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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 173 O N TA R I O Helleiner, Rebecca Hitchens, Tyler L. Hoar, Brandon R. Holden, James M. Holdsworth, Raymond P. Holland, Dave Hosick, Jean Iron, Marcie L. Jacklin, Howard L. Jackman, Marlene A. Jackman, Mike Jackson, Jarmo V.Jalava, Mark W. Jennings, Ken & Dorothy Kay, Andrew E. Keaveney, A. Gregg Kendall, Richard Killeen, Peter Kingsbury, Connie M. Lamothe, Terry Land (TLa), Brendon Larson, Nancy Leeson, Gord Lewer, Tim Logan (TLo), George MacDermid (GMa), Ken MacDonald, William MacDonald, Dan MacNeal (DMa), Willy & Dace Maenpaa, Pilar Manorome, Blake A. Mann, Jason McGuire (JMc), G. McPherson (GMc), Doug McRae (DMc), Brandon McWalters, Stuart A. Mackenzie, Reuven D. Martin, Martha L. Miller, Jake Monroe (JMo), Donny Moore (DMo), Brian L. Morin, Norman C. Murr, Deryl D. Nethercott, William Newell, A. Nicholson, Jeremy O'Bryan, Stephen O'Donnell, David Okines, Giovanni Pari, Martin J. Parker, Brian Pfrimmer (BPf), Ronald J. Pittaway, Rob Porter, Betsy Potter (BPo), Paul N. Prior, David I. Pryor, Brian D. Ratcliff, Mark D. Read, Peter A. Read, Kory J. Renaud, Christian Renault (CRe), Ron Ridout, Ellen M. Riggins, Maureen Riggs, Daniel J. Riley, Susan V. Robinson, Beverley Rock, Dennis Rock, Cody Rowe (CRo), Kayo J. Roy, Jon Ruddy, Garry T. Sadler, Jeff H. Skevington, Roy B.H. Smith, Carolyn Smoke, R. Terry Sprague, Glenn Steplock, Lorena L. Strbavy, Christopher E. Street, Owen Strickland, David E. Szmyr, Andy Tanas, Barbara L. Taylor, Bob & Anne-Marie Taylor, Peter Thoem (PTh), Jeremy & Elizabeth Thorn, Matthew Tobey, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Ronald G. Tozer, Chris Traynor, Leland Trick, Pat Trick (PTr), James A. Turland, Joshua D. Vandermeulen, Patricia Vinczeffy, Gordon Vogg, Matt Walker, Ray Walter (RaW), Richard Waters (RiW), Brett Woodman, Eily Woodman, Betty Zajac, Jerry Zajac, Gregory Zbitnew. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Joshua D. Vandermeulen, 4228 Huron Street, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 3G7 • ter in a row, finches remained rela- tively scarce over much of s. ON, though small numbers of Pine Gros - beaks and Evening Grosbeaks were seen throughout the boreal forest wherever food sources were avail - able. Crossbills were also in short supply and only occasional flocks were reported in the south. Com - mon Redpolls did venture south into cen. ON, though few large flocks were reported. It was then no surprise that only occasional Hoary Redpolls were reported; most sight - ings involved single birds mingling with Common Redpoll flocks. A Hoary Redpoll photographed at Rondeau Bay, Chatham-Kent 28 Feb (DR, BR) was very unusual, especially since it did not accompany Common Redpolls and few Hoary Redpolls were reported south of Algonquin P.P. this winter. Marking only the second winter record for ON, a Eurasian Tree Sparrow frequented a feeder at Stoke's Bay, Bruce 24 Nov–15 Feb (J&ET). Observers (subregional editors in boldface): Alfred L. Adamo, Vincent Agnesi, Jody R. Allair, Charmaine Anderson, Lori Anderson, James R. Barber, Christopher T. Bell, Joan Bell, Jeremy M. Bensette (JMBe), Gilles Bisson, John E. Black, Peter J. Blancher, Joshua R. Bouman, Jacques M. Bouvier (JMBo), David G. Bree, James F. Brewer, Jacob K. Bruxer, James T. Burk, Keith J. Burk, Kenneth G.D. Burrell, Michael V.A. Burrell, Gordon Cameron, Ian Cannell, A. Geoffrey Carpentier, Richard P. Carr, Paul Carter, Margaret and John Catto, Mike Channon (MCha), Stephen R. Charbonneau, Barbara