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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 163 H U D S O N - D E L AWA R E 11 Lark Sparrows were reported in the Re- gion this winter. Eight were seen in NY and three were found in NJ. Even with the great weather, Lincoln's Sparrows were very scarce this winter with one-day wonders found on two NY C.B.C.s, one NJ C.B.C., plus another at Bombay Hook. The season's most notable sparrow was a Harris's Sparrow found at Titusville, Mercer, NJ 15-27 Feb (fide BD). A Western Tanager was a great find in a yard at Ocean Twp., Monmouth, NJ 1-2 Feb (Eileen Bennett) and another one was found on the Cornell University campus at Ithaca, Tomp - kins, NY 26 Feb–6 Mar (fide Scott Haber). Four Painted Buntings in one winter is a high total for the Region; the most accessible and sought after by birders was an ad. male at Pros - pect Park, Brooklyn, Kings, NY 29–3 Jan (Keir Randall). Two Dickcissels were seen, both in NY: a first-winter at Southard's Pond S.P., Suf - folk, 1-18 Jan (John Gluth), and one attending a feeder at Fulton, Oswego, 14 Jan–2 Feb (fide JB). Two male Yellow-headed Blackbirds were seen at Honeoye Falls, Monroe 28-30 Jan (RGS, SS). Brewer's Blackbird had gone unreported for several years since the traditional DE and NJ flocks disappeared, but for the third con - secutive winter a flock of 4-9 traveled with a European Starlings on Thirteen Curves Rd., Sussex, DE 1 Jan–26 Feb (BGP). A Bullock's Oriole made for an exciting find and attended a feeder in Ulster, NY 18 Feb–5 Mar (fide Rich - ard Guthrie). Winter finches were generally in short supply throughout the Region, likely a result of the mild season. Interestingly, a steady flow of Purple Finches and Pine Siskins moved south through the Region during Nov–Dec and were fairly common at times, even in DE. As an aside, the Saranac C.B.C. in Essex, NY reported 2304 Pine Siskins (fide Larry Masters), a count high for the circle as well as the high count for North America. The rest of the winter finch species were no shows during the C.B.C. sea - son. No Pine Grosbeaks were seen. A total of 6 Red Crossbills were reported on three C.B.C.s scattered across n. NY counties; there were no reports of White-winged Crossbills. A total of 9 C.B.C.s reported 54 Common Redpolls in NY, with 25 of those found on the Rome C.B.C. in kept. High numbers of semi-hardy species such as Orange-crowned Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, Palm Warbler, Pine Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler and Yellow-breasted Chat were reported throughout Dec and early- Jan. An ad. male Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler was found at Burton's I., Indian River Inlet 13 Dec (BGP). Two Ovenbirds and a sin - gle Worm-eating were seen at NY City. Three Black-and-white Warblers were recorded: two in NY and one in NJ. Amazingly, 6 Nashville Warblers were found on four C.B.C.s in NY and 2 others were found in NJ. Warbler species with single reports included a very late Hood - ed Warbler recorded on the Rochester C.B.C. in Munroe, NY 20 Dec (Norma Platt, RGS), an American Redstart on the Northwestern Hunterdon County C.B.C. in Hunterdon, NJ 20 Dec (fide Peter Kwiatek), a Black-throated Blue Warbler on the Princetown C.B.C. in Mercer, NJ 20 Dec (fide LL) and a Yellow-throated War - bler at the Trenton W.T.P., Mercer, NJ 4 Jan–17 Feb (BD, BF). Two Yellow Warblers were re - ported: one the Brooklyn C.B.C. in Kings, NY 19 Dec (RC, BM) and another at the Trenton W.T.P., Mercer, NJ 4-25 Jan (BD, BF). Three Northern Parulas were reported at two sites in DE, with another found on a C.B.C. in NJ. Two Prairie Warblers were reported; one at Indian River Inlet 6 Dec–9 Jan (Nancy Hedgepeth) and one on the Captree C.B.C. in Suffolk, NY 20-26 Dec (fide SSM, PJL). Finally, three Wil - son's Warblers were reported, all