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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 190 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y TN 27 Feb (MMa et al.). Two were at Glenn Rd., White, TN 19 Dec (EL). Two Soras, always rare during winter, were also at Standifer Gap Marsh, Hamilton, TN 31 Dec (BE). Peak counts of Sandhill Cranes in Kentucky included 12,000 at Barren River Lake, Allen/ Barren 28 Jan (TD et al.) and 6600 west of Cecilia, Hardin 8 Feb (EHa). Numbers at Hi - wassee Refuge, Meigs, TN were very low, pos- sibly because food sources near the refuge were depleted early in the season, causing birds to spread out or move out of the area. A Semipalmated Plover at Shutes Branch R.A., Old Hickory Lake, Wilson, TN 11 Jan (ph. AS) furnished a very rare winter record for the Region. A Spotted Sandpiper that had been re - ported at the Pfeiffer Fish Hatchery, Franklin, KY during mid-Nov lingered into early winter and was seen there 11 & 19 Dec (†JSn/†JeJ, JoJ). Single Greater Yellowlegs at Liberty Park and Marina, Montgomery, TN 18 Feb (JH), in the Lower Hickman Bottoms, Fulton, KY 19 Feb (ph. BY, MY) and at McElroy Lake, War - ren, KY 20 Feb (TD) were the earliest spring migrants reported. One at Parksville Lake, Polk, TN 19 Dec (RH) was rare for winter. Two tardy Lesser Yellowlegs were seen in Hart, KY 15 Dec and 9 Jan (ph. JSo/ph. JSo) and another was found during the Reelfoot Lake C.B.C. in Lake/ Obion, TN 19 Dec; 4 at Sauerheber 22 Feb (BP, JBa, SG, TG) were the earliest spring migrants to be reported. A Dunlin lingered at Jonathan Creek to 17 Dec (HC). A few scattered reports of Least Sandpiper in the Region suggested that overwintering might have occurred at a few locales away from the traditional spots on Kentucky Lake. Single Pectoral Sandpipers at McElroy Lake, Warren, KY 21 & 28 Feb (BP/ BP, RFa, MS) were the earliest spring migrants reported in Kentucky. Two extraordinarily late Western Sandpipers lingered at Jonathan Creek to 24 Dec (ph. HC et al.). GULLS THROUGH FALCONS Two first-cycle Black-legged Kittiwakes were at Pickwick Dam, Hardin, TN 30 Nov (RSt, AB); one remained through 21 Dec (m. ob.). Little Gull was detected four times in Tennessee: a first-cycle bird was at Reelfoot Lake, Lake, TN Dec (RSt, AT) and Reelfoot Lake, Obion 19 Dec (MCT, BF, RSt). A remarkable 6 Pacific Loons were reported during the Big Sandy C.B.C. in Henry, TN 20 Dec. One was also at Hamilton Creek R.A., J. Percy Priest Lake, Nashville, TN 24 Dec and 17 Jan (RCo, ph. CAS). Single Red-necked Grebes were at Reelfoot Lake, Lake, TN 1 Dec (MG) and at Woods Res., Franklin, TN 16 Feb (VS). Peak counts of southbound Horned Grebes all occurred 1 Dec and included 250 at Lake Peewee, Hopkins, KY (SG, TG) and 500 at Lexington, KY (RO, LCo et al.). Over 500 were at Cherokee Lake, Grainger/ Jefferson, TN 6 Feb (DE). Only one Eared Grebe was present at the regular wintering location at S. Holston Lake Sullivan, TN 27 Dec–8 Feb (RLK, RKn, m. ob.). Singles were reported from three other counties in Tennessee 16-26 Feb. A Western Grebe was found during the Big Sandy C.B.C. in Henry, TN 20 Dec (BPu) and lingered to at least 12 Jan (ph. VS). PELICANS THROUGH SHOREBIRDS Significant numbers of American White Peli- cans were reported farther east than the spe- cies is normally detected in winter, highlighted by 342 at Fall Creek R.A., J. Percy Priest Lake, Rutherford, TN 4 Feb (RCo); 103 at Dyson's Ditch, Cheatham, TN 29 Feb (FF); 66 at Hiwas - see Refuge, Meigs, TN 1 