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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 177 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y in n. OH came from Richland 28 Jan (Gary Cowell) and Knox 6 Feb (Brad Imhoff). It is a mild season that sees multiple American Pip - its during Jan within the Lake Erie basin. OH reports were led by 3 near Vermilion, Erie 11 Jan (Dan Gesauldo); 2 on Kelleys I., Erie 4 Jan (Thomas Bartlett); one at Eastlake, Lake 30 Jan (Tom Frankel). A brief visitor to a Shawnee Creek, Lucas OH backyard, an Orange-crowned Warbler 2 Jan (ph. Daniel Feurstein) was unexpected within the Lake Erie basin. Although a spo - radic December visitor w. of the Allegheny foothills, single Common Yellowthroats at Mill Creek Wildllife Sanctuary, Mahoning, OH 14 Jan (ph. John Petruzzi), and in Pendleton, WV 18 Dec (ph. David Carr) were excep - tional. Away from the Ohio R. counties, note- worthy Palm Warblers in OH included one at Franklin Miller Observatory, Knox (ph. Brad Imhoff), and at Riverside Natural Area, Butler 3 Jan (Charlie Saunders, Mike Busam). Alto - gether unexpected was one at Sandy Ridge Reservation, Lorain 9 Jan (ph. Greg Pasek), providing a rare mid-winter record within the Great Lakes. Midwinter yard visitors in n. Ohio included singles in Holmes 25 Jan (ph. Su Snyder, Susan Evanhoff), and Tuscarawas 24 Jan (Hallie Mason). Almost unique among Lake Erie shoreline reports, one was at Eu - clid Creek Res., Cuyahoga 25 Dec (ph. Nancy Anderson). The appearance of a Pine Warbler at Tinicum Twp., Bucks 27 Dec–2 Feb (Diane Allison) was a county first and the ca. sixth for PA (Diane Allison). An even rarer thrush for winter was the Wood Thrush at Beech - wood Farms Nature Reserve, Allegheny, PA 3 Jan (Amy Henrici, Pat McShea). Adding to a growing winter tally, another Wood Thrush made a 20 Dec appearance in OH, this one well documented during a C.B.C. in Frank - lin (Heather Luedecke, Rob Thorn, Rose Conrad). Nearly annual into Jan, Lake Erie shoreline Gray Catbirds were located at East Harbor S.P., Ottawa 2 Jan (Thomas Bartlett) and at Lake Erie Bluffs Metropark, Lake, OH 6 Jan (John Pogacnik). Evidence of wintering sided in the vicinity of Bolivar, Tuscarawas, OH 8 Dec into Jan (Hallie Mason, Carleton Schooley, m. ob.). A Blue-headed Vireo along the Falling Spring, Chambersburg, Franklin, PA was a rare-in-winter sighting 6 Dec (Dave Cooney); though unusual, this species is the one most likely to be detected in the state during winter. Two Northern Rough-winged Swallows at Lost Bridge, Hamilton, OH were a rare winter find 5 Dec (ph. Jeff Bilsky). Once again, the ne. Philadelphia Water Treatment facility in Philadelphia, PA hosted a remarkable flock of swallows during the winter season, anchored by a nucleus of up to 125 Northern Rough-winged Swallows. Though Tree Swal - lows regularly arrive in PA in late-Feb, they are decidedly rare in mid-winter. Therefore, the bird that spent 19 Dec–9 Jan was notable. Early spring migrants were responsible for single Tree Swallows n. to Summit, OH 29 Feb (Gregory Bennett), and Hancock, OH 20 Feb (Shane Myers). Nine had reached Cabell, WV on the Ohio R. 25 Feb (Mike Griffith). Repre - senting just the second winter record for OH, a Barn Swallow moving along the Lake Erie shoreline in Lake 11 Dec (John Pogacnik) is among the latest for the Great Lakes. A Barn Swallow was also among the swallows at the Philadelphia W.T.P. 19 Dec–9 Jan, also very rare in winter (Todd Fellenbaum). Winter reports of House Wren are prob - lematic, however, a bird found at Killbuck Marsh W.A., Wayne, OH 21 Jan (ph. Rich Pendlebury) established the latest docu - mented Jan record for OH and may be a first