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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 179 Illinois & Indiana tallied at Rend Lake, Franklin 19 Dec (DDM) establishing an Illinois winter high. Eight Red- necked Grebes and 5 Eared Grebes were re - ported throughout the Region. Two Western Grebes found in Indiana included one at Mich - igan City Harbor, LaPorte 25 Dec (JJM et al.) and the other at Calumet Park, Cook, IL, where it was seen in Indiana waters 30 Jan–5 Feb (AR, DG, BCa et al.), before what was presumably the same bird appeared at nearby Hammond Lakefront Park, Lake, IN (MK et al.). DOVES THROUGH GULLS Eurasian Collared-Doves continue to expand in the Region with high counts recorded in both Illinois and Indiana: 155 birds tallied in Ogle 26 Dec (LGB, GJJ) represented Illinois's high - est winter count, while 72 at the Graham Feed grain elevator at Terre Haute, Vigo (SLL) fur - nished a new all-time high for Indiana. Indi- ana's fourth Common Ground-Dove was dis- covered at the Ewing Bottoms, Jackson 5 Dec (DR, m. ob.) where it was enjoyed by scores of birders through 7 Dec. Illinois's first winter record for Ruby-throated Hummingbird came from Sandra Spence's Norris City, White back - yard 1-3 Dec. An imm. female Rufous Hum- mingbird that was banded at Morton, Taze- well, IL (ph. H&KM, VMK, m. ob), was seen 7 Nov–9 Dec. Mild winter temperatures likely encour - aged Virginia Rails to linger into Dec at four Chicago area locations and even overwinter as evidenced by a 30 Jan report from Illinois Beach S.P., Lake (BJS). Remarkable were two re - ports of Sora in Indiana: one with an apparent broken wing in St. Joseph 12 Dec and again on 13 Jan (KM, LB), with another in a Kosciusko ditch 22-24 Jan (LK, BrH, D&JY). Large groups of Sandhill Cranes moved through the Region later than usual: 18,330 was the peak count in Indiana on 16 Dec (fide AMG) and 7525 at Lake Villa, Lake, IL 18 Dec represented the larg - est total reported in IL (RAB). Many Whooping Cranes from the eastern migratory population pass through the Region during both spring throughout Illinois; a high count of 259 was noted at Universal Mine, Edgar 28 Jan (KS). An incredible 991 Tundra Swans were pres - ent along the Mississippi R., Carroll, IL 17 Dec (EAA, RWN, KJM). Dabbling ducks were reported in decent numbers across the Region. High counts in - cluded 2100 Gadwall at Swan Lake, Calhoun, IL 5 Jan (AY); 650 Northern Shoveler at Spunky Bottoms, Brown, IL 27 Feb (CD, TW); 10,000 Northern Pintail at the Santa Fe Bottoms, Clin - ton, IL 30-31 Jan (DMK); and 3000 Green- winged Teal at Two Rivers N.W.R., Calhoun, IL 19 Dec (RBy, TP, WCR). A well-documented Mottled Duck was at Clinton Lake, DeWitt, IL 11 Dec–3 Jan (*MEF, ph., m. ob.) while two others at the Santa Fe Bottoms, Clinton, IL 7 Feb (DMK) were followed by what were likely the same two birds at Carlyle 27 Feb (DMK); these 2 were undocumented. A rare, midwinter Blue-winged Teal was found on Saint Joseph's Lake at Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN 1 Feb (AF). Incredible concentrations of diving ducks were observed by Aaron Yetter of the Illinois Natural History Survey in early- Jan. His aerial surveys 5 Jan included 187,000 Canvasback along the Mississippi R. near Nau - voo, Hancock, IL, 10,000 Ring-necked Ducks at Swan Lake, Calhoun, IL and 21,000 Lesser Scaup near Nauvoo, Hancock, IL. An excellent tally of 3500 Redheads occurred at Highland Park, Lake, IL 1 Dec (JCB). At Dunes, a fem. King Eider was observed 11 Dec (BJG) with a small flock of Black Sco - ters. Harlequin Ducks were more numerous than usual, with 6 reported through the Re - gion. A count of 51 Surf Scoters at Beverly Shores, Porter 12 Dec (KJB, JKC, JJM, LV) was the highest ever for Indiana's Lake Michigan lakefront, while the 147 White-winged Scoters tallied at various Indiana lakefront locations 27 Feb (KJB et al.) tied the second highest count ever for Indiana. Single, inland Black Scoters were found at Eagle Creek 1 Dec (ER), at Har - dy Lake, Scott, IN 5 Dec (BL), and at Chain of Rocks Canal, Madison, IL 24 Jan (KAM, FRH). In addition were 2 at Lake Monroe, Monroe, IN, 1 Jan (D&BW), and 3 at East Fork Lake, Richland, IL 16-18 Feb (CLH). A male Barrow's Goldeneye once again made an appearance along the Fox R. at Carpentersville, Kane, IL 6 Dec–27 Feb (ASz, RG, ph., m. ob.). Notewor - thy merganser totals included 700 Hooded at Emiquon 19 Dec (CD, TW), 2400 Common at Carlyle 15 Feb (DMK) and 6985 Red-breasted at Montrose 25 Dec (JIE, JH, GAW). Ruddy Duck numbers were strong, illustrated by counts of 4000 at both Two Rivers N.W.R., Cal - houn, IL 19 Dec (RBy, TP, WCR) and at Nauvoo, Hancock, IL 5 Jan (AY). An impressive 180 Horned Grebes were James D. Hengeveld Keith A. McMullen Geoffrey A. Williamson –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he winter season was late arriving and, for some, it seemingly never arrived. The entire Region experienced above-average temperatures throughout December. January brought large swings in temperature and ended near average. It was Indiana's fifth warmest winter on record (3.2°C above average) includ - ing the warmest December on record (6.6°C above average) as well as a very warm Febru - ary (2.6 C above average). Precipitation, par- ticularly snowfall, was below average. The mild conditions undoubtedly contributed to the un - usually large number of unseasonable species recorded, along with high numbers of half-har - dy species. Indiana produced its first winter re- cords of Magnolia Warbler and Orchard Oriole. Rarity highlights included Mottled Duck, King Eider, Barrow's Goldeneye, Common Ground- Dove, Black-tailed Gull, Slaty-backed Gull, White-faced Ibis, Gyrfalcon, Townsend's Soli - taire, Varied Thrush, Green-tailed and Spotted towhees. Abbreviations: Carlyle (Carlyle Lake, Clinton, Bond and Fayette, IL); Dunes (Indiana Dunes S.P., Porter, IN); Eagle Creek (Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, IN); F.W.A. (Fish and Wildlife Area); F.P. (Forest Preserve); Horseshoe (Horse - shoe Lake, Madison, IL); Prairie View (Prai- rie View Landfill, St. Joseph, IN); Rend (Rend Lake., Franklin/Jefferson,IL). WATERFOWL THROUGH GREBES Excellent numbers of geese included 13,000- 14,000 Greater White-fronted Geese at Univer - sal Mine, Edgar, IL 1-28 Jan (CAT, KS, m. ob.) and an Illinois winter high count of 500,000 Snow Geese at Carlyle 18 Jan (DMK). Anoth - er Illinois winter high count consisted of 212 Mute Swans at Banner Marsh, Fulton, IL 3 Dec (BS). Trumpeter Swans continue to do well A male Barrow's Goldeneye , pictured here on 30 Janu- ary, made a second consecutive winter appearance along the Fox River near Carpentersville, Kane County, Illinois. Photo by © Henry Kim.

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