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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 187 Mississippi R. in Clinton and Jackson, IA 17 Dec (KJM); 3750 Common Mergansers at Red Rock Res., Marion, IA 3 Jan (AB); 122 Hooded Mer - gansers at Saylorville Res., Polk, IA 8 Dec (DTh). A Common Goldeneye X Hooded Merganser was seen at Purtle Springs, Johnson, MO 27 Jan (DC). Red-breasted Mergansers made a couple of winter appearances in MO, including 5-13 birds observed at Binder Lake, Cole, MO 1-2 Dec (BJ, EW, LS) and 12 at Higginsville City Lake, Lafayette, MO 20 Feb (EZ, SH). There were 24 reports of the species in IA with a high of 25 at Saylorville Res., Polk, IA 5 Dec–3 Jan (AB). The peak count for Ruddy Duck was just 5 at Cone Marsh, Louisa, IA 29 Feb (CRE). QUAIL THROUGH RAILS There were two reports of Northern Bobwhite in IA: 9 in Ringgold 21 Jan (JRL) and 5 at Mystic, Ap - panoose 13 Feb (TNJ). There were 23 reports of Gray Partridge in IA this season, including a high of 31 at Lime Springs, Howard 30 Jan (LR) and 21 south of Waterloo, Black Hawk 7 Feb (CL). Ring-necked Pheasant reports came in from 11 locations and included a high of 79 in Story, IA 6 Jan (DCH) and 78 at Oswego Wetland Complex, Woodbury, IA 21 Jan–19 Feb (POR, GLV). There was one report of Greater Prairie-Chicken: 19 in Ringgold, IA 21-23 Jan (JRL, POR). There was a high of 7 Horned Grebes at Saylorville Res., Polk, IA 3 Dec (RLC). Eared Grebes once again spent much of the winter at Smithville Lake, Clay, MO with 1-3 seen 5 Dec–17 Jan (MM). A Western Grebe was present at Saylorville Res., Polk, IA 1 Dec (SJD, DTh) with another observed at Smithville Lake, Clay, MO 15-17 Jan (MM). Two well-described White-winged Doves were noted at a private residence in Dunklin, MO 14 Feb (KF). A Ruby-throated Hummingbird was reported in Clay, MO 18 Dec–3 Jan (MM). An Anna's Hummingbird delighted visitors when it visited a private residence in Greene, MO 3 Dec– 18 Jan (PK). A Rufous Hummingbird, banded the previous winter, returned in Nov and con - tinued through 27 Jan at a residence in Cape Gi- rardeau, MO (DM, SM). Two Virginia Rails were reported in Boone, MO 19 Dec (JB). A high count of 2050 American Coot was notched in Dickin - son, IA 12 Dec (JDJ). CRANES THROUGH WOODPECKERS There were an amazing 35 reports of Sandhill Cranes in IA this winter that included high counts of 70 at Pool Slough W.M.A., Allamakee 5 Dec (LR) and 63 in Clinton, IA 17 Dec (KJM). The species was reported in four MO counties, including two new high counts at Squaw Creek N.W.R, Holt: 28 on 15 Dec (JH, ML) and 30 on 18 Dec (MR). Dunlin were present in Dunklin, MO on three occasions: 8 on 15 Dec, 8 on 15 Jan, and 47 on 18 Jan (TJ). Least Sandpipers were reported in four MO counties, including new high counts in Dunklin, MO of 100 on 5 Dec and 85 on 18 Jan. (TJ). Northbound Pec - toral Sandpipers put in a late-period appear- ance when 5 were noted at Otter Slough C.A., Stoddard, MO 27 Feb (CB, BB, SD). A stagger - ing number of Long-billed Dowitchers were re- ported in Dunklin, MO, with 100 in one location, while another site hosted 226 on 5 Dec and 350 on 8 Dec (TJ). A juv. Black-legged Kittiwake was reported at Saylorville Res., Polk IA 24-29 Dec (SJD, AB, SA, PW). Two late Bonaparte's Gulls were noted at Riverlands Migratory B.S., St Charles, MO 12 Dec (BR), an additional 2 were at Blackhawk Bottoms W.M.A. in Des Moines, IA 4 Dec (JLF). Two first-cycle Franklin's Gulls were feeding at the Maryville Sewage Lagoons, Nod - away, MO 1-4 Dec (DE). There were four reports of Thayer's Gull in MO, along with seven reports in IA; five reports of Iceland Gull were logged in IA and another was at Longview Lake, Jack - son, MO 23 Jan (EM). There were five reports of Lesser Black-backed Gull in MO, with an ad - ditional 11 reports in IA. Observers combined for four reports of Glaucous Gull in MO and another four in IA. An ad. Great Black-backed Gull was a rare find away from the Mississippi R. at Red Rock Res., Marion, IA 28 Feb (POR, RIA, PHA). There were two sightings of Forster's Tern, both of singles: at Riverlands Migratory B.S., St Charles, MO 10-11 Dec (PK, AS, WW, DB) and in