Feb (MMc); 40 at Lake Peewee, Hopkins, KY 11 Feb (SG, TG). Great Egrets are quite rare in Kentucky dur - ing midwinter; therefore, one west-northwest of Midway, Woodford 16 Jan (†IH) was excep - tional. Numbers in Tennessee, where the spe- cies is somewhat more regular during winter, were fairly typical. There were two reports of Green Heron in Kentucky: one along Rock Branch Rd. south-southeast of Sawyer, McCrea - ry 19 Dec (ph. L&TM), and one at Pumphouse Pond, Pulaski 18 Jan (ph. RD). An Osprey at Kentucky Dam 23 Feb (HC) was the earliest spring migrant of that species to be reported in Kentucky. It was another dismal winter for Rough-legged Hawks in Kentucky with just two reports: one near Elkton, Todd 22 Dec (AT) and one at the Ken Unit of Peabody W.M.A., Ohio 18 Feb (SG, TG). Golden Eagles were found at eight Kentucky locales and eight Tennessee locales during the season with pos - sibly up to 5 detected on wildlife cameras at Bernheim Forest, Bullitt/Nelson, KY (KVo); 4 were in the area of Pace Pt., Big Sandy Unit, Tennessee N.W.R., Henry, TN 12 Jan (RSt). Single Virginia Rails were detected at Savan - nah Bottoms, Hardin, TN 18 Dec (RSt); at Stan- difer Gap Marsh, Hamilton, TN 31 Dec (BE); in se. Muhlenberg, KY 3 Jan (BP, RFa); in the floodplain of Bayou de Chien south of Clinton, Hickman, KY 26 Febr (MG); and at the Uni - versity of Tennessee Plant Science Farm, Knox, numbers were generally unimpressive through the season. A male Gadwall x Mallard contin - ued at Somerset, Pulaski, KY to 29 Dec (RD). There were four reports of Surf Scoter: 4 on the Ohio R. at Louisville, KY 1 Dec (EHu, DSt, RFa, et al.); 7 at Old Hickory Lake, Nashville, TN 1 Dec (MMa) with 2 still present the follow - ing day (VS); one at Tom's Creek Boat Ramp, Perry, TN 26 Dec (RSt); one on the Tennessee R. in Hamilton, TN 13-15 Dec (BDr et al.). Only one White-winged Scoter was detected in Ken - tucky: an imm. male on the Ohio R. at Louis- ville 25-29 Feb (ph. BY et al.). In Tennessee, one to 3 were reported from six locations 15 Jan–25 Feb. There were reports of Long-tailed Duck from only one locale: a male on Ken - tucky Lake above the dam 18 Dec (BP, EHu) with perhaps the same bird there 3 & 23 Feb (HC). Several Common Mergansers were on the Levisa Fork above Fishtrap Lake, Pike, KY during the winter season with a peak count of 8 there 6 Jan (SF). In Tennessee, a noteworthy high count of 30 was recorded at the Big Sandy Unit of Tennessee N.W.R., Henry 13-18 Feb (RSt, VS et al.). Elsewhere in the state, one to 8 were reported from five locations 2 Dec–1 Mar. A Red-throated Loon was found at Kentucky Lake, Marshall, KY 18 Dec (†BP, EHu). In Ten - nessee, one or more were present at various lo- cations around J. Percy Priest Lake, Davidson/ Rutherford 24 Dec–14 Feb, and singles were present at Tom's Creek Boat Ramp, Perry 1 Common Ground-Dove previously occurred regularly in Tennessee but has become quite rare over the past 25 years. This individual furnished a state tick for a number of birders participating in the Reelfoot Lake Christmas Bird Count in Lake County 19 December. Photo by © Mike Todd. Two first-cycle Black-legged Kittiwakes were at Pickwick Dam, Hardin County, Tennessee on 30 November. One remained through 21 December (here 1 December). Photo by © Mike Todd. This first-cycle Iceland Gull at Paris Landing State Park, Henry County, Tennessee on 18 February furnished approximately the seventh state record. Photo by © Mike Todd.

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