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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 165 M I D D L E AT L A N T I C Bunting constitutes a major rarity in the Region, so one found at Ayer's Creek Farm, Worcester in Maryland 28-30 Dec (Kevin Graff) generate a great deal of interest. Paint- ed Buntings are more expected these days, but birds in Maryland at Masonville Cove, Baltimore 12 Dec through 12 Jan (Kevin Graff, m.ob.) and in Elkridge, Howard 19 Jan (Ken Roberge) were good finds nonethe- less. Many Baltimore Orioles were present during throughout the season. In Maryland birds were present in Calvert, Montgomery, Baltimore, Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Car- roll, and Howard and in Virginia they were found in Fairfax, Westmoreland, Rockingham, Richmond City, Hopewell, Chesterfield, New- port News, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Halifax. Some of these included reports of multiple birds at the same location; all told, at least twenty individuals may have been involved in the records. Purple Finches and Pine Siskins were both widespread throughout the Region this win- ter. Crossbills were not; an individual spot- ted in Riverview Park, Radford Virginia 29 Feb (Clyde Kessler) was the only representa- tive in the Region. White-winged Crossbill was entirely absent. Common Redpoll was only reported a single time; in Maryland one was encountered at Point Lookout State Park, Saint Mary's 28 Feb (Jeff Shenot). Observers: Matt Anthony, Justin Ausura, Andrew Baldelli, Marcia Balestri, Tyler Bell, David Bent, Rob Bielawski, Adam Bollinger, Arun Bose, Edward Brinkley, Rexanne Bru- no, Kathy Calvert, Tim Carney, Karen Ca- ruso, JB Churchill, Dan Cristol, Dave Cza- plak, Todd Day, Vincent de Sanctis, Chris Derstine, Chris Dominick, Adam D'Onofrio, Josh Emm, Jared Fisher, Justin Golden, Lilly Goodwin, Kevin Graff, Jim Gruber, Trish Gruber, James Fox, Matt Hafner, Andrew Hawkins, Cheryl Jackson, Mark Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Randy Kimmett, Clyde Kes- sler, Jane Kostenko, Dave Littlepage, Mikey Lutmerding, Sean McCandless, Ernie Miller, Sam Miller, Ellison Orcutt, Mike Ostrowski, David Palmer, Rob Parsons, Bob Ringler, Ken Roberge, Linda Rose, Linda Roy Walls, Jeff Shenot, Loretta Silvia, Amanda Spears, Jim Stasz, Suzanne Stitely, Jason Strickland, Sherman Suter, Bob Swiader, Daniel Taylor, Mike Walsh, Alex Wiebe, Bill Williams. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Arun Bose, P.O. Box 8807, Richmond, Virginia 23225 • Ellison Orcutt, 1712 W. Laburnum Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23227 • Mike Hudson, 928 S Conkling Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224 • viding Kent in Maryland with an- other impressive county record, a Loggerhead Shrike was located on Carroll Clark Rd and was present from 27 Dec to 28 Feb (Jim Gru- ber, Trish Gruber, Amanda Spears, m.ob.). While found in substan- tial numbers late in fall migration, Cave Swallows are more rarely lo- cated in the winter. An individual was located on Hart-Miller Island, Baltimore 7 Dec (Bob Ringler, Kevin Graff, Randy Kimmett) was thus notable. The Region saw a remarkable variety of warblers overwinter- ing this season. From Maryland four particularly unusual records were involved. After only four other previous winter records, a Northern Waterthrush was a great surprise when found on 27 Dec at North Branch, Allegheny (Tim Carney); this bird was potentially the same individual that had been seen oc- casionally since Nov. A Blue-winged Warbler found at Swan Harbor Farm Park, Harford was the state's first known winter record when located 12 Dec (Mark Johnson). An- other first winter record was produced when a Chestnut-sided Warbler was found in a residential area in Montgomery on 20 Dec (Justin Golden, Mike Ostrowski); this bird continued through 1 Jan. A Yellow-throated Warbler rounds out the pack of especially unusual species—it was located at a back- yard in Galestown Millpond, Dorchester 18 Jan (Linda Roy Walls). Warblers put on a show in Virginia as well. Three of the most interesting were furnished courtesy of a Cape May Warbler visiting a suet feeder in Virginia Beach from 20 Jan to 15 Feb (Loretta Silvia), a Bay-breasted Warbler at a yard in York 3 Jan (Andrew Hawkins), and a Black-throated Blue Warbler visiting feeders in a yard dur- ing a snowstorm 22-23 Jan (VARCOM) in Fluvanna. The best warbler of the season, however was surely the Townsend's War- bler in New Quarter Park, York on 26 Dec (Bill Williams, Arun Bose, Cheryl Jackson, Adam D'Onofrio). Other species also added to the excite- ment of late-lingering species. A Grasshop- per Sparrow was found 25 Jan at Beauvue Ponds, Saint Mary's (Mikey Lutmerding); un- fortunately, the bird was soon predated by a Merlin. A Rose-breasted Grosbeak—poten- tially the same bird found in November— was found at Violette's Loch, Montgomery 3 Dec (Dave Czaplak). Both the sparrow and the grosbeak were from Maryland. Lazuli the Coastal Plain, with the next one appear- ing at Fairmount Wildlife Management Area, Somerset in Maryland on 2 Jan (Mike Walsh, Chris Dominick, JB Churchill); the other Maryland bird was present from 11-14 Jan at Kent Narrows, Queen Anne's (m.ob.). The final individual located during the season was from 28 Jan in a residential are in East Beach, Norfolk (m.ob.). Selasphorus hummingbirds continue to be a predictable feature of winters in the Re- gion. In Maryland, a Rufous Hummingbird was located at a private residence in Talbot on 9 Jan (Suzanne Stitely, David Palmer, Da- vid Bent, Vincent de Sanctis ). Additionally and also in Maryland, an unidentified Selas- phorus sp. was present at a backyard in North Beach, Calvert 10 Dec (Jim Stasz)—this was 7 th member of the genus at this backyard in the last three decades. PASSERINES The Chesterville Christmas Bird Count on Maryland's Eastern Shore produced some interesting records. The most notable was provided in the form of a Vermillion Fly- catcher—the state's fourth record and Kent's first. The hatch-year female was located 27 Dec just north of Millington and stayed at least through 20 Jan (Jim Gruber, Trish Gru- ber, Amanda Spears, m.ob.). Other interest- ing flycatchers included a Western Kingbird at Greenbury Point Conservation Area, Anne Arundel 14 Dec (Randy Kimmett, Lily Goodwin) and an Ash-throated Flycatcher at Muddy Branch Park, Montgomery 14-18 Jan (Rob Parsons, m.ob.) both in Maryland. Pro- This Ash-throated Flycatcher was seen and photographed well while it was at Muddy Branch Park, Montgomery in Maryland from 14-18 Jan. Photo by © Tim Carney.

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