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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 240 C E N T R A L A M E R I C A well established in the Caribbean, contin- ues to spread across the Central American mainland. A group of 60 was observed at El Realejo, Chinandega on the Pacific slope of Nicaragua 24 Jan (EA). Contributors (country coordinators in boldface): Jeniffer Abrego, Daniel Aldana, Jesús Alfaro-Rodríguez, Domiciano Alveo (DoA), George Angehr, Cristian Artuso, James Arce Zuniga, Alfonso Auerbach, Gualberto Becerra, Ruth Bennett, Carlos Bethancourt, Melvin Bonilla, Michael Bow- en (MiB), Harold Brewer, Will Britton, Luis Burbano, John Paul Cahill, Rob Cahill, Alejandro Calderón, Edwin Calderón, Jorge Gabriel Campos, Billie Cantwell, Ernesto Carman (ErC), Emmanuel Chan (EmC), Liliana Chavarría-Duriaux, Johan Chavez, Gerry Collins, Mario Cordoba, Alex Cruz, Jan Axel Cubilla, Martha Cutler (MaC), Fred Dalbey, Robert Dean, Natalia Decastro, Olivia Díaz, Katinka Domen, Jacob Drucker, Blair Dudek, Georges Duriaux, Ariel Fon- seca, Patty Ford, Guillermo Funes, Robert Gallardo (RoG), Leo Garrigues, Richard Garrigues, Brian Gibbons, Doug Gochfeld, Kathe Goria-Hendrickson, Patty Greeneltch, Kees Groenedijk, Doug & Spencer Hardy, Kay Hawklee, Eric Heisey, Richard Hilchey, Brad Jacobs, Ken Janes, Lee Jones, Roselvy Juárez, Adrian Kettle, Oliver Komar, John Kvarnback, Howard Laidlaw, Robert Lam- beck, Jason Lara, Karla Lara, George Lin, María José Lou, Adalberto Lucas, Isael Mai