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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 172 O N TA R I O bler at Sedgewick Park, Oakville 1 Dec–11 Jan (m. ob.) may have been the same bird as one found there 8 Nov (BO), while others were re - ported at the Toronto Islands 26 Dec (NCM) and Port Rowan, Norfolk 8 Jan (SAM). A late Nashville Warbler was observed on the Cake Croker, Bruce C.B.C. 19 Dec (JVJ, BL), provid - ing an excellent record for the date. Six Com- mon Yellowthroats were found throughout the period, though none were reported after 7 Jan. A male Cape May Warbler at Green's Creek, Ot - tawa 20-22 Dec (m. ob.) provided the second winter record for the Ottawa Birding Area. A late Yellow Warbler was found at Scarborough, Toronto 24 Dec (RJP, JI, SOD), while a Black- throated Blue Warbler was reported at nw. To - ronto 13 Dec (AT). A Palm Warbler successfully overwintered at Sedgewick Park in Oakville, re - ported 1 Dec through the period, and last seen 16 Apr (CES, m. ob.). Additionally, one was observed at Dundas 1 Jan (DRD, RZD, CEE, TF). Surprising was a male Pine Warbler that survived the coldest months in nw. ON, visiting a feeder at Dryden, Kenora 12 Dec–2 Mar (NL). A Pine Warbler at West Guilford 8 Dec–17 Jan (BPf) furnished an excellent winter record for Haliburton. An Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler was found at Point Pelee 5 Feb–26 Mar (JMBe, m. ob.), while another was en - countered at Toronto 28 Nov–12 Mar (M&JC). Wilson's Warblers were reported at three loca - tions this winter: at the Toronto Islands 9 Dec (NCM, IC); Arkendo Park, Halton 14 Nov–27 Jan (RDM, m. ob.); Lakeside Park, Peel 12-23 Dec (DIP, m. ob.). A late Yellow-breasted Chat was reported at Kingston, Frontenac in late-Dec (fide MVAB). Notable at any time of year, a Spotted To - whee visited a Thunder Bay feeder 7-22 Feb (CML). Eastern Towhees are rare winter visitors in n. ON; one visited a feeder at Sioux Look - out, Kenora 19 Nov–13 Mar (PV), and 4 were reported in Thunder Bay. A Lark Sparrow made for a rare winter find at Oshawa, Durham 16- Dec (GL). A House Wren was also ob - served at Rondeau P.P. 12 Dec (JTB). A Marsh Wren was detected at Wolfe Island, Frontenac 7 Jan (JRB, MDR), providing an unusual winter record for that location. Reduced numbers of Carolina Wrens were noted follow - ing two relatively harsh winters. The species reaches the northern limit of its range in ON. Single Blue-gray Gnatcatchers were found at Darling - ton P.P., Durham 20 Dec (TLH) and Niagara Falls 4-30 Dec (BPo). Above- average numbers of Ruby-crowned Kinglets were reported in Dec, but few of these individuals were still present by Jan. Late Ruby-crowned Kinglets were reported at Point Pelee 20 Feb (BAM, m. ob.) and the Beverly Swamp, Hamilton 7 Feb (RP). Two long-staying Mountain Bluebirds were discovered and viewed by many throughout the duration of their respective stays. One first- year female was found at Whitby, Durham 29 Nov–14 Dec (JMo, m. ob.), while another was at Twin Elm, Ottawa 28-30 Nov and Good - stown, Ottawa 11-28 Dec (PJB, m. ob.). Single Townsend's Solitaires were reported at Sun - nybrook Park, Toronto 30 Dec–6 Jan (OS, m. ob.) and at Thunder Bay 26 Dec–18 Feb (BDR, m. ob.). A very late Swainson's Thrush was observed at a Port Bruce, Elgin bird feeder 10- 11 Jan (fide RR). Representing the first winter record for the Ottawa Birding Area, a Wood Thrush was found at the Central Experimental Farm 20-21 Dec (CT). Four