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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 188 I O WA & M I S S O U R I ings of Prairie Falcon in w. and nw. IA. A Say's Phoebe was noted at Broken Kettle Grasslands, Plymouth, IA 27 Dec (DS); the species also ap - peared in three MO counties, with reports that entailed singles in Dade 11-17 Dec (DB, BB), in Perry 25 Jan–6 Feb (JE), and in Howell 20-28 Feb (DW). There was one report of Loggerhead Shrike in IA, but none in MO. There were 23 reports detailing 25 Northern Shrikes in IA, all scattered over of the northern two-thirds of the state. There was one Northern Shrike found in MO, monitored at Bradford Farm, Boone, MO 6 Dec–26 Jan (GL, KW). One to two Black-billed Magpies were seen at Broken Kettle Grasslands, Plymouth, IA 15-29 Feb (POR, DHa). The 22 Fish Crows found in Dunklin, MO 23 Feb (TJ) made for a high count. In sw. MO, a Fish Crow was at Springfield Lake City Park, Greene, MO 20 Feb (KL). A late Tree Swallow was docu - mented at Stewartsville W.T.P., Clinton, MO 11 Dec (SF) and an early northbound migrant was reported at Binder Lake, Cole, MO 28 Feb (CB). One reported at Riverton W.M.A., Fremont, IA 27 Feb (SJD) represented a record-early spring arrival. There were 15 reports of Red-breasted Nuthatch in IA, mostly from the northern and western portions of the state. The species was scarce in MO, with just single birds reported in seven counties. Rock Wrens staged a mini winter invasion into MO, with one reported 3 Dec–6 Feb from Lakey's Bait Shop at Aldrich, Polk, (LO, DC, PK, CB) and another 23 Jan–20 Feb at Riv - erlands Migratory B.S., St Charles (NC). There were nine reports of Winter Wren in IA, with 22 individuals detected. Sedge Wrens were present in four MO counties, including 11 in Barton 10 Dec (MR) and a single at Eagle Bluffs C.A., Boone 14 Feb (SM). Marsh Wrens are not unexpected during mild winters in MO, demonstrated this season by 5 at Squaw Creek N.W.R., Holt, MO 18 Dec (MR); another was reported 31 Dec–1 Jan at Harrier Marsh W.M.A., Boone, IA (LGD). A Bewick's Wren was reported in Lawrence, MO 21-23 Feb (CB, SM). Townsend's Solitaire was recorded in IA courtesy of one at Hwy. A26, Al - lamakee 3 Dec (JF) and another at Ada Hayden Prairie Park, Story, IA 20 Jan (WO). There were seven reports of Hermit Thrush this winter in IA, resulting in 10 individuals found. Eurasian Tree Sparrow were widely reported in IA along the Mississippi R., where high counts included 64 in Johnson, IA 14 Dec (LGR), 44 in Scott & Clinton 15 Dec (RAS) and 234 in Muscatine & Louisa 21 Dec (GW). American Pipits put in a good showing across MO and appeared in six counties. Reports included 49 found during the Horton-Four Rivers C.A. C.B.C., Vernon 14 Dec (MR, JB); 3 at Eagle Bluffs C.A., Boone 9 Feb (SM); a careful count of 28 at Weldon Springs C.A., St Charles 25 Jan (GS). A winter highlight was the 2 fem./imm. male Pine Grosbeaks that continued from Nov and were reported 3 Dec–13 Feb in East Lawn Cemetery at Sheldon, O'Brien, IA (JDJ, LAS, AB, POR). There were 22 reports of Purple Finch in IA, punctuated by a high of 99 in Clayton 3 Jan (KJM). There were 44 reports of Red Crossbill in IA this winter; the most reliable location was Graceland Park Cem - etery Woodbury, IA where up to 50 were pres- ent 11 Dec–24 Jan (GLV, POR, JDJ). There were also 36 reports of White-winged Crossbill in IA, with high counts of 14 at Davenport, Scott 20 Dec (KJM) and 8 at Sioux City, Woodbury 3 Jan (SJD). Also from IA came 27 reports of Common Redpoll, with high counts of 84 at Jester County Park, Polk 20 Dec (WO) and 30 at Graceland Park Cemetery, Woodbury 2 Jan (GLV). There were 44 reports of Pine Siskin this season with high counts of 32 on 29 Jan and 35 on 26 Feb at East Lawn Cemetery, Sheldon O'Brien, IA (JDJ). LONGSPURS THROUGH FINCHES The highest reported Lapland Longspur total in IA was 2000 east of Lake Park, Dickinson, IA 28 Feb (DAB). Fifty Smith's Longspurs at Neal Smith N.W.R., Jasper, IA 29 Feb (KVS) represented early spring arrivals. Smith's Longspur is rare in e. MO, but that did not stop at least a couple from show - ing up in Dunklin, MO, i.e. one on 15 Jan (TJ) and 2 on 20 Jan (TJ). The largest flock of Snow Buntings