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VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 159 Catherine continued from late-Dec to at least 6 Mar (SD, m.ob.) and provided a first successful overwintering record for the Region, while one at Jonquière 7-14 Feb was even more unexpected in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (J. Fortin). A beautifully photographed Veery at Hatley 3, 5, & 30 Dec was an astounding winter find for pretty much anywhere in North America (S. Kohl, M. Bradley, ph.). This record bested the previous late date by more than two months. A Swainson's Thrush at Gatineau 19 Dec–4 Jan was also an unexpected winter visitor, furnishing a new late date for the Region (H. Tremblay, ph., m.ob.). WARBLERS THROUGH ROSY-FINCH An incredible 13 species of warblers were reported during this abnormally mild winter. An Orange-crowned Warbler at Sainte- Catherine 25 Jan–9 Feb (ph. LL) established a new record late date and represented one of very few warbler species observed to survive into Feb. A Nashville Warbler at Lévis 13 Dec was a rare find for the season (G. Lemelin). A Northern Parula at Québec City 1-28 Dec was also record late (F. Létourneau, m.ob.). A male Black-throated Blue Warbler at Bécancour 19-20 Dec was unexpected (ph. N. Pageau). A Black-throated Gray Warbler at Morrison I. 19 Dec (B. & B. Di Labio) furnished just the sixth record for the Region. A female or imm. male Prairie Warbler at Chandler 7-11 Dec (ML, m.ob.) was the third ever recorded in Dec. Single Ovenbirds at Saint-Augustin- de-Desmaures 28 Dec (ph. R. Robert) and at downtown Montreal from Oct to least 18 Jan (C. Claude) would have been completely unexpected during a regular winter. A Northern Waterthrush at Salaberry-de- Valleyfield 11-13 Dec was record late by more than a month (A. Quenneville, ph., m.ob.). As many as 10 Pine Warblers and 9 Common Yellowthroats were reported throughout Dec. Most noteworthy were 2 male Pines Warblers, fed with mealworms, that survived the winter at Sherbrooke (m.ob.). A female Hooded Warbler brightened Longueuil 18-28 Dec and established a new record late date for the Region by more than a month (DD et al., ph.) Single Vesper Sparrows at Saint-Bernard-de- Lacolle 3-5 Jan (NG, LL, ph.) and at Varennes 6 Jan (ph. LB) were noteworthy. After a record high season last fall, some Lark Sparrows made it through the winter with one at Rivière-au- Renard 6-27 Dec (DJ), another at Cap-d'Espoir 26 Dec (ph. DJ), and finally one at Mont-Laurier to 25 Jan that provided a new record late date for the Region (R. LeBrun, ph., m.ob.). Among a few Lincoln's Sparrow this winter was one that lingered at Drummondville until at least 6 Feb (ph. E. Lepage). A first-winter Harris's Q U É B E C STANDARD ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS USED IN THE REGIONAL REPORTS * specimen collected + bird(s) seen through end of period † written details on file A.F.B. Air Force Base acc. accepted by records committee A.R.C. Avian Records Committee b. banded B.B.S. Breeding Bird Survey B.O. Bird Observatory B.R.C. Bird Records Committee C.A. Conservation Area C.B.C. Christmas Bird Count C.P. County Park cm centimeter(s) Fwy. Freeway G.C. Golf Course Hwy. Highway imm. (imms.) immature(s) Jct. Junction juv. (juvs.) juvenile(s) km kilometer(s) mm millimeter(s) m.ob. many (or multiple) observers N.A. Nature Area, Natural Area N.F. National Forest N.M. National Monument N.P. National Park N.S. National Seashore N.W.R. National Wildlife Refuge p.a. pending acceptance P.P. Provincial Park ph. photographed (by + initials) R.A. Recreation(al) Area R.B.A. Rare Bird Alert R.P. Regional Park R.S. Regional Shoreline Rd. Road Rte. Route S.B. State Beach S.L. Sewage Lagoon S.F. State Forest S.G.A. State Game Area S.P. State Park S.R.A. State Recreation Area S.R. State Reserve S.N.A. State Natural Area S.W.A. State Wildlife Area S.T.P. Sewage Treatment Plant/Pond subad. (subads.) subadult(s) Twp. Township v.r. voice recording (by + initials) vt. videotape (by + initials) W.A. Wildlife Area W.M.A. Wildlife Management Area W.T.P. (Waste)water Treatment Plant/Pond Italics indicate name of a county, parish, or municipality. An Orange-crowned Warbler at Sainte-Catherine 25 January–9 February (here 27 January) established a new record late date and was one of few warblers to survive into February. Photo by © Lucien Lemay. A Northern Parula at Quebec City 1-28 December (here 25) represented the latest ever recorded in the province. Photo by © Christian Chevalier. This Summer Tanager at Charlesbourg, Québec City 16-27 December (here 19) was one of three found this season. Photo by © Nicole Archambault. at least 17 Jan (A. Julien, m.ob.), and a third took up residence at Adstock 10 Jan–29 Feb + (DMC). A male Varied Thrush showed up at Saint-Adolphe-de-Howard 28 Dec–17 Jan (J. Michaud, m.ob.) while a female lingered at Otterburn Park 5 Jan–5 Feb (J. Noiseux, m.ob.). A continuing Gray Catbird at Sainte-

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