Varied Thrushes were reported, including birds at Rockwood, Wellington 2 Jan (CE), Square Bay, Manitoulin mid-Jan–Mar 7 (LT, PTr), Mountain Lake, Ti - miskaming 7 Dec–3 Jan (DH, m. ob.) and War- saw, Peterborough early-Feb to 13 Feb (MJ). Several Gray Catbirds were found throughout s. ON during the early winter. Notable were birds at Chippewa Park, Thunder Bay 31 Dec (AGK), Shirley's Bay, Ottawa 6 Jan (HG), Provi - dence Bay, Manitoulin 14 Nov–14 Jan (W&DM) and North Bay, Nipissing 30 Dec (MW, RaW). A Brown Thrasher successfully wintered with help from a feeder at Providence Bay 23 Nov– 22 Apr (W&DM). Likely early spring migrants, 3 American Pipits were reported at Sombra, Lambton 21 Feb (BAM). Bohemian Waxwings largely remained to the north this winter, yet occasional individuals made it to sw. ON in - cluding 2 at Shetland, Lambton 3 Jan (PC), 55 at Dorland, Oxford 1 Dec (JMH) and one at Dundas, Hamilton 2 Jan (CD). WARBLERS THROUGH SPARROWS An Ovenbird was discovered at downtown To- ronto 9 Dec (ALA). An Orange-crowned War- Harrow 19 Dec (JTB), though unfortunately it was not seen on subsequent days. An Eastern Phoebe in Ottawa 18-19 Dec (GP, GZ) repre - sented the third winter record for the Ottawa Birding Area. Undoubtedly one of the high - lights of the winter period, and providing the sixth record for ON, a long-staying, imm. male Vermilion Flycatcher was seen by hundreds of birders near Wallaceburg, Chatham-Kent 18 Dec–1 Jan (LFC, m. ob.). Unusual for Bruce, a White-eyed Vireo was found at Pike Bay 29- 30 Dec (AEK). Two Blue-headed Vireos were encountered by intrepid birders who scoured woodlots, ravines, and sewage treatment plants that are often favoured by lingering passerines on the nothwest shore of Lake ON. One was discovered at Sedgewick Park at Oakville, Hal - ton 1 Dec–19 Jan (CES, TT) and another was found in Arkendo Park at Oakville 14 Nov–9 Jan (RDM). A Black-billed Magpie found at Atikokan 14 Dec (DHE) represented an un - usual record for e. Rainy River. Up to 3 Fish Crows were found throughout the period at Fort Erie (m. ob.), a regular location for this species over the past five winters. Common Ra - vens continue to be seen at the southern edge of their range and beyond. Singles were found at nw. Middlesex 24 Jan (JMc), Niagara Falls 5 Dec–8 Jan (JEB), and Fisherville, Haldimand 16 Jan (CRo). Four Cave Swallows were discovered at Bronte Harbour, Halton 15 Dec (MWJ). Tufted Titmice reach the northern edge of their range in e. ON; 2 were observed at Odessa, Lennox and Addington 1 Jan (m. ob.), and one was dis - covered at the Thousand Islands Parkway, Leeds and Grenville and lingered through the season (m. ob.). Unusual for Toronto, one was found at the Rosetta McClain Gardens 20 Nov–30 Jan (WF, m. ob.). Two late House Wrens were ob - served in the H.S.A, including one at the Hen- drie Valley, Halton 3 Dec (PTh, BC) and one along the Escarpment Radial Trail, Hamilton 26 Unusual for Nipissing District during winter, this Gray Catbird was seen on 30 December in North Bay. Photo by © Matt Walter. In the last decade or so, Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch has become nearly annual during the winter period in north- western Ontario. Most records involve single birds coming to well-stocked bird feeders, such as this individual found in Ear Falls, Kenora District where it remained from 13 January to 21 February (here 27 January). Photo by © Carolle D. Eady.

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