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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 175 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y Lake Logan S.P., Hocking 9 Jan (Joe Brehm). In WV, Jan flocks were led by 20 in Wetzel 1 Jan (Wilma Jarrell), 21 in Cabell 1 Jan (David & Anne Willis), 18 in Lewis 1 Jan (David Saeler), 18 in Taylor 6 Jan (David Daniels), and 12 in Grant 18 Jan (Frederick Atwood). Two Sand - erling at Kelleys I., Erie 3 Dec (ph. Thomas Bartlett) represented an exceptional winter record for OH. Three notable shorebirds lin - gered into the beginning of the period at Gull Pt., Presque Isle S.P., Erie, PA; a Sanderling 4-25 Dec (Roger Donn); a Dunlin 25 Dec (Roger Donn); a Purple Sandpiper (possibly two) 4-11 Dec (Roger Donn, Ruth Swaney). A few Dunlin in early-Dec are expected for OH. This season saw a flock of 7 Dunlin at Ottawa N.W.R., Ottawa 6 Dec (Donna Kuhn et al.), one in Lake 15 Dec, along with 2 each in Portage 13 Dec (Jeff Harvey) and Lucas 20 Dec (Barry McEwen). A late bird was at Deer Creek Lake, Pickaway 7 Jan (Melanie Shuter). Least Sandpipers remain sporadic winter visi - tors, with early-Dec records emanating from the Lake Erie marshes or the Great and Little Miami R. drainages of the sw. Four birds at Lost Bridge, Hamilton 5-6 Dec (Jeff Bilsky, ph. Brian Wulker) with 2 present 19 Dec (ph. Bill Zimmerman) fit this pattern. The species was recorded in Jan for just the fifth time. Two birds appeared at Carillon Historical Park, Montgomery 19 Jan (Jason Sullivan, Chris Zacharias) with one remaining to 20 Jan (ph. Carl Winstead, Eric Elvert, m. ob.). A Pec - toral Sandpiper, only the eight in winter for OH, was documented in Darke 13 Dec (Regi - na Schlietz). Long-billed Dowitcher entered the season with just five regional records in winter. The sixth was produced via an excep - tional individual that remained at Wellington Reservation, Lorain, OH through 24 Dec (Ken & Helen Ostermiller, ph. Todd Eiben, ph. Tim Cornish, m. ob.). The winter status of Ameri - can Woodcock in OH is poorly understood. Records of singles from the Ohio R. counties of Athens 31 Jan (Darren Cohen), Brown 5 Jan (Bill Stanley), and Hamilton 8 Jan (Kirk West - endorf) offer additional clues. Mid-winter re- cords of Wilson's Snipe from Ohio's Unglaci- ated Plateau remain sporadic, therefore 10 at Clendening Lake, Harrison, OH 1 Jan (Scott Pendleton) and 2 in Athens, OH 12-19 Jan (Joe Brehm) were notable. Early spring mi - gration brought individuals to the Lake Erie basin in Lucas 15 Feb (Paige Hendricks) and Seneca 17 Feb (Dave Smith). Spotted Sand - piper put in an unexpectedly good showing, especially given the fact that less than 10 pre - vious winter records existed for the Region. Individuals in OH were found at Charles Mill Lake, Ashland 18 Dec (Gary Cowell), and at Lake Vesuvius, Lawrence 13 Jan (Zachary Al - Boback). An injured Green Heron remained from the fall period in the Cuyahoga Valley N.P., Summit, OH through 25 Dec (Jon Cefus, Tim Jasinski, m. ob.). Numbers of wintering Black-crowned Night-Herons were down sig - nificantly. Also rare in the winter season, especially mid-winter, was the Osprey found at Oc - toraro Res., Chester, PA 6 Jan (Patrick Mil- lar). Burgeoning numbers of Black Vultures were reflected by numerous reports at their northern limits; limits they continue to test in OH. An enclave has developed in recent years in Logan, centered on the high topog - raphy of Bellefontaine. The peak count of 11 was recorded 17 Jan (Troy Shiveley). In ne. OH, 2 were at Wellington City, Lorain 21 Feb (Tim Krynak), and up to 3 took up residence at Brecksville, Cuyahoga, OH through the season (ph. Scott Jennex, Karl Overman, m. ob.). This is about 25 miles northeast of the recently established breeding site in Medina where 3 returned by 21 Feb (Debbie Parker, ph. Mark Tomecko). In