encountered in IA numbered 400 near Lime Springs, Howard 30 Jan (LR). An Orange- crowned Warbler was found at Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo, IA 3 Dec (CW). Five MO counties hosted Orange-crowned Warblers, and these reports included one at a private residence in St Louis, MO 9 Jan–14 Feb (GAn) and 4 in Dunklin, MO 4 Feb (TJ). Two Palm Warblers found at Riverlands Migratory B.S., St Charles 3 Dec (BR) made for a nice winter find. Pine Warblers were reported in eight MO counties, mostly in the south and included one notable report outside of the short - leaf pine region: St. Louis 11 Jan (BP). There were only seven reports of Yellow-rumped Warbler in IA, with the highest consisting of 7 in Jackson, IA 18 Dec (KJM) and 7 at Rathbun Lake, Ap - panoose, IA 24 Jan (TNJ). There were multiple Spotted Towhee reports, all detailing singles: at Gelita Gelatin, Woodbury, IA 17 Dec–13 Feb (POR); at a feeder in Phelps, MO 27 Dec–23 Feb (CH); in Miller, MO 5 Jan (CB); in Crane, MO 31 Jan (JS). Chipping Sparrows made an appearance in six s. MO counties, where the species is rare. There was one report of Chipping Sparrow in IA: a single at Greene, Butler, IA 20 Jan (BDB). There was one report of Field Sparrow: one in Clayton, IA 4 Jan (KJM). A Vesper Sparrow was found at Gilbertville, Black Hawk, IA 4 Jan (DGE). Two reports of Savannah Sparrow were logged in IA, and included one at Davenport, Scott, IA 20 Dec (RAS) and one in Decatur, IA 23 Jan (POR). The species was also reported in five n. MO counties, where it is rare. LeConte's Sparrow was reported in 11 MO counties, with one in the north: in Gen - try, MO 10 Dec (AB, BO). A report accompanied by good details detailed a LeConte's Sparrow in Decatur, IA 23 Jan (POR). There were 2 reports of Fox Sparrow in IA, with a high of 5 in Appanoose, IA 14 Dec (RLC). A leucistic female Northern Cardinal, sporting a completely white head, was loyal to feeders in Clay, MO 1 Jan+ (J. Eldrige). The first MO winter record of Lazuli Bunting was notched 31 Jan–1 Feb when one visited a residence in Cape Girardeau, MO (MH). This ob - server also photographed an Indigo Bunting at the same residence 15 Dec. There were 13 Rusty Blackbird reports from 10 IA counties, totaling 66 individuals and in - cluding a high count of 33 at Errington Marsh, Polk 23 Feb (RLC). The IA high count for Brew - er's Blackbird was 3 at Owego Wetland Com- plex, Woodbury 24 Feb (POR). A female Great- tailed Grackle appeared at Livingston Farm, Ringgold, IA 21-23 Jan (JRL, POR). Contributors: IA: Shawn Ashbaugh (SA), Derek Bakken (DAB), Karl Bardon (KB), Fawn Bowdin (FB), Aaron Brees (AB), Mark Brown (MHB), Bruce Burroughs (BDB), Brandon Cas - well (BCC), Raymond L Cummins (RLC), Larry Dau (LGD), Stephen J Dinsmore (SJD), Da - vid Eastman (DGE), Chris R Edwards (CRE), James Forde (JF), Jim Fuller (JLF), Jay Gilliam (JG), Damon Haan (DHa), Doug Harr (DCH), Thomas Johnson (TNJ), Joe Jungers (JDJ), Connor Langan (CL), Sherry Leonardo (SL), Jeffrey Livingston (JRL), Betty Lucas (BVL), Kelly J McKay (KJM), Veronica Mecko (VMM), Francis L Moore (FLM), Gene Murray (GM), Wolfgang Oesterreich (WO), Mark Proescholdt (MP), Larry Reis (LR), Billy Reiter-Marolf (BR), Paul Roisen (POR), Linda Rudolf (LGR), Rich - ard Sayles (RAS), Lee Schoenewe (LAS), David Shealer (DAS), Matt Shurtliff (MS), Dan Smith (DS), Andy Spellman (AS), Mike Stephens (MSt), Vicky Stephens (VSt), Dennis Thompson (DTh), Karen Viste-Sparkman (KVS), Gerald L Von Ehwegen (GLV), Chris West (CW), Gerald White (GW), Peter Wilton (PW). MO: Corey Alger (CA), Gabriel Amrhein (GA), Geoff An - derson (GAn), Chris Barringer (CB), Bruce Beck (BBe), Michael Beck (MB), John Besser (JB), Barbara Blevins (BB), David Blevins (DB), John Bollin (JBo), Aaron Boone (AB), Tom Borman (TB), Diane Brickmont (DB), Charles Burwick (CBu), Nick Carson (NC), Dan Cowell (DCo), Jacob Cooper (JC), Dan Cowell (DC), Stephen Dilks (SD), Joe Eades (JE), David Easterla (DE), Corey Entriken (CE), Rob Francis (RF), Kent Freeman (KF), Gail Gagnon (GG), Andrew Gut - tenberg (AG), Jennifer Hammett (JH), Shari Hardin (SH), Chris Herzog (CH), Brad Jacobs (BJ), Timothy Jones (TJ), Peter Kondrshov (PK),

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