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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 181 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A Chicago 15 Feb via Great Backyard Bird Count submission. There were 11 Gray Catbirds re - ported in the Region. Purple Finches were widespread and in bet - ter than average numbers across the Region. High counts included 35 in Perry, IN 14 Feb (DT) and 34 at Green River S.W.A., Lee, IL 22 Dec (AM, KJM). There were only four reports from Illinois and one report from Indiana of Red Crossbills. There were only two reports of White-winged Crossbill: a singleton at Illinois Beach S.P., Lake, IL 5 Dec (CAT) and 5 birds in Marion, IN on 13 Feb (BC). An excellent tally of 102 Common Redpolls occurred at the Chi - cago Botanic Garden, Cook, IL 20 Dec (EG). An amazing count of 240 Pine Siskins was made at Clinton Lake, DeWitt, IL 30 Dec (CLW, GAW). There were only two reports of Evening Gros - beaks: a female in Forreston, Ogle, IL 8 Dec (ph. AS) and 2 birds just n. of Martinsville, Morgan, IN 14 Feb (fide DJ). A maximum count of 2000 Lapland Long - spurs at Carlyle 17 Jan (WCR) was noteworthy as were the 225 Snow Buntings in Ogle, IL 9 Feb (DTW). WARBLERS THROUGH ORIOLES Twelve warbler species were recorded this season, a total almost certainly unprecedented for the Region. An Ovenbird was in DuPage, IL 1-9 Dec (ph. UWG), a Northern Water - thrush was at Chicago's Douglas Park, Cook 20 Dec (EDG) and another was at Chicago's Lincoln Park, Cook 1 Jan (LGM). A Black-and- white Warbler observed in an Elkhart back - yard 2 Jan (M&SS) provided Indiana's first Jan and fourth winter record. An amazing total of more than 25 Orange-crowned Warblers 7-8 Dec was tardy to depart (RB). An excellent count of 15 Red-breasted Nuthatches at Morton Arboretum, DuPage, IL 9 Jan (WS) was note - worthy in a non-irruption year. Record num- bers of Brown Creepers were reported in Indi- ana, exemplified by the record high count of 20 in Tippecanoe 19 Dec (JSk). Illinois checked in with five House Wren reports, highlighted by 2 in Morgan 22 Dec (CD, TW) and 2 in Jackson 31 Dec–1 Jan (KJM, TWf). A new daily high count of Winter Wrens was established in In - diana with 7 tallied on Tow Path Rd., Warrick 10 Dec (JM). A Sedge Wren lingered at Prairie Ridge State N.A., Jasper, IL 21 Dec (CLH, RES). Two Marsh Wrens at Horseshoe 17 Feb likely overwintered (CG). Eight other Marsh Wrens were reported in the Region. Indiana's fourth- latest Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was photographed at Eagle Creek 13 Dec (JB). An unprecedented number of 118 Ruby-crowned Kinglets were reported in Indiana for the period. Two Townsend's Solitaires were encoun - tered this season. One that arrived in Nov at the West Beach-Ogden Dunes area, Porter, IN remained through 5 Feb, (MAT, CN et al.) while the other was at Braidwood Lake, Will, IL 14-21 Jan (ph. JBH, *ph. DB, m.ob.). A fe - male Varied Thrush was at St. Charles, Kane, IL 27 Nov–4 Dec and again 17 Dec (BA, CLC, JL, ph. MM) while a male was photographed at FALCONS THROUGH LONGSPURS Merlin put in a very good showing, recorded in 52 counties within the Region; the high count was 4 at Seven Hickory, Coles, IL 23 Feb (TDF, RB). A Gyrfalcon near Lexington, McLean, IL 4-6 Feb was a good find (*ph. MLx, *EH, WH, ST). For the fifth consecutive year, 1-2 Prairie Falcons frequented the agricultural fields of Coles, IL 8 Nov+ (*ph. TDF, ph. RB, m. ob.). Another Prairie Falcon was at Prairie Ridge State N.A., Marion, IL 1-3 & 19 Jan (*ph. CLH, *ph. TDF). Illinois' latest Least Flycatcher was in Spring - field 5-9 Dec (ph. HDB). Eastern Phoebes were reported from 30 counties in the Region with 4 at Oakwood Bottoms, Jackson, IL 29 Jan (DDM), 4 at Sexton Creek wetlands, Alexan - der, IL 30 Jan (AG), and 3 in Orange, IN 28 Feb (J&KL) the largest tallies. Loggerhead Shrikes continue to decline; they were reported from only nine Illinois counties and a single bird, photographed at Chinook Mine, Clay on Christmas day (SLL) and remaining through the end of the period, was Indiana's only re - port. On the contrary, Northern Shrikes were reported in 20 Illinois and 10 Indiana coun - ties. A White-eyed Vireo found at Indianapo- lis 4 Jan (GLC) represented Indiana's first Jan record. Five Fish Crows at Carbondale, Jackson 18 Feb (JT) represented an Illinois winter high count, though since the majority of the Fish Crows that were reported were from February, it's quite possible that these represented early spring arrivals. Late Tree Swallows included a bird at Sang - chris Lake, Sangamon, IL 3 Dec (HDB) and a single bird in Woodford, IL 25 Dec (PF). Ten Tree Swallows at Patoka River N.W.R., Pike, IN 5 Feb were very early (JR). A Northern Rough- winged Swallow at Lake Charleston, Coles, IL Having made the rounds in Illinois, this adult Slaty- backed Gull was subsequently found at the Port of Indiana 20 February, providing Indiana'a fourth record. Photo by © John K. Cassady This intriguing gull, found and photographed at Whiting Refinery Beach, Lake County, Indiana on 27 February, sports plumage aspects suggestive of a Great Black-backed X Glaucous Gull. Photos by © John K. Cassady.

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