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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 182 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A Indiana and eclipsing the latest previous state record (30 Sep) by 83 days! Contributors cited (subregional editors in boldface): Brian & Kate Abrell, Shanin Abreu, Mary Jo Adams, Annie Aguirre, Andrew S. Al - drich, Edward A. Anderson, Bob Andrini, Amar A. Ayyash, Steven D. Bailey, Lawrence G. Balch, Tara Bauman, Richard A. Biss, Don Blecha, H. David Bohlen, Jonathan Bontrager, Lyndon Borkholder, Ron Bradley, Ryan Brady (RBy), Russ Brink (RuB), Kenneth J. Brock (Indiana), Joan C. Bruchman, Bob Carper (BCa), John K. Cassady, Betty Charnes, Gordon L. Chastain, Dan Collins, Christopher L. Cudworth, Mat - thew Cvetas, Carl & Pen Daubach, Bob Decker, Mark Derloshon, Charlie Deutsch (ChD), Chel - sea DeVivo (CDe), Colin Dobson, Phil Don- check, Daniel Eastman, Tim Enbring, Joshua I. Engel, Peter Fenner, Allee Forsberg, Matthew E. Fraker, Tyler D. Funk, Allen Gathman, Urs W. Geiser, Katrina Gilbank, Andy Gilbert (AGt), Allisyn-Marie Gillet, Bruce Glick, Don Gorney, Chris Goulart, Russ Goulding, Geoffrey Groom, Judy Groskind, Brendan J. Grube, Peter B. Gru - be, Robert Guth, Eric D. Gyllenhaal, Ethan Gyl- lenhaal, Mark Haas, John & Elaine Harley, C. Leroy Harrison, Elizabeth Hart, Don Hartzler, Ted Hartzler, James A. Haw, Caleb Hawley, Kyle Hawley, Tyler Hedlund (THd), Jed B. Hertz, Bri - an Hochstetler (BrH), Wayne Hochstetler, Amy Hodson, Jennifer Hoffman, Danny Hofstadter (DHo), Frank R. Holmes, Edward M. Hopkins, Carl Huffman (CHu), Robert D. Hughes, Bob Huguenard, Gary J. Jahnke, Doug Johnstone, Marty Jones, Matt Kalwasinski, Dan M. Kasse - baum, Todd Katz (TKz), Amy Kearns, Martin H. Kehoe, Vernon M. Kleen, Leanna Kuhns, Corey Lange (CLa), Dallas Levey, Stephen L. Lima, John & Karen Lindsey, Craig Litteken, Ju - lie Long, Brian Lowry, Mabel Lux (MLx), Mike A. Madsen, Walter J. Marcisz, Jeffrey J. Mc - ted Towhees were seen at the same site 25 Jan (BD), the last date the species was reported. A record 52 Chipping Sparrows were reported in Indiana. Ac - cording to H. David Bohlen, Chipping Sparrows are "increasing in Sangamon, IL in winter." Indeed, they are surely increasing throughout the Region as they were reported from 29 different counties for the season. A Lark Spar - row was an unusual surprise at Carlyle 5 Dec (ph. CH, KH) and another was photographed at a Grant feeder 12 Feb (JV) providing Indiana's third winter record. Fox Sparrows were unusually common in Indiana, exemplified by counts of 12 at Porter West Preserve, Bloomington, Monroe (VWW) and at India - napolis (AR), both on 24 Dec. Four Harris's Sparrows were noted in the Region: at Com - lara Park, McLean, IL 19 Dec-7 Jan (MJA, SA, MJW, TH), near Murphysboro, Jackson, IL 1 Jan (CDe, DDM), a first-cycle at a Vanderburgh, IN feeder 3 Jan-21 Feb (DC, AH), and at Horseshoe 28 Feb (ph. FRH). Wintering Ves - per Sparrows included one at Crab Orchard N.W.R., Williamson, IL 22 Dec (DDM), two in Monroe, IL 1 Jan (KAM), one in Vermillion, IN 2 Jan (MJ), and one at Sexton Creek wetlands, Alexander, IL 28 Jan (MH). A fem. Scarlet Tanager was photographed in Goshen, Elkhart 2-7 Dec (J&EH et al.) pro - viding Indiana's second winter record. A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was at Urbana's Busey Woods, Champaign, IL 12 