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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 178 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y Sams). In the large Lancaster, PA blackbird flocks a Brewer's Blackbird was discovered near Octoraro Res. 20 Dec (Bob Schutsky). Only the second for OH, a Brambling at a Medina bird feeder entertained hun - dreds of observers during its stay 11 Dec+ (ph. Dan Bertsch, ph. Dwight & Ann Chasar, m. ob.). The winter finch situa - tion in PA was very quiet this season, with Pine Siskins the only member of the group that moved in large numbers. Evening Grosbeak went unre - ported in PA and only a small handful of Common Red - polls were found statewide. Crossbills were quite scarce with only one White-winged Crossbill in Cameron 27 Dec and small numbers of Red Crossbills in just four counties: Berks, Clarion, Lehigh, and Schuylkill. Acknowledgments:Many thanks to Nick Bol - giano and Greg Grove for their central role in compiling sightings for the journal Pennsylva - nia Birds, and to county compilers throughout Pennsylvania for their dedication. Observ - ers: Diane Allison, Ginger Bruntrager, Peter Burns, Brian Byrnes, Monica Carlson, Tony Croasdale, Debbie Darney, Dave DeReamus, Martin Dellwo, Roger Donn, Paul Driver, Bill Dustin, Devich Farbotnik, Todd Fellenbaum, Nikki Flood, Jim Flowers, Donald Freiday, Marie Furnish, Ron Furnish, Amy Henrici, Bill Hobbs, Regina Hobbs, Russ Hoffman, Jason Horn, Robin Irizarry, Tom Johnson, Larry Keller, Rudy Keller, Randy Kimmet, Mary Alice Koeneke, Glenn Koppel, Kitty Kono, Ramsay Koury, Ron Leberman, Tim Lenz, Gary Lockerman, Sandy Lockerman, Jim McConnell, F. Arthur McMorris, Pat Mc - Shea, Jerry McWilliams, Don Mease, Elaine Mease, Holly Merker, August Mirabella, Pat - rick Millar, Ted Nichols II, Damon Orsetti, Frank Pago, Ann Pettigrew, Scott Reynolds, Dan Richards, Kenneth Rieker, Cameron Rutt, Matthew Sabatine, Michael Schall, Bob Schutsky, Martin Selzer, Siefken family, Adam Smith, Philip Smith, Darla Snyder, Dick Sny - der, Judy Stepenaski, Mark Stair, Scott Stol- lery, Ruth Swaney, Scott Weidensaul, Ann Williams, Ruth Witmer, Jamie Zigarelli. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Victor W. Fazio, III, 140 Mohawk Street, Tiffin, Ohio 44883 • Tom Johnson, 3960 Bayshore Road, Cape May, New Jersey 08240 • line s. of Hellertown 13 Feb+ (Don Mease, Elaine Mease). At Valley Forge National Historical Park, Montgomery PA, an Indigo Bunting was found 18 Jan (Kitty Kono). Thought to be present "several weeks" be - fore photo-documentation 16 Feb in Portage, OH (ph. Kent Miller, Ben Morrison), an ad. male Painted Bunting joined the very few previously found in the state. A female-type Painted Bunting was at West Chester, Chester, PA from late-Dec through the period (Ann Williams). Finally, 3 Dickcissels were discov - ered: one near Woodcock Lake, Crawford, PA 14 Feb (Bill Dustin); one near Emanuelsville, Northampton, PA 20 Dec (Dave DeReamus, Jason Horn, Adam Smith), one imm. male at Lake Erie Bluffs Metropark, Lake, OH 16 Dec (John Pogacnik). Chester and Lancaster, PA continue to host massive flocks of blackbirds in winter (primarily Red-winged Blackbird, Common Grackle, and Brown-headed Cowbird) that attract rarer species each year. This year, Yel - low-headed Blackbirds were fairly routine in this area, with up to 5 individuals in Chester and up to 15 individuals in Lancaster. More unusual was the female found at the Girard Point Bridge, Philadelphia 27 Feb (Todd Fel - lenbaum). Often detected in early-spring blackbird flights near Lake Erie, single Yel - low-headed Blackbirds were in Erie, OH 28 Feb (Dan Gesauldo), and e. Lucas, OH 21 & 24 Feb (Kim Warner, Dave Smith). A Brewer's Blackbird was photographed at Kelleys I., Erie 3 Dec (Thomas Bartlett) for a rare report from the islands. The only other OH documenta - tion came from Hancock, OH 12 Jan (Robert at a feeder near Toledo, Lucas, OH 12-15 Feb (ph. Tammy Seaman) might be construed as an exceptionally early spring arrival, but the fact that it was a hatch-year female makes this unlikely. Three Clay-colored Spar - rows were found in PA, in- cluding one at the Penny- pack Ecological Restoration Trust, Montgomery 19 Dec–1 Jan (Paul Driver). Remark - ably, 2 were viewed simul- taneously on a feeder at Pen Argyl, Northampton 5 Feb through Apr (Bill Hobbs, Re - gina Hobbs). A Lark Sparrow was in residence at a Knox, OH home to at least 29 Dec (ph. Benjamin Miller). One found at Summit Pt., Jefferson, WV 5-13 Feb (ph. Carol Del-Colle) is part of a recent trend of in - dividuals wintering in the WV Panhandle. There have been at least 5 records beginning in 2009 with all in adjacent Berkely. Few Vesper Sparrows are detected into late winter in the n., therefore one in Hancock, OH 6-7 Feb (Robert Sams, Dave Smith) was notable. Downtown Cleveland's attraction for winter - ing Lincoln's Sparrow continues. At times sharing space with a wintering Ovenbird in the same park, one was present 7 Dec–7 Feb (Patty & Kevin McKelvey, ph. Leslie Sours, m. ob.). It was then joined by a second bird 18 Dec–6 Jan (ph. Daniel DeLapp, ph. Rich & Karen Kassouf). Three Lincoln's Sparrows were found in PA. One was near Meadville, Crawford 20 Jan (Ron Leberman); one was at Middle Creek W.M.A., Lancaster 12-14 Dec (Larry Keller), and another was elsewhere in Lancaster on the Lititz C.B.C. 27 Dec. Cardinals (sensu lato) were well represent - ed in the Region and certainly a byproduct of a mild Dec that allowed survival at these cold latitudes. Three Western Tanagers were found: one continued from fall near State College, Centre, PA through the season (Darla Snyder, Dick Snyder); another was docu - mented at Valley Forge National Historical Park, Montgomery, PA 3 Jan (Kitty Kono). A Western Tanager visited a Montgomery, OH feeder 9-19 Jan (ph. Garber, Su Tackett, ph. Rich & Ann Kassouf, m. ob.). A Summer Tan - ager in Cuyahoga, OH lingering from fall was last seen 2 Dec (ph. Gale Wulker). A female Rose-breasted Grosbeak attended a feeder at Shavertown, Luzerne, PA 7 Feb (Mark Stair), and an imm. male Black-headed Grosbeak was present on the Bucks/Northampton, PA Black-headed Grosbeak is a major rarity in Pennsylvania, so this bird on the Bucks/ Northampton border at the end of the season was a nice surprise, and a good addition to the remarkable diversity of Cardinalids reported in PA this season. The bird's identification can be confirmed by the orange- toned, unstreaked breast. Photographed here on 15 March 2016 by © Matt Sabatine.

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