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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 176 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y sporadically at this evening roost location through 30 Dec (Dwight & Ann Chasar, m. ob.). The bird was rediscovered here 10 Jan, and again 7-11 Feb (Ben Morrison, ph. Ben - nie Taylor, m. ob.). A concerted effort to fol- low the gulls streaming s. toward landfills in Stark resulted in the bird's detection 12 Feb (ph. Kent Miller) and 17 Feb at Canton, Stark (Ben Morrison). A late Common Tern was off Cleveland 5 Dec (ph. Joe Hammond). A Forster's Tern at Heinz N.W.R., Philadelphia, PA 25-27 Feb (Donald Freiday, Ron Furnish, Marie Furnish) was an early spring arrival, though not terribly surprising given that the species is present in numbers in lower Dela - ware Bay (Cape May, NJ) by late-Feb. It was a season of consolidation for Eur - asian Collared Dove in OH. Numbers qua- drupled at Uniopolis, Auglaize to 8 from a year earlier (Troy Shively). The OH shoreline of Lake Erie shoreline saw its first overwin - tering in Erie with up to 3 present through the season (Paul Sherwood, Thomas Bartlett, m. ob.). A White-winged Dove took up resi - dence at a York Twp., York, PA yard 13-15 Feb (Ann Pettigrew). A modest flight of Snowy Owls brought two to sw. OH. There was one in Fayette 2-4 Feb (ph. Mark Hsu) and one in Butler 4-7 Dec (ph. Allan Claybon, Marge Bicknell, m. ob.). Roughly 12 Snowy Owls were found in PA during the period. One was at Pittsburgh Airport, Allegheny 12 Feb (fide Dan Richards); one was near Mahoning Dam, Armstrong 22 Jan (Frank Pago); ca. 7 were in Erie 23 Dec–25 Feb (fide Jerry McWilliams); one was in Lancaster 9 Jan (Jim Flowers); 2 in Lebanon died (Ruth Witmer, Ted Nichols II, Scott Weidensaul). An ad. female Rufous Humingbird, con - firmed by Allen Chartier, was present in Cl- ermont, OH 8 Nov–1 Jan (Amy Wilms, Nancy Chartier, Kathi Hutton, m. ob.). A hatch-year female was confirmed by Allen Chartier in Holmes, OH 28 Nov–11 Dec. A Gyrfalcon was found near Tylersburg, Clarion, PA 20 Feb (Philip Smith) but was not subsequently seen in the area. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH FINCHES A yellow-bellied Tyrannus at Kelleys I., Erie, OH 21 Dec–6 Jan (ph. Jon Cefus, Tyler Mc - Clain, ph. Thomas Bartlett) was documented as a Couch's X Western Kingbird. The bird was captured for banding, measurements, and feather samples. The other rare fly - catcher for the season was an Ash-throated Flycatcher at the Tacony Creek Park/ Juniata Golf Course, COUNTY, PA 9-10 Jan (Rob - in Irizarry, Martin Selzer, Peter Burns, Tony Croasdale). Flirting with the w. boundary of their Allegheny range, a Common Raven re - Wendy Park 26 Dec (ph. Leslie Sours, Jeremy Dominguez). Representing just the seventh OH winter record away from Lake Erie, an ad. was at Grand Lake., Mercer 5 Dec (ph. Rick Asamoto). Always a rare find in OH, a Mew Gull was discovered on the Black R., Lorain 12 Jan (ph. Chuck Slusarczyk). Closer scru - tiny of gull flocks, especially at landfills, may be behind inland OH reports of white-winged gulls. An Iceland Gull was in Montgomery 5 Feb (ph. Eric Elvert). Stark landfills produced individuals 12-17 Dec (Doug Gochfield, Jen Brumfield, Tom Johnson, ph. Kent Miller) and 14-15 Jan (ph. Paul Budde, ph. Jon Cefus, m. ob.). Hancock hosted 2 at Findlay Res. 6 Dec (Robert Sams) with 1 remaining 3 Jan (Amy Downing). Nearby Lake Cascades, Hancock harbored one 13-19 Feb (ph. Robert Sams, Jeff Loughman, m. ob.). Two ventured up the Maumee R. to Wood 30 Jan–4 Feb (Corinna Honscheid, Beth Lenoble, ph. Josh Haughawout), Henry 9 Jan (Tom Kemp), and Defiance 16 Feb (Scott Meyers). The south - ernmost Glaucous Gulls were found at Pike I. Dam, Ohio, WV 24 Jan (Derek Courtney), in Franklin 14 Feb (ph. Ben Mauer), and at a Dayton landfill in Montgomery, OH 16-17 Feb (ph. Eric Elvert, ph. Daniel DeLapp). Elsewhere in the county, one was found at a gravel pit 17 Feb (Jason Sullivan, Chris Zach - arias). The star of the season was an ad. Kelp Gull that represented the first record for OH. It was discovered and documented 5 Dec by Ben Morrison, Kent Miller, and Dennis Mer - sky at Springfield Lake, Summit. It was seen len). The latter furnished a first mid-winter record for OH. One in Northampton, PA 6 Jan through the season's end near Martin's Creek Power Plant (ph. Jason Horn, Michael Schall) represented a first over-wintering attempt for PA. Late for OH a Greater Yellowlegs at Pleas - ant Hill Lake, Richland 23 Dec (Gary Cowell) is surpassed in tardiness only by a 1999 re - cord near Cincinnati. One Lesser Yellowlegs remained at Bradford Dam, Bucks, PA until 17 Dec (Gail Johnson). We have come to expect late Pomarine Jae - gers during mild winters and this season one was off Huron, Erie 11 Jan (ph. Dan Gesaul - do). Nearly annual along the Cleveland lake- front in early winter, a Black-legged Kittiwake was found 31 Dec (Eli Miller, James E. Yoder, m.ob.). Less anticipated was one well up the Maumee R. wandering between Mary Jane Thurston S.P., Henry and Providence Park, Lucas, OH 5-14 Dec (Tom Kemp, ph. Phil Odum, ph. Charles Owens, ph. Mark Roz - marynowyck, Ben Warner, m. ob.), and per- haps downriver to Grand Rapids, Lucas, OH where one was seen 7-10 Dec (Tom Kemp). The last of very few Little Gulls along Lake Erie in OH was at Wendy Park, Cuyahoga 4 Jan (Nick Kiehl et al.). An ad. Black-headed Gull along the Cleveland lakefront was en - joyed by many 26 Dec–14 Jan (Steve Jones, ph. Jen Brumfield, Tim Jasinksi, m. ob.). A Black-headed Gull wintered at Moraine SP, Butler, PA where one has been seen off and on for several years (Debbie Darney). A Frank - lin's Gull was in the company of this bird at This Spotted Sandpiper was found overwintering along the Delaware River at the Martin's Creek power plant, Northampton County, Pennsylvania (here 6 January). This was the known first instance of the species persisting through the winter season in PA. Photo by © Matt Sabatine.

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