mid-winter photographic record for the Lake Erie watershed. The mild microclimate afforded by Killbuck Marsh, Wayne, OH al - lowed a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher to linger 12 Dec (Joseph Boros). Most Ruby-crowned Kinglets do not normally persist past the first week of Jan in n. OH, so a male at Cuyahoga Valley N. P., Summit, OH 2 Feb (Matt Court - man) was a good find. A Mountain Bluebird SA A Pacific-slope Flycatcher, or perhaps more accurately, a "Western" Flycatcher giving slurred position note calls typical of Pacific-slope Flycatcher, was found 20 Dec and continued to 5 Jan at the Berks Heritage Center near Red Bridge, Berks, PA. Though the initial observation was a visual detection, a return visit to the site using play- back was successful in eliciting vocalizations from the bird (Russ Hoffman, Tom John- son, Cameron Rutt). Playback is encouraged with out-of-season records of Empidonax flycatchers to facilitate a higher degree of confidence with these difficult identifications. This was at least the third recent, documented record of a Pacific-slope Flycatcher in PA; this particular record fell in with a late-fall and winter season that included records from OH, MD, NY, CT, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, an unprecedented showing in the East for this species. A Pacific-slope/Cordilleran Flycatcher was discovered in Wash- ington , OH 14 Dec by Bill Thompson III for the state's first of the complex. It was widely viewed through 17 Dec (ph. Alex Eberts, ph. Cory Chiappone, Hallie Mason, m. ob.). Vocalizations heard were equivocal as to specific identification. SA The mild winter season allowed for the survival of a remarkable number of war- bler species, all of which were detected before the end of January (when a signifi- cant snowstorm blanketed the Region). In addition to Yellow-rumped Warbler, Orange- crowned Warbler, Palm Warbler, and Common Yellowthroat (all expected in winter), some less typical species were also found this season. An Ovenbird was at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 9 Dec (Monica Carlson). An Ovenbird was detected at Cleveland, OH 18 Dec–7 Feb (Patty & Kevin McKelvey, ph. Paul Jacyk, ph. Leslie Sours, m. ob.). A Blue-winged Warbler continuing from November was re-found 19 Dec at the Sunken Garden Trail, Butler (Glenn Koppel, Mary Alice Koeneke). Two Black-and-white Warblers were found: one was at West Fairview, Cumberland, PA 17 Jan (Ramsay Koury); another was at Lardner's Point Park, Philadelphia, PA 19 Dec–9 Jan (Todd Fellenbaum). Among very few winter records for Ohio, a female American Redstart was viewed at Galloway Preserve, Franklin, OH 2 Dec (Rob Thorn). An American Redstart was at Ridley Creek S.P., Delaware, PA 19 Dec (Brian Byrnes, F. Arthur McMorris). A Cape May Warbler was at Tinicum Twp., Bucks, PA 4-5 Jan (Jason Horn, Devich Farbotnik). A Magnolia War- bler fitting the description of an imm. male was well seen at Kelleys I., Erie, OH 6 Jan (Thomas Bartlett et al.). An Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler was at Presque Isle S.P., Erie, PA 21 Jan (Tim Lenz). A Yellow-throated Warbler was found attending a suet feeder at Skippack, Montgomery, PA 17 Jan and subsequently overwintered (Ginger Bruntrag- er). Finally, 3 Wilson's Warblers were in Philadelphia, PA, with one at Tinicum 3 Dec (Da- mon Orsetti), another there 16 Jan (m. ob.), and a third near Carpenter's Woods 19 Dec (Judy Stepenaski). While almost all of these rare-in-winter warblers were in mild se. PA, OH visitors may also take advantage of urban heat islands, thanks to mild microclimates afforded by an open Lake Erie.

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