N. Charlton, Mike Childs (MChi), Glenn Coady, Mark Conboy (MCo), Barry Coombs, Donald E. Cooper, Larry F. Cornelis, Alexa Coupland (ACo), Anja Croes (ACr), Michael S. Dawber, Bruce M. Di Labio, Robin H. Dobblelaar, Robert Z. Dobos, David R. Don, Chris Dunn, Carolle D. Eady, Chris Earley, Cheryl E. Edgecombe, Gavin R. Edmondstone, David H. Elder, Chris J. Ellingwood, Lorraine Elworthy, Walter Fisher, Lucas Foerster, Tom Ford, Joanne Fraser, Helena Garcia, Bruce Gates, Sarah Gates, Serge M. Gendron, Eric Giles, Clive E. Goodwin, Karen Hass, Jeremy L. Hatt, Frederick M. 19 Jan (CA, m. ob.). A Lincoln's Sparrow was found at Rondeau P.P. 13 Jan (SRC), providing a record late date for Rondeau. A Harris's Spar - row overwintered near Embro, Oxford and was reported late Nov–15 Feb (PK). One of few re - cords for ON, a Pink-sided Dark-eyed Junco visited a feeder at Dinorwic Lake, Kenora 21 Nov–26 Mar (EMR). Several Oregon Dark-eyed Juncos were reported, including single males at Corunna 14 Jan–5 Feb (JRB, m. ob.), White - bread, Chatham-Kent 22-25 Jan (Robin H. Dob- blelaar, m. ob.), Selkirk P.P., Haldimand 28 Dec (JRA) and Harrow 27 Jan–15 Feb (DMo). TANAGERS THROUGH OLD WORLD SPARROWS A remarkable total of 5 Summer Tanagers were reported coming to feeders throughout the period, with all but one represented by first- year birds. Females were found at Oshawa 29 Dec–17 Jan (TLH, m. ob.), London 25 Dec–23 Feb (fide PAR), and Rondeau P.P. 21 Nov–6 Dec (BAM, m. ob.). An imm. male was at Avon Lane, Ottawa mid-Dec–12 Feb (m. ob.) provid - ing the first winter record for the Ottawa Bird- ing Area, while an ad. male was discovered at Craigleith, Grey mid-Aug–13 Dec (JF). A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was a brief visitor at Ottawa 11-12 Dec (fide GZ), while a male In - digo Bunting visited a feeder near Turkey Pt., Norfolk in early-Feb (fide DO). Small numbers of Yellow-headed Blackbirds often winter in Chatham-Kent, particularly in the fields surrounding Lake St. Clair, where they breed. Single males were reported this season at Mud Creek Line 29 Dec (GTS, m. ob.), Mitch - ell's Bay 15 Jan (BAM), and St. Clair N.W.A. 20 Jan (SRC). A female was found at Bear Creek Marsh 1-2 Jan (m. ob.) and 3 males were found at Bear Creek Marsh 30 Dec–2 Jan (WM, m. ob.). Three Brewer's Blackbirds were discovered together at Bradley, Chatham-Kent 20 Jan (SRC). A Baltimore Oriole was found at Ottawa 14-26 Dec (LE), while one wintered at Brighton, Nor - thumberland late Nov–29 Feb+ (GMc). Now nearly annual in nw. ON, 3 Gray- crowned Rosy-Finches were reported during the winter. Birds were found at Ear Falls, Ke - nora 13 Jan–21 Feb (K&DK); Gorham, Thun- der Bay 17-20 Dec (JFB, LLS); and Atikokan, Rainy River during the Atikokan C.B.C. 14-30 Dec (MSD, DHE, BZ, JZ). For the second win - SA A female Bullock's Oriole was found at Pakenham, Lanark 28 Nov–5 Jan (RPH, RiW), pro- viding the first record for the Ottawa Birding Area. This bird caused considerable debate and excitement among Ontario birders. Consensus among the O.B.R.C. and outside experts was that the bird's plumage was consistent with Bullock's Oriole; however, mtDNA results in - dicated it contained some Baltimore Oriole maternal genes. The specific identification was clarified once nuclear DNA analysis revealed that it was indeed a match for Bullock's Oriole. Providing an unusual winter record was this Lark Sparrow seen for several days at Oshawa, Durham Region from 16-19 January (here 16 January). Photo by © Charmaine Anderson.

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