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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 168 F LO R I D A the period (D. Richard, AZi), while 1 was found at Sawgrass Lake Park 28 Dec (J. Clayton), and another was at Huguenot Memorial Park, Duval 30 Dec (J. Wheat). Very rare in winter, a lone Eastern Kingbird was a surprise at Bill Robertson, Jr. Center, Everglades N.P., Miami- Dade 14 Dec (CSa et al.). Four Bell's Vireos made an appearance across the state including one first seen 21 Nov at Joe's Creek Greenway Park, Pinellas that continued through 19 Feb (fide R. Smith); one at Frog Pond W.M.A., Miami-Dade 6 Jan (AHa); one at West Miramar, Broward 1 Dec+ (K. Schneider); one at The Kampong National Tropical Botanical Garden, Miami-Dade 20 Feb (J. Friers). Twelve Horned Larks wintered at their regular spot near Greenwood, Jackson 3 Jan (M. Miller, JMu). Rare in winter, 2 Bank Swallows graced Lake Sampson, Bradford 2 Jan (JHi) and up to 6 stayed at Sweetwater Wetlands Park 25 Jan+ (T. Anderson, D. Rohan et al.). Single Cave Swallows were reported at Honeymoon Island S.P. 5 Dec (T. Kalbach); at St. Augustine 31 Dec (S. Ewing, B. Ewing); at Bayport 24 Feb (EKw, D. Gagne). A Red-breasted Nuthatch was unusually far south at Deep Creek Preserve, DeSoto 3 Feb (R. Desramaux), as was a Brown Creeper at Micanopy, Alachua 20 Dec+ (M. Walters, M. Manetz et al.). A single Winter Wren was at one of its usual haunts at O'Leno S.P., Alachua through the season (M. Manetz et al.). A wintering Wood Thrush was a surprise at Miccosukee, Leon 6 Jan (B. Phelan). The Scaly-breasted Munia population continues to expand in the far w. Panhandle with 12 at Pace, Santa Rosa 29 Feb (D. Stangeland) and 20 at w. Pensacola 29 Feb (S. Yates). Sprague's Pipits appeared at their usual spot with up to 3 at Apalachicola Regional Airport, Franklin 26 Dec–19 Feb (JMu, S. Jones, JEa, TRo). However, the real surprise was up to 2 Sprague's Pipits at Kilbee Tract, Little Big Econ W.M.A., Seminole 4 Jan–12 Feb (S. Simmons, G. Bretz) providing the southernmost verifiable record (B. Anderson). There were two reports of Purple Finch: 1 at Melrose, Alachua 10-11 Dec (K. Collingwood) and 3 in w. Duval 17 Dec (D. Peacock). Pine Siskins showed up in impressive numbers in n. Florida, e.g. 15 at Alligator Pt. 30 Jan (D. Segal, A. Whitlock) and 21 in Alachua 1 Feb+ (R. Rowan, C. Currey et al.). SPARROWS TO GRASSQUITS A Clay-colored Sparrow was reported at Black Hammock, Oviedo, Seminole 26 Dec (B. Anderson, PHu). A surprising number of Lark Sparrows were reported this winter and included one that continued from the previous season at Eastport Wastelands, Duval through Putnam 21 Feb (C. Burney). Swainson's Hawks are found sparingly in s. Florida in winter, but it is rare outside of this area, therefore 2 at the Okaloosa County Water and S.T.F., Okaloosa 4 Dec–2 Jan (BDu, LDu, C. Brown, A. Knothe, M. Swan, m. ob.); one at Fowlers Bluff, Levy 3 Feb (D. Richard, G. DelPizzo); and one at Eglin A.F.B., Okaloosa 23 Feb (B. Stanley) were all noteworthy. A Burrowing Owl was found far northwest of the Central Florida prairies at Fort Pickens 1 Dec–25 Jan (J. Prendergast, LDu, C. Zehnder). A Short-eared Owl stayed for more than a week at Shiloh Marsh, Merritt Island N.W.R., Volusia 14–22 Jan (D. Bales, AHa). FLYCATCHERS TO SISKINS Wintering Least Flycatchers were found at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 17 Dec (PHu, B. Anderson) and at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. to 31 Jan (JHi, L. Davis et al.). Nine Vermilion Flycatchers were reported from seven locations and included a second-year male at Orlando Wetlands Park that continued from fall through 8 Mar (B. Rohman, L. Walters, fide PHu, m. ob.); 3 at Fort Pickens 3 Dec–26 Feb (BDu, LDu, m. ob.); one at International Paper Wetlands 6 Dec–28 Feb (J. Callaway, B. Callaway); one at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 10 Dec (JHi, H. Adams, M. Manetz); a female at Puzzle Lake 26-31 Dec (D. Simpson, S. Simmons, G. Bretz); a female at Ormond Beach Sports Complex and Fields 2 Jan–16 Mar (M. Wilson); one at Walnut Hill, Escambia 20 Jan–2 Mar (BDu, LDu, J. Callaway, B. Callaway). Twelve Ash-throated Flycatchers were detected at eight locations including 5 at Clermont, Lake 1 Jan (fide J. Thomton). Reports of Tropical Kingbirds included 2 at STA-5, Clewiston, Hendry 16 Jan (JEa); one at Torry I., Belle Glade Marina, Palm Beach 31 Jan–2 Feb (B. Scott); one at Francis S. Taylor W.M.A., Miami-Dade 24 Feb (CSa). A lone Cassin's Kingbird was found at Flagler sod fields / CR305 30 Jan+ (MBr et al.). Up to 10 Western Kingbirds stayed at Ocala, Marion throughout on the identification; however, questions surround the bird's provenance. Single, white- morph Great Blue Herons wandered north to Merritt Island N.W.R. 26 Dec (EKw) and even up to Gainesville at Sweetwater Wetlands Park through 7 Feb (P. Brannon, M. James et al.). Snail Kites wandered away from their core area with up to 6 at West Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility, Vero Beach 11 Dec+ (C. Cimino et al.); 8 along Hwy. 70 near Lake Placid, Highlands 31 Jan (TRo); one at Lake Jackson 13 Feb was in the same location as last year's first Leon record (D. Jue, S. Jue). Short- tailed Hawk sightings outside of the species' s. Florida stronghold included 1 dark-morph at Weeki Wachee, Hernando 4 Dec (BPr, V. Capp); 1 light-morph at Orlando Wetlands Park, Orange 7 Feb (TRo); one near Salt Springs, Neotropic Cormorants have been found breeding in Florida only at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands (here 27 February), where Mark Berney has been carefully describing breeding attempts and hybridization with Double-crested Cormorants. Photo by © Mark Berney. A puzzle ensued over the provenance of this exceptional surprise: a Great White Pelican among a group of American White Pelicans at J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Lee (here on 28 February). Photo by © Jose Padilla.

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