). An un - identified Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird was seen in a yard north of Glasgow, Bar - ren, KY 20-22 Jan (LCr). A Rufous Hum- mingbird was still present in Williamson, TN 3-5 Feb (VS). Merlin continues to become a regular fixture across the Region during winter; this season saw no less than 20 individuals re - ported at a minimum of 17 locales in Kentucky, at least 5 were reported across five Tennessee locations. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH LONGSPURS Tennessee's sixth Ash-throated Flycatcher was at Dunbar Cave S.P., Montgomery, TN 2-16 Jan (DH, SHa, CR, SR, ph. CAS, m. ob.). Another followed shortly thereafter along the Tennessee R. in Hamilton, TN 7-15 Jan (PT, ph. KC, m. ob.). A Least Flycatcher was seen and heard giving 'whit' notes at Lake No. 9, Fulton, KY 19 Dec (ph. BP, ph. EHu, DW, MG, RSt, VS). A White-eyed Vireo at McConnell Springs Park, Fayette, KY 11 Jan (ph. CB) was excep - tional for the season. Single Blue-headed Vireos at Cross Creeks N.W.R., Stewart, TN 18 Feb (MH) and in Marion, TN 19 Feb (TR) were unusually early.Reports of Fish Crows in w. Kentucky through the season may have dem - onstrated wintering, which is not the norm; as is normal, small numbers were reported at several sites along the Mississippi R. by about the last week of Feb (m. ob.). Two Purple Mar - tins at the Land Between the Lakes Nature Sta- tion, Lyon/Trigg 29 Feb (AY) were the earliest reported in Kentucky. Single Tree Swallows 1 Dec and 23 Feb (MG); an ad. was at Pickwick Dam, Hardin, TN 12 Dec (MSm, DSn, PC); and an ad. was at Ijams Nature Center, Knox, TN 16 Jan (KB). Quite unexpected was a juv. Sabine's Gull with Ring-billed Gulls on a transient pond west of Monticello, Wayne, KY 12-13 Dec (ph. RB et al.). The only Franklin's Gull reported was at Van Works Rd., Lake, TN 24 Dec (DP). Only 2 Thayer's Gulls were detected in Ken - tucky: an ad. on the Ohio R. below Meldahl Dam, Bracken 30 Jan (†BWu) and a first-cycle bird at Barkley Dam 13 Feb (HC, ph. PS, KOS). Two were also reported from Tennessee, where the species is far rarer: a first-cycle at Pickwick Dam, Hardin 13 Dec (MCT) and one found during the Big Sandy C.B.C. in Henry 20 Dec. A first-cycle Iceland Gull was at Paris Land - ing S.P., Henry, TN 18 Dec (ph. MCT). A few Lesser Black-backed Gulls were present in w. Kentucky and Tennessee, on Kentucky Lake, during the season; also reported was a first-cy - cle bird near Hamby Pond at the Lower Hick- man Bottoms, Fulton, KY 1 Dec (MG); an ad. at Freeman Lake, Hardin, KY 3 Dec (ph. JSn); and an ad. at Ft. Loudoun Lake, Blount/Knox, TN 19 & 21 Dec and 28 Jan (MD, MMa). A probable first-cycle Glaucous Gull was at Ken - tucky Dam 31 Jan (ph. MTr) with a first-cycle bird there 22-29 Feb (ph. JP et al.). A first-cycle Great Black-backed Gull was at Kentucky Dam 13 Feb (ph. BP), and one was at Ft. Loudoun Lake, Blount/Knox, TN 15 Feb (WB). Two Common Ground-Doves, very rare in recent years, were reported in Tennessee: one in Lake 19 Dec (MG, RSt, VS, ph. MCT, m. ob.) and another in Dyer 18 Feb (MG). An imm. male Snowy Owl was present ca. 4 mi. south of Monticello, Wayne, KY 15-16 De - cember but was unfortunately found dead 17 Dec (B&CD, ph. MP). One to 10 Short-eared This Townsend's Solitaire at Gibson County Lake, Gibson County, Tennessee 4-6 (here 4) February established the state's fifth record. Photo by © Mark Greene. This Ash-throated Flycatcher at Dunbar Cave State Park, Montgomery County, Tennessee was present 2-16 (here 3) January and furnished the sixth state record. Remarkably, another was found less than a week later in Hamilton County, where it took up residence 7-15 January. Photo by © Chris Sloan. This Common Redpoll attended a feeder at Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee 10-23 (here 10) January. Photo by © Rick Shipkowski.

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