Dec (THd), a first- cycle male was photographed at a Zionsville, Boone, IN feeder 1-4 Jan (BR), and one visited a feeder near Canaan, Jefferson, IN 3 Jan (RuB). At a Kosciusko, IN feeder, a fem. Dickcissel with a possible injured leg accompanied House Sparrows 16 Dec – 11 Feb (DS et al.). Small numbers of Western Meadowlarks winter in s. Illinois and even smaller numbers overwinter in Indiana. The 16 at Carlyle 10 Jan were notewor - thy (DMK) as was a singing bird in Orange 1 Feb (AK), representing only the tenth Feb record for Indi - ana. Five Yellow-headed Blackbirds were reported in the Region: a male in Marion, IL 3 Jan (DMK), a basic- plumaged male photographed at a feeder in Pike, IN 22 Jan (B&KA), one at Chautauqua N.W.R., Mason, IL 28 Jan-8 Feb (SDB, PAM, m.ob.), an ad. male in Gibson, IN 30 Jan (BH), and one in St. Clair, IL 20 Feb (CD, TW). An ad. male Orchard Ori - ole was discovered at a Logansport, Cass feeder 22 Dec (LN, ER, AR) furnishing a first winter record for were reported. A Nashville Warbler was in DuPage, IL 19 Dec (DL, PS) and the total of 6 Common Yellowthroats reported included one at Olive Park, Cook, IL 4 Dec (JIE), one at Goshen, Elkhart, IN 8-9 Dec (AA, BG, RG), a single in Dearborn, IN 19 Dec (BW), one at Arcola Marsh, Douglas, IL 22 Dec (EG), a solo bird at Springfield, Sangamon, IL 2 Jan (HDB), and one seen at Mermet Lake, Massac, IL 23 Feb which likely overwintered (JG). An ad. male Cape May Warbler, Indiana's eighth for Jan, was photographed at a Wayne suet feeder 17 Jan (KG) and remained through 28 Jan. A Northern Parula originally found 19 Nov in Bendix Park, South Bend, was discovered at the same location 15 Dec (AF), furnishing Indiana's second Dec record. At Eagle Creek, a Magnolia Warbler was photographed 20 Dec (JB), documenting Indiana's first winter record. An incredible 15 Palm Warblers were reported across the Region including one at Rend 10 Dec (DDM), one at Montrose 15-31 Dec (ASA, m.ob.) one in Putnam, IL 7 Dec (DH, TH), two at Tern Bar Slough, Gibson, IN 22 Dec (AK), one in Massac, IL 30 Dec (TWf), another in Murphysboro, Jackson, IL 1 Jan (TWf) and a bird originally found at the Harrison, IN Post Office 25 Jan (CR) that re - mained through at least 18 Feb (ERa), provid- ing Indiana's third Feb record. The 64 Yellow- rumped Warblers tallied in Dearborn, IN 15 Feb (BD) furnished Indiana's second largest winter count. A Wilson's Warbler was found in Springfield, Sangamon, IL 4 Dec (HDB). Illinois's 5 th Green-tailed Towhee graced a backyard feeder in Valmeyer, Monroe 13 Dec through the end of the period (ph. TE, *ph. C&PD) while another found at Tern Bar Slough, Gibson, IN in the fall, was relocated 5 Dec (ph. DG, EMH) and remained through the period. At the DePauw Nature Park, Put - nam, IN, a male Spotted Towhee was found and photographed 12 Jan (CHu). This bird was seen by many and, amazingly, two Spot - A female Varied Thrush visited a St. Charles, Kane County, Illinois backyard feeding station 27 November through 4 December, (pictured here on 30 Nov), then surprisingly showed up one last time 17 December. Photo by © Rich Miller. Continuing from late fall at Tern Bar Slough in Gibson County, Indiana's fourth Green-tailed Towhee was re-found 5 December and enjoyed by many through the end of the season, as pictured here 1 Feb. Photo by © Evan Speck.

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