Dunklin, MO 15 Dec (TJ). There were two reports of Red-throated Loon in IA: one at Red Rock Res Marion 11 Dec (JF) and one at Say - lorville Res., Polk (SJD). A Pacific Loon was seen on two separate occasions at Smithville Lake, Clay, MO: 6 Dec (CH, MR) and 16 Jan (LO, MN, MM). Common Loons were observed at Stock - ton Lake, Cedar, MO on two occasions, with 32 seen 8 Dec (BB, DB) and 13 found 13 Feb (DB). An additional four Common Loon reports came in from IA: 2 at Lake McBride S.P., Johnson 5 Dec (MHB); 2-3 at Saylorville Res., Polk 5-16 Dec (AB, RLC, DTh); 3 at Red Rock Res., Marion, IA 5 Dec (MP); and 3 at Spirit Lake, Dickinson 6 Dec (LAS). There were 38 reports of Double-crested Cormorant in IA during Dec–Jan that included high counts of 21 at Saylorville Res., Polk 5 Dec (AB) and 12 at Port Louisa N.W.R., Louisa 28 Feb (GM). An impressive 108 reports of Ameri - can White Pelican were notched in IA through the period, with most below the dams at Say - lorville Res., Polk, IA and Red Rock Res., Marion, IA. High counts included 365 at Red Rock Res. 19 Dec (AB), 350 there 23 Jan (AS), and 210 at Saylorville 30 Jan (AB). A few Great Egrets were present in MO, in - cluding a new winter high count supplied by 1-3 at Squaw Creek N.W.R., Holt 2-24 Dec (JH) and 1-3 at Riverlands Migratory B.S., St Charles 1-16 Dec (SM, DM). A Cattle Egret was I O WA & M I S S O U R I documented at Squaw Creek N.W.R., Holt, MO 16 Jan (DS). There was one report of a Black- crowned Nigh-Heron: Jordan Creek Mall at Des Moines, Polk, IA 12 Dec (Art Check, fide SJD). Black Vulture is considered an accidental visi - tor to the Region outside of s. MO. Therefore, a Black Vulture that showed up a couple of times around St. Louis, St Louis, MO was notable, as was one that made a first-ever appearance on the St. Louis area C.B.C. at Weldon Springs C.A., St Charles, MO 20 Dec (BR), seen again 22 Feb (BR). An additional 5 were in the vicinity of De - fiance, St Charles, MO 6 Feb (GG). There were 39 reports of Turkey Vulture in IA this winter, far more than usual at this season. Included in these were three reports in Dec, two in Jan, and the rest in Feb. The Feb reports included high counts of 6 at Cedar Lake, Linn, IA 20 Feb (BCC) an 17 in Linn, IA 26 Feb (BR). Osprey, a rare winter visitor in MO, was seen on two occasions: 7 & 11 Dec in Christian, MO (AL). High counts of Bald Eagle in IA included 208 in Louisa 10 Jan (KJM), 178 in Marion 17 Jan (AB), and 833 at Red Rock Res., Marion 21 Feb (SJD). There were two reports of Northern Goshawk in IA, includ - ing with one at Kellerton Bird C.A., Ringgold 11 Jan (VMM) and another in O'Brien 13 Feb (JDJ). A Swainson's Hawk put in a first winter appear - ance at Clarence Cannon N.W.R. Pike, MO 12 Dec (RM, CA). There were 33 reports of Rough- legged Hawk in IA, totaling 45 individuals. The seventh winter record of Ferruginous Hawk was secured at Shawnee Trails State C.A., Pike, MO 6 Feb (MR, JBo). There were six reports of Golden Eagle scattered across IA, and Golden Eagle was also reported in seven MO counties across the three winter months. An ad. female Snowy Owl found its way to sewage lagoons when it was recorded during the Maryville C.B.C., Nodaway, MO 15 Dec (DE). There were 22 reports of primarily single Snowy Owls scattered across IA, including a high of 3 in Kossuth, IA 18 Jan (LR). There were seven reports of Northern Saw-whet Owl in IA that included a high of 1-2 at Moorehead Pio - neer Park, Ida 22 Jan–29 Feb (POR, DHa, SL). The season high for Red-headed Woodpecker in IA was 35 in Clinton & Scott, IA 15 Dec (KJM). FALCONS THROUGH WAXWINGS A total of 23 Merlins were reported from 13 counties in IA, including a high of 3 in Fremont, IA 20 Feb (POR). The IA reports included 4 as - signed to the subspecies columbarius and 3 to the subspecies richardsonii. In MO, the highest Mer - lin total was 4 in Dade, MO 23 Jan (SM, DM). IA and MO each racked up six reports of Peregrine Falcon during the period. A pair of Peregrines was also seen several times at the campus of the University of Washington School of Medicine, St Louis City, MO (KM). There were three sight -

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