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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 164 Middle Atlantic typically withdraws from the Region in win- ter. In Maryland, two birds were found dur- ing the season. On 5 Dec one bird was found at Blackwater, Dorchester (Sean McCandless) and another bird was found 29 Dec and stayed through 28 Feb at Ayer's Creek Farm, Worcester (Alex Wiebe, m.ob.). Among the most unexpected winter shorebirds in the region was a Red Phalarope that was pres- ent on 16 Feb at Isle of Wight County Park, Worcester (Daniel Taylor). This appears to be the state's first onshore record of the species during the winter season. Continuing from the fall, a Black-headed Gull was present through 3 Jan at Paper Mill Flats, Baltimore (m.ob.) in Maryland. In the state, the only other Black-headed Gull present was found 28 Dec at Point Lookout, Saint Mary's (Jane Kostenko, Tyler Bell). In Virginia, three individuals were found; one bird was found 10 Dec at Swan Cove, Ac- comack and was present throughout the remainder of the season (m.ob.). Another bird was present 7-9 Feb at Grandview Na- ture Preserve, Hampton (Matt Anthony, Dan Cristol, m.ob.) and the third was found at Pleasure House Point, Virginia Beach 10 Feb (Bob Swiader). The occurrence of a Thay- er's Iceland Gull is not a yearly occurrence in the Region, so it was quite a find when a cooperative first-cycle bird was reported in Maryland at Cecil County Landfill, Cecil 18-19 Dec (Sean McCandless, Ryan John- son). Glaucous Gulls, meanwhile, are found yearly, but in low numbers. In Maryland, one bird was present at Northeast Commu- nity Park and Cecil County Landfill, both in Cecil from 2-6 Feb (m.ob.). Another bird was found along the Choptank River just outside of Cam- bridge, Dorchester 20 Feb (m.ob.). In Virginia, Glaucous Gulls were found at Back Bay, Virginia Beach 29 Dec through 8 Jan (Edward Brinkley, James Fox, Jason Strickland, Andrew Baldelli), Fort Story, Virginia Beach, 31 Dec (Rex- anne Bruno), and at a pond in a shopping center in Colonial Heights from 25 Jan to 18 Feb (Ellison Orcutt). Snowy Owls were fairly sparse in the region this win - ter; two birds each were found in Maryland and Virginia. The first bird of the season was located 12 Dec at Dulles In - ternational Airport, Loudon in Virginia (Chris Derstine). All of the other birds were from ton 30 Dec (Edward Brinkley). In Maryland, three birds were located. These birds were at: Poplar Island, Talbot 7 Dec (Tim Carney), Point Lookout State Park, Saint Mary's 13 Dec-17 Jan (Mikey Lutmerd- ing, Jared Fisher), and Scientists' Cliffs, Calvert 29 Feb (Sherman Suter). In Maryland, the Ameri- can White Pelicans at Blackwater, Dorchester peaked over the win- ter at approximately 80 individu- als. Others were found at Goshen Pond, Worcester 28 Dec (Marcia Balestri) and Deal Island, Somerset 23 Feb (Mike Walsh). WADERS THROUGH HUMMINGBIRDS This winter an interesting assortment of late- lingering waders were documented along the immediate coast of the Region. Snowy Egrets were noted from one Maryland county and four in Virginia: Worcester and Accomack, Northampton, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach re- spectively. A similar pattern was found with other species. Little Blue Herons were found in Maryland from Worcester and in Virginia from Accomack, Northampton, and Virginia Beach. Tricolored Heron was found in Mary- land in Somerset and in Northampton and Virginia Beach in Virginia. Members of these species were found throughout the season. It is not unprecedented for some individuals of some of these species to be present within a year, but such widespread lingering and over-wintering throughout part of the Re- gion is unusual. Common Gallinule is another species that Arun Bose Ellison Orcutt Mike Hudson –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WATERFOWL Trumpeter Swans remain relatively sparse in the region; in Maryland, birds were found at Black Hill Regional Park, Montgomery from 1 Dec to 29 Feb (m.ob.), at the Central Tract at Patuxent Research Refuge, Prince George's from 11 Jan (Mikey Lutmerding), and at White Swan Drive Community Park, Anne Arundel from 20-22 Feb (Sam Miller, Karen Caruso). In Virginia, meanwhile, the only Trumpeter Swan present was one found 20 Jan at Silver Lake, Rockingham. A fascinating hybrid was documented at Poplar Island, Talbot in Maryland in the form of a Tufted Duck x Lesser Scaup 7 Dec (Tim Carney). The bird was the subject of widespread dis- cussion, with consensus eventually landing on Lesser Scaup as the non-Tufted Duck parent. This represented the first time this hybrid pairing had been documented in Maryland. Luckily, for birders hoping for a countable Tuft- ed Duck, one was eventually found. That bird was at Tydings Memorial Park, Harford 29 Feb (Josh Emm, Kathy Calvert, Matt Hafner). Another fascinating hybrid was present in Maryland from 19-21 Jan at Fort Howard, Baltimore (Ryan Johnson, Tim Carney). This time, it was a Buf - flehead x Common Goldeneye and another first for Maryland. Eared Grebes are always an exciting find in the Middle At - lantic, and this year birders lo- cated several of them across the Region. Two were in Virginia: one was at Grandview Nature Preserve, Hampton 31 Jan (Ernie Miller, Adam Bollinger, Linda Rose, Justin Ausura) and one was at Smith Island, Northamp- Iceland Gulls are found in the region most winters; the vast majority of those birds consist of Kum- lien's Gulls and either of the other subspecies is cause for tremendous excitement. This Thayer 's Gull at a landfill in Cecil County was present 18-19 Dec in Maryland. Photo by © Sean McCandless.

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