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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 180 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A Gull seen at the Arsenal Road location, Will, IL 15 Feb (ph. AAA), an incredible 3 Great Black- backed x Herring Gulls at Lake Calumet, Cook, 28 Jan –18 Feb (WJM), and a first-cycle bird at Whiting Refinery Beach, Lake, IN 27 Feb that was thought to be a Glaucous X Great Black- backed Gull (KJB, ph. JKC, MK, LV et al.). Eight Forster's Terns at Rend 12 Dec (KAM) comprised the largest group among four re - ports from Illinois. LOONS THROUGH OWLS Good numbers of Red-throated Loons were seen along the Lake Michigan lakefront, in - cluding the high for the season at Dunes 23 Feb when 53 passed by (BJG), and an Illinois high count of 8 at Illinois Beach S.P. 9 Jan (JS, PWS). The Pacific Loon found at Eagle Creek in late-Nov lingered until at least 21 Dec (DG) and another appeared at Crab Orchard N.W.R., Williamson, IL 29 Feb (JG, DDM, KR). The presence of American White Pelicans in the Region continues to increase: Indiana logged its seventh, eighth, and ninth Jan records and large migrant flocks began moving through Il - linois in February, with 1200 at Carlyle 20-21 Feb (DMK). Great Egrets are also becoming more regular winter visitors with 4 reported in Illinois during Dec and Indiana's sixth through eighth Jan records recorded, all singles, on 2 Jan. Two White-faced Ibis seen at Emiquon 22 Dec provided Illinois's first winter record (KAM, CL, ChD). Three Plegadis sp. were noted there 6-9 Dec (TB, AGt). A high count (Indiana's fourth largest win - ter count) of 140 Black Vultures was logged in Dearborn 19 Dec (BW) as the birds left a roost site. An Osprey lingered to 16 Dec at Lisle, DuPage, IL (MAM) while a bird seen at Lap - ping Park Lake, Clark 5 Feb (BL) tied Indiana's fifth-earliest arrival. There were 5 Northern Goshawks reported from Illinois. The 29 Red- tailed Hawks at Somerville Mine, Gibson 9 Dec (DHo, VWW) included a dark-morph Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk and represented Indiana's fifth-largest winter tally. A Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk photographed in Gibson, IN 20 Dec (MW) was potentially the same individual. At least 35 Golden Eagles were seen throughout the Region, with reports in 26 counties. Barn Owls were reported at nine locations within the Region. Snowy Owls were reported from 23 Illinois and 6 Indiana counties; the 5 at O'Hare International Airport 6 Jan (fide USDA) was the largest concentration reported. A tally of 33 Long-eared Owls at Lost Mound, Carroll, IL 19 Dec (SDB, PD, MHK, DTW) was encour - aging for this species that has disappeared from previous wintering locations in the Region. Six Northern Saw-whet Owls were tallied at Green River State W.A., Lee, IL 22 Dec (KJM, AM). Single imm. Black-legged Kittiwakes were seen at Dunes 19 Dec (BJG) and at Miller Beach, Lake, IN 27 Dec (DG). The 3500 Bonaparte's Gulls at Brookville Res., Franklin & Union, 6 Dec (JJM) furnished Indiana's second highest inland count, but this total would soon be overshadowed by the 12,000 logged at Carlyle 30 Dec–3 Jan (DMK), providing a new winter high for Illinois. A Laughing Gull at Horse - shoe 22 Feb was a one-day wonder (FRH). Six Franklin's Gulls were reported in the Region. The gull sighting of the winter was certainly Illinois's second Black-tailed Gull, found by William C. Rowe and his son, Mark Rowe at Carlyle 11-16 Jan. The bird was seen and pho - tographed by many over its six-day stay. There were six reports of California Gull in Illinois, the most cooperative a second-winter bird at Wilmington Dam, Will, 16 Jan–17 Feb (*ph. ASA, ph. GEN, m. ob). The 2500 Herring Gulls at Prairie View 29 Jan yielded a new re - cord inland count for Indiana and rare inland records of Thayer's Gull (first-cycle) and Ice - land Gull (ad.) were also tallied there the same day (JKC, LV, NeM et al.). The seasonal Thay - er's Gull max was 12 at Libertyville, Lake, IL 15 Feb (AWS) and the 3 Iceland Gulls at North Point Marina, Lake, IL 13 Feb were a treat for hundreds attending the annual IOS Gull Frolic (ph. AAA, m. ob.). Five Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Prairie View 4 Dec (JKC, NeM, LRS) established a new high inland count for Indi - ana but the record was short-lived, as 6 were then tallied at Lake of the Woods, Marshall 25 Dec (EM), also representing Indiana's second highest count statewide. An ad . Slaty-backed Gull was the second-most exciting gull find of the season. This individual graced Arsenal Road, Will, IL 26-29 Jan (*ph. ASA, ph. GEN, *ph. m. ob.), was a one-day wonder at Mon - trose 30 Jan (*RDH, *MC, *JIE, *FRM, m. ob), reappeared at the Arsenal Road location 1-19 Feb, and then finally at Port of Indiana, Porter, IN 20 Feb (JJM, ph. JKC, KJB, m. ob.). This bird represented Indiana's fourth record and was seen the fol - lowing day at Port of Indiana (PBG, MD, DE) but not subse - quently. A nice tally of 5 Glaucous Gulls was notched at Grayslake, Lake, IL 1 Jan (EG, NM, TKz) and remark - ably, 3 inland birds were at Prairie View 29 Jan (JKC, LV). Interest - ing, probable hybrids included an Illinois first Kelp x Herring and fall migration, but some are now winter- ing within the Region, well n. of the original target sites in Florida. At least 40 were reported in the Region with many remaining through the period. Mild conditions almost certainly contributed to the high count of 200 Killdeer near Posey, Clinton, IL 9 Jan (DMK). A group of 6-8 Dunlin lingered at Chautauqua N.W.R., Mason, IL 5-11 Dec (CD, CLa, TW, AP) while one was noted at Waukegan, Lake, IL 31 Dec–1 Jan (AOS, m. ob). A single Purple Sandpiper was recorded in Indiana at Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte 31 Dec–4 Jan (DG et al.). One to 2 Least Sand - pipers were seen at eight sites throughout the Region in Dec, though most incredible were the 70 noted at Carlyle 5 Dec (DMK), with 12 still present at the Carlyle sewage ponds, Clinton 1 Jan (MSS) and one remaining to 7 Jan (KAM). Four Least Sandpipers were at Somerville Mine, Gibson, IN 9 Jan (JR). A Pectoral Sand - piper found near Eugene, Vermillion, IN 7 Dec (PES, KJB et al.) furnished that state's eighth Dec record of the species; the state's third win - ter record (all in Dec) of Spotted Sandpiper came in the form of a single in sw. Huntington 5 Dec (SS, JAH). At a site that is virtually never birded in rural Jackson County, Indiana's fourth Common Ground-Dove, first glimpsed on 4 December, was confirmed the following day and remained two additional days. Photo by © Michael R. Brown Illinois' second Black-tailed Gull was enjoyed by many during its six-day stay at Carlyle Lake, 11-16 January (pictured here on 13 January). Photo by © Douglas Hommert.

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