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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 185 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S John W. Hockema, Gerald Hoekstra, Sandy Hokanson (SH), Kris Horton (KH), Ken Hupila (KHu), Scott Hutchings (SHu), Dan Jackson, Robert B. Janssen, Paul E. Jantscher, Scott Jen - nex, Margaret Jewett, Brad Johnson, John Jonas (JJ), Jeanie M. Joppru (JMJ), Jerome Jourdan (JeJ), Agnes Karas, Else Karlsen, Julie Katt (JK), Bob Kemp, Don O. Kienholz (DOK), Kevin Kincare, Dean Kleinhans (DKl), Randall Kling, Steve Kolbe, Jan & Larry Kraemer (JLK), Dave Kronlokken (DK), Joseph Kurtz (JKu), Tony Lau, Joseph Lautenbach (JL), James W. Lind (JWL), Kathleen Macaulay, Michael J. Majeski (MJM), Thomas P. Malone, Carl & Judi Man - ning (CJM), Glen & Regina Martin (GRM), Jamie McBride (JMB), John McCoy (JMC), Marlene McMillan (MMM), Mark Moerdyk (MM), Bruce Munson (BM), Bryan Murdock (BrM), April Narcisse, Elliot Nelson, Clinton Nienhaus, Marc North, Steve Oakley, Philip Odum, Beth Olson, Karl Overman, Jim Peter - son, Chris Petherick, Tom Pflieger (TPf), Doug- las L. Pierzina, Aidan Place, Tom Prestby (TP), Scott Puchalski, Kelly D. Raymond (KDR), Paul Regnier, John P. Richardson (JPR), Kim Risen (KR), Jennifer Rothe (JR), Robert P. Rus - sell, Cassie Sajkowski (CSa), Ken Sapkowski (KS), Joe Schaufenbuel, Al Schendlinger (AS), Chace Scholten (CS), Carol Schulenberg (CaS), Linda Scribner, Gregg Severson, Steve Skrams - tad, Andrew D. Smith (ADS), Kevin D. Smith (KDS), Joe Soehnel (JS), Jeff Stacey (JSt), Peder H. Svingen, Louis Taccolini (LT), Dan A. Tall - man (DAT), Debbie Tasa (DT), Steve Thiessen, Lynette Thonne (LTh), Keith Tollenaere, Valo - rie Troesch, Mary Trombley, Alice Van Zoeren (AVZ), Jonathan Vande Kopple (JVK), Mike Wanger (MWa), Linda Watson, Kristin Wegner, Steve Weston, Warren Whaley, Bob Williams, Max Witynski (MW), Mark Wloch (MWl), Thomas Wood, Julie W. Zempel, and Roy Zim - merman. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Adam M. Byrne • Jan (KH), and Huron 12 Jan+ (JMC). MN's only Rose-breasted Grosbeak was a female in Sher - burne 21-26 Dec (DT, DKl). A surprising find was a Dickcissel at a feeder in Oakland, MI 17-22 Feb (JSt). An Indigo Bunting in St. Louis 2 Jan (LE) constituted MN's first winter record. Balti - more Orioles in WI lingered to 15 Dec in Vernon (LW) and 29 Dec in Columbia (MMM). An ad. male Baltimore Oriole was in Winona, MN 24 Dec (fide DB), and MI was home to another in Manistee 14-22 Dec (KK). Mul - tiple Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches graced both MN and WI. In MN, one was pres - ent in Cook (fide BW, HHD, RBJ) and anoth- er was in St. Louis 26 Jan (KHu). WI's fourth and fifth Gray-crowned Rosy-finches were in Polk 9-10 Dec (AH) and Clark 21 Dec–29 Jan (GRM), respectively. Unusually far s. was a Pine Grosbeak in Rice, MN 19-21 Dec (DAB, GH, DAT, KDS). Crossbills were reported in mod - erate numbers, with Reds more common than White-wingeds. Notably far south were 2 Red Crossbills in Kent, MI 8-13 Feb (SHu, m.ob.). Common Redpolls were widespread in MN and WI; in MI they were less common and more northerly in distribution. Hoary Redpolls were found in all three states; MI had reports from five counties, while WI and MN had sightings in eight and 20 counties, respectively. Evening Grosbeaks were present across the northern portion of the Region. Four Eurasian Tree Spar - rows were found in se. WI during Dec and Jan. Contributors (subregional editors in bold - face): Brad Abendroth (BA), Brandon Aho (BAh), Brian Allen, Nick Anich, Steve Bach - man, Keith Bailey, Benjamin Baldwin (BBa), Dave A. Bartkey (DAB), Patrick B. Beauzay (PBB), Andy Beim (AB), Jill Beim (JBe), Ded - rick Benz (DB), Gail Berner (GB), Beko Binder (BBi), Milt J. Blomberg, Robert Bochenek (RB), Tom F. Boevers, Brad Bolduan (BB), Dale Bonk (DBo), Ryan Brady (RBr), John Brenneman (JB), David M. Brislance (DMB), Conny M. Brunell, Paul E. Budde (PEB), Gail Buhl (GBu), Barb Burnett (BBu), Adam M. Byrne (AMB), Judith Caldwell, Michael Degerstrom, Herb H. Ding - mann, Robert Domagalski (RDo), Eric Domu- rat, Robert M. Dunlap (RMD), Ryan Dziedzik (RD), Benjamin Eckhoff, Laura Erickson, Roger Eriksson (RE), Ronald A. Erpelding (RAE), Bruce A. Fall, James Fox, Randy S. Frederick - son, Carol Goodman, Leonard Graf, Stephen R. Greenfield, John Grossa, Lyle Hamilton, Nancy Hansen, Allen Hanson (AH), Cindy Harmeyer, Thomas Heatley, Anthony X. Hertzel (AXH), was photographed in Kalamazoo, MI 5-6 Jan (JB). Varied Thrushes were found in all three states. MN birders found Gray Catbirds in Polk 20 Dec (fide JMJ) and Olmsted 2 Jan (SH), while at least 6 catbirds were reported in five MI counties. Brown Thrashers overwintered in MN's Hennepin and Itasca, and possibly in Le Sueur and Dakota, while one also visited a feed - er in Leelanau, MI 10-30 Jan (LG). WI's lone Northern Mockingbird wintered in Dane, while MI ended up with reports from seven south - ern counties. Some hardy American Pipits were found in MI, i.e. one on 3 Jan (ED, BAh) and 2 on 5 Feb (TH) in Macomb; an additional 2 were found in Wayne 16-24 Jan (JKu, m.ob.). An above-average number of warblers lin - gered this season. Record late in MN was an Ovenbird in Hennepin 12 Jan (AS, SRG) and a Northern Parula in Anoka 4-17 Dec (SS). WI birders found Ovenbirds in Manitowac 21 Dec (RDo) and Milwaukee 13 Jan (CSa), plus a record-late Nashville Warbler in Dane 22- 23 Dec (DBo). MI hosted an Orange-crowned Warbler in Chippewa 13 Dec (JL), Common Yellowthroats in three counties, Pine Warblers in Ottawa 5-31 Dec (CJM) and Washtenaw 19- 20 Dec (CG), a Black-throated Gray Warbler in Menominee 1 Dec–12 Jan (LTh, m.ob.), and a Yellow-breasted Chat in Marquette 19-23 Dec (BO, m.ob.). MN's only Chipping Sparrow took up residence in Dakota 4-26 Jan (BAF), while MI reports came in from five counties. Savan - nah Sparrows were found in MN's Lake 20 Dec (JPR, CN, DOK) and Carver 18 Jan (JWZ), with additional reports in Fillmore, Goodhue, and Wright. Undoubtedly the same visitor from last winter, a Golden-crowned Sparrow returned to a feeding station in St. Louis, MN in Oct, but was only sporadically reported during the win - ter from 2 Jan+ (PHS, m.ob.). MI also hosted a Golden-crowned Sparrow, courtesy of an individual in Wayne 5 Dec+ that also shared a feeding station with a Harris's Sparrow 27 Dec+ (JeJ). Additional lingering sparrows in MI in - cluded a Vesper Sparrow in Kalamazoo 12 Jan+ (WW) and Lincoln's Sparrow in Wayne 7-9 Jan (KO, RB). Unusual were two very northerly Swamp Sparrows in nw. WI: one in Bayfield 16 Jan–11 Feb (RBr) and the other in Ashland 24 Jan (NA). Well north of the species' normal winter range were Eastern Towhees in MI's Up - per Peninsula counties of Gogebic, Marquette, and Keweenaw. All three states reported Summer Tanagers. MI was home to singles in Dickinson 4-18 Dec (m.ob.) and Genesee 22 Dec–10 Jan (BBu). WI also had females in Racine 10 Dec–3 Feb (KW) and Ozaukee 1-4 Jan (CH), while MN hosted a female in Ramsey 5-6 Dec (GBu, BJ). Rose- breasted Grosbeaks in MI appeared in Mason 6 Dec (JC), Isabella 23-31 Dec (JG), Otsego 1-13 This first-cycle Ivory Gull at the Canal Park section of Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota entertained hundreds of observers during its three-and-a-half week stay in January (here 22). Photo by © Peder H. Svingen.

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