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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 184 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S of 24 Thayer's Gulls in St. Louis 12 Dec (PHS). WI hosted the only Slaty-backed Gulls, ads. in Jefferson 6 Jan–6 Feb (TW) and Milwaukee 15 Jan–11 Feb (MWa). A White-winged Dove in Ozaukee 16 Jan (CaS) represented just the second winter re - cord for WI. A lone Barn Owl revisited a site in La Crosse, WI 21 Feb (DJ, SP) where one was also found the previous year. All three states experienced another strong Snowy Owl influx that began during fall, but numbers were low - er than in previous years. The only Northern Hawk and Great Gray owls were reported in MN. WI's Lewis's Woodpecker in Trempealeau continued from fall to at least 6 Feb; Ameri - can Three-toed Woodpeckers were detected in Lake and Lake of the Woods, MN. Gyrfalcons were found in all three states. Up to 3 birds were reported in Douglas, WI after 29 Dec (KR), at least 2 of which were also reported in St. Louis, MN 24 Jan–28 Feb (JPR, PHS). WI added another Gyrfalcon in Door 20 Dec (TPf), while MI's only report was of a white morph in Houghton 26 Feb (VT). PASSERINES Late Eastern Phoebes were in MI's Macomb 12 Dec (BAh) and Washtenaw 15 Jan (EN). A late White-eyed Vireo was in Dane, WI 18 Dec (EK). MI hosted 2 White-eyed Vireos: in Kent 14 Dec–1 Jan (MM, m.ob.) and in Isabella 26 Dec–1 Jan (KT, m.ob.). Fish Crows continued at the landfill in Berrien, MI. Late Tree Swal - lows were last reported in Monroe, MI 26 Dec (AMB). Winter Wrens overwintered in MN's Houston and Hennepin, and Carolina Wrens were discovered in Hennepin 13 Feb (AN) and Ramsey to at least 13 Jan (SB). The season's only Marsh Wrens, all in MI, were detected in Ma - comb (BAh) and Monroe (RB, KO), and a very late Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was found in Hu - ron 17 Dec (PO). The season's only Mountain Bluebird was a female in Lac qui Parle, MN 22 & 30 Jan (DLP). MI's only Townsend's Solitaire was in Marquette 24 Jan (LT), while WI and MN birders reported the species in three and nine counties, respectively. A Swainson's Thrush Feb (JK, m.ob.). An extremely late migrant Sora was detected in Hennepin, MN 10 Dec (GS). Scattered Sandhill Crane reports emerged from s. MN through mid-Dec, followed by a late pair in Sherburne 31 Jan (AB, JBe). Early north - bound migrants were noted in Wabasha 26 Feb (DB), Olmsted 27 Feb (MD), Fillmore and Good - hue 28 Feb. Sandhills winter in good numbers across s. MI, but this winter saw many totals in the 100s and a peak of 2285 in Saginaw 8 Dec (JS). MI enjoyed a disproportionate num - ber of late shorebirds, including an American Golden-Plover in Eaton 1 Dec (MN), Dunlin in Saginaw 8-22 Dec (RE, RD) and Mason 22 Dec (MWl), and a Least Sandpiper in Washtenaw 27 Dec (MJ). The only Red Phalarope was record late in Bayfield, WI 16-17 Dec (NA). JAEGERS THROUGH FALCONS A Parasitic Jaeger buzzed a beach in Berrien, MI 21 Dec (CS), where individual Black-legged Kittiwakes were also reported on 2 (CS) & 6 Dec (WW). MN birders found 2 first-cycle kit - tiwakes in St. Louis 16-18 Jan (SK, PHS, JWL, m.ob.), one of which lingered to 23 Jan (AC, PHS). It is likely that these individuals were also responsible for sightings in St. Louis 10- 12 Feb (TPM, BM, JPR, AP) and Lake 15 Feb (BBi, KB, JWL, m.ob.). WI also checked in with a Black-legged Kittiwake in Brown 17 Dec (TP). Late Franklin's Gulls were in Dakota/Goodhue, MN 5-7 Dec (ADS, KDS) and Berrien, MI 5-6 Dec. California Gulls included a first-cycle individual that lingered from fall to 6 Dec in Douglas, WI (PHS, JLK); an ad. in Berrien, MI from fall to 6 Dec (m.ob.); a first-cycle in St. Louis, MN 6 Dec (JLK). MN checked in with a record-high count Barrow's Goldeneye hybrid in St. Louis 24 Jan, and Common Goldeneye x Hooded Merganser hybrids in Wabasha 16 & 23 Jan and Goodhue 23 Jan (PEJ). Red-throated Loons were reported in seven MI counties, including one in Monroe 24 Jan (AMB), where rare. Unusual for winter, a Pa - cific Loon was found in St. Louis, MN 17-19 Dec (JLK), while WI was home to 3 Pacific Loons in three counties 10-21 Dec. In MN, Common Loons were well distributed through mid-Dec, and one wintered in Benton/Stearns. Late were 2 Horned Grebes in Lake 4 Jan (JWL) and one in Rice 22 Dec (TFB), though num - bers in MI were much reduced when compared to recent winters. WI's 3 Red-necked Grebes came from two inland counties, while MI re - ports were submitted from only five counties. MI had single Eared Grebes in Muskegon 5-11 Dec (JVK, m.ob.), Monroe 26 Dec (KO, JF, SJ, MT, LH), and Ottawa 27 Dec (GB, AK), while one lingered in Hennepin, MN 1-27 Dec (JMB, CMB, m.ob.). Western Grebes were found in Dane, WI 3 Dec (ST), Door, WI 22 Jan (PR), and Leelanau, MI (AVZ, m.ob.). A record-late Clark's Grebe was found stranded on a roadside in Lake 7 Dec (NH); MN's prior record late date was 4 Oct 1996! Other notable, late records for MN were Double-crested Cormorants in St. Louis 21 Dec (PHS) and Douglas 24 Dec (MJB), an American Bittern in Steele 1-5 Jan (KDR, PEB), up to 2 Great Egrets in Houston 3-12 Dec (PEJ, DB, RAE, GH, JR), a Green Heron in Anoka 17 Dec (JJ), and a Black-crowned Night- Heron in Kandiyohi 19 Dec (RSF). Noteworthy in MI was a Plegadis ibis from Fall that lingered to 22 Dec in Saginaw (RE). Late Ospreys were reported from Olmsted, MN 1 (MJM) & 7 Dec (JWH) and Sauk, WI 22 Dec (MW). Hardy Virginia Rails were found in MI; in Kalamazoo 19 Dec (JB) and Kent 17-27 SA First discovered 1 January, a first-cycle Ivory Gull entertained visitors at Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota for most of the month (JLK, m.ob.). Sadly, it was last seen on 25 January in an apparently weak and sickened state. Two additional Ivory Gulls were found in neighboring Wisconsin, both discovered under extraordinary circumstances. Word of the first record surfaced when cell phone images of a gull carcass in Douglas 5 Jan (BrM) were identified and the specimen then collected 6 January (LE) and reposited at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. The second individual was discov- ered when an odd gull was observed feeding on hog scraps at a home in upland woods in Bayfield 17 Feb (BBa). As it turns out, this individual had been seen at a nearby lake by ice fisherman 7 February, ate fish scraps at another nearby inland home 12 February, and later stole bait out of an ice fishing shack 21 February. One of 2 first-cycle Black-legged Kittiwakes at the Canal Park section of Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota during 16-18 (here 17) January. At least one of the gulls remained through 23 January, and probably returned to Canal Park again during 10-12 February. Photo by © Peder H. Svingen.

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