OH, Golden Eagles away from known wintering sites were de - tected at Cowan Lake, Clinton 6 Dec (ph. Rick Asamoto), at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, Franklin 28 Jan (ph. Irina Shulgina), at Kill - deer Plains W.A., Marion 30 Jan (Tom Bain), and in Seneca 1 Feb (Dave Smith). Wintering Virginia Rails in OH were found in Holmes 19 Jan (Ben Morrison), in Delaware 23 Dec (Sean Williams), and in Franklin 26 Dec (Carl Win - stead). Two at Spring Valley W.A., Greene 27 Feb (John Habig) were likely spring migrants. A common sight in winter owing to the late fall migration, a major southward push of Sandhill Cranes was registered across western and central OH3 Jan. Representative counts included 140 over Ohio Caverns, Champaign (Betsy Worden), 130 over Prairie Oaks Metro Park, Franklin (Carl Winstead), 120 over Fer - nald Nature Preserve (Mike Murphy), 73 over Huffman Prairie, Greene (Michael Shade), and 70 over Pickaway (Bill Christman). Nonethe - less, to see 151 in a single flock at Killbuck Marsh, Wayne 19 Jan (Rich Pendlebury, Ben Morrison, Shari Jackson) in ne. OH was un - expected, if not unprecedented for midwin- ter. Still rare on the Unglaciated Plateau and the WV highlands, one was located at The Wilds, Muskingum 16 Jan (Thomas Bartlett, Margaret Bowman, Susan Nash), and two in Mineral, WV 17 Jan (R. Bailey). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH DOVES Killdeer were numerous and widespread throughout Jan and well n. of traditional win - tering sites in OH. Standout counts included 15 at St. Mary's Fish Hatchery, Auglaize 2 Jan (Jill Bowers) and an unprecedented 55 at with 15 in Cabell (Josh Holland), and 17 in Wetzel (Wilma Jarrell). It was a prolific season for Eared Grebes inOH. Normally associated with spring and fall migration, several could be found into Jan. One on Hoover Res., Dela - ware, 18 Dec–2 Jan (Corinne Honscheid, ph. Ron Sempier, Kevin & Amy O'Neill, m. ob.) was likely the same later seen there 20 Jan (Carl Winstead, Leslie Sours). Two or more highly mobile Eared Grebes were respon - sible for many sightings along the Cleveland lakefront through 17 Jan (m. ob.). A Red- necked Grebe snuck in to the season for WV in Monongalia 2 Dec (Joey Herron). One lin - gered on Lake Erie off Headlands Beach S.P., Lake, OH 24 Dec (Chris Pierce). A Western Grebe at Caesar Creek Res., Warren 2-9 Jan, while not unprecedented for sw. OH in Jan, was the waterbird highlight of the season for locals (Su Tackett, Rick Asamoto, Larry Gara, ph. Leslie Houser , Bill Stanley, m. ob.). American Bitterns could be found across the Region. In OH, singles were near Lake Erie in Lorain 5 Dec (ph. Todd Eiben) and in Lake 4 Dec (ph. Beck Donaldson). One in Tucker, WV 20 Dec (Rodney Bartgis) was very unusual for the Allegheny highlands and one was also seen at Heinz N.W.R., Philadelphia, PA 3 Dec (Scott Reynolds). Now a regular part of the winter fauna, Great Egrets were truly an exceptional sight 20 years ago. This season saw up to 11 in the Lake Erie marsh - es of Erie, OH with 7 remaining at Medusa Marsh 20 Dec (Amy Didion); 4 were found at East Sandusky Bay 12 Dec (Paul Sherwood). Singles also lingered at Sandusky, Erie 9 Jan (Dave Smith) and at East Harbor S.P., Ottawa (Thomas Bartlett). On the Cuyahoga R. in Cleveland, 2 birds could be found 10 Jan and 24 Feb (ph. Todd Eiben). A developing pat - tern involves birds at interior locations, i.e. singles in Clermont 27 Dec (David Brinkman, Dustin Barhost); in Noble, OH 12 Dec (Kent Miller et al.); in Seneca, OH 25 Dec (Loren Hintz). One or more birds were located on the Ohio R. in Wood, WV 5 & 19 Dec (John This juvenile Pacific Loon was off the North Pier at Presque Isle State Park, Erie County, Pennsylvania on 4 December. This was one of two found in Erie this season. Photo by © Jerry McWilliams.

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