North American Birds

VOLUME 70 NO2 2018

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 8 ) • N U M B E R 2 245 P I C TO R I A L H I G H L I G H TS 1 • Spread-wing shot of Minnesota's first Mottled Duck at Rum River Dam, Anoka County 15-16 (here 16) February 2016. Note absence of white ante- rior to speculum and a thin, pale, trailing edge along the posterior margin of speculum. Photo by © Peder H. Svingen. 2 • Time spent birding off the regular trail can result in surprises, such as this Northern Pygmy-Owl found above treeline in the Kluane Range, southwest Yukon Territory on 31 January. Photo by © Cameron Eckert. 3 • Empidonax flycatchers have only been reported in the Tennessee & Kentucky Region during winter a few times. This vocalizing Least Flycatcher was found in Fulton County, Kentucky on 19 December. Photo by © Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr. 4 • A Brown Booby, Mississippi's third, thrilled many observers at Grenada Lake, Grenada County, 9-29 (here 18) December. Photo by © Larry Pace . 5 • Most Louisiana birders expected the state's first Pyrrhuloxia to be found close to the Texas border. Instead, this individual, present 18-26 December, was discovered in the interior rice growing area near Welsh, Jefferson Davis Parish. Photo by © Dan O'Malley. 1 3 4 5 2

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