North American Birds

VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 248 P I C TO R I A L H I G H L I G H TS 1 4 2 3 5 1 • This amazingly hardy Pine Warbler survived through the winter at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Nicely photographed here in light snowfall on 2 March, it was observed by many. Photo by © Nick Saunders. 2 • This Whistling Heron, found foraging in a soccer field in the town of Manzanilla, Limón and not far from the Panamanian border, was new for Costa Rica on 16 February. This South American species has become annual in Panama during recent years; a Panamanian sighting 10 days earlier and 300 km east may pertain to the same individual. Photo by © Marta Venegas. 3 • Far more Grasshopper Sparrows were seen in Baja California Sur this season than usual. These two were at Todos Santos on 23 January 2016. Photo by © Gerardo Marrón. 4 • This Field Sparrow frequented feeders at an elevation of over 2500 meters in Aspendell, Inyo County from 26 December 2015 to 18 March 2016 (here 14 February). The warm rufous- brown wash across the breast, along with its brightly colored upperparts indicate that it was of the nominate subspecies previously unrecorded in CA. Photo by © Alex R. Abela. 5 • Seen here on 3 December, the day of its discovery, Saskatchewan's third King Eider was found in open water at Echo Valley Provincial Park in the Qu'Appelle River valley. Photo by © Laurie Koepke.

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