on C.B.C.s: one in NY and 2 in NJ. Although it was a good season for spar - rows, no great rarities were found. At least 3 Clay-colored Sparrows were reported: one at Flushing Meadows, Corona Park during the Queens County C.B.C, Queens, NY 20 Dec–29 Jan (fide Corey Finger, Ian Resnick), one on the Long Branch C.B.C., Ocean, NJ 2 Jan (fide Tom Brown) and one at Prime Hook N.W.R. dur - ing the Cape Henlopen C.B.C., Sussex, DE 3 Jan (FR). Only 3 Vesper Sparrows were found: one on the Middletown C.B.C., New Castle, DE 27 Dec (fide Anthony Gonzon), one during the Mizpah C.B.C., Atlantic, NJ (fide Tom Reed) and one attending a feeder at Sleepy Hollow, Westchester, NY (Keith Lewis). An astounding Oneida, 20 Dec (Bruce Carpenter). Addition- ally, one made it all the way down to the Cape May 20 Dec (fide LZ). Evening Grosbeaks ap - peared on two C.B.C.s: 50 were reported on the Elizabethtown C.B.C., Essex, 27 Dec (fide Eric & Charlotte Demers) and 2 were found on the New Woodstock-South Highlands C.B.C., Madison 30 Dec (fide Peter Harrity, MAY). Observers (subregional compilers in boldface): Deborah Allen (Central Park, NY City), Seth Ausubel (Long Island, NY:ssausubel@nyc.; Scott Barnes (Voice of NJ Audubon), Hope Batcheller (Finger Lakes Region, NY:, Patrick Belardo, Chris Bennett, Gail Benson (NY Area RBA), An - drew Bobe, Michael Bochnik (Lower Hudson Valley,, Jeffrey S. Bols - inger (JBo) (St. Lawrence, NY: jsbolsinger@ya-, Joseph Brin (Syracuse, NY Rare Bird Alert), Thomas W. Burke (NY Rare Bird Alert), Barbara Butler (Dutchess County, NY), Rick Cech, Marc Chelemer (MCh), Bob Dodelson, Andy P. Ednie, (Voice of Birdline DE), Alyssa Della Fave, Bob Ferguson, Sue&Ken Feustel, Corey Finger, Tim Freiday, Arie Gilbert, An - thony Gonzon (AGo), Michael Gullo, Paul A. Guris, Jerry Haag, Becky Hedden, Mike Hud - son, Alan Kneidel, Laurie Larson (NJ Birds listserve), Pat J. Lindsay (Long I. and NY City:, Tony Lauro, (NY Rare Bird Alert), Bobbi Manian, Jay McGowen, Melanie MacCormack (Adirodack-Cham - plain Region NY:, Shaibal S. Mitra (Long I. Region, NY: mitra@, Mike Morgante (Niagara Frontier Region, NY: morgm@roadrunner.. com), Vince Nichnadowicz, David J. Nicosia (Susquehanna, NY:, Matt Perry (Oneida Lake Basin Region, NY): James Pawlicki, Bruce G. Peterjohn, Frank Rohrbacher (DE:, Chris - topher Rowe, Larry Scacchetti, Ilene Schnei- der, Joe Sebastiani, Robert G Spahn (Gen- esee, NY: ), Sue Spahn, Kim Steininger, Bill Stewart, David Wheeler (Oneida Lake Basin Region, NY:tigger64@aol. com), Jim White, Lance Verderame (Sullivan County Bird Notes), Will Yandik (Hudson– Mohawk Region, NY:, Jim White, Louise Zemaitis. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Tom Reed, 81 Reeds Beach Road, Cape May Court House, New Jersey 08210 • Shaibal Mitra, Department of Biology, College of Staten Island, 2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, New York 10314 • Robert O. Paxton, 460 Riverside Drive, Apt. 72, New York, New York 10027 • Frank Rohrbacher, 5 Neva Court, Wilmington, Delaware 19810 • SA Many birders in the Region witnessed a very interesting occurrence this season, cour- tesy of a microclimate that numerous warblers found and used to survive the season. Birders visiting a wastewater treatment plant at Trenton, Mercer, NJ first noted these in early- January. Initial reports made mention of seven species of warblers, both kinglets, and Brown Creeper. This brought dozens of birders to the location during January and February. The final total included one Yellow-throated Warbler 4 Jan–17 Feb; one Yellow Warbler 4–25 Jan; 2 Orange-crowned Warblers 6 Jan–17 Feb; 3 Pine Warblers 4 Jan–7 Feb; 2 Nashville Warblers 4 Jan–17 Feb; one Palm Warbler Jan 4-7 Feb; and dozens of Yellow-rumped Warblers. All of these warblers were relatively easy to find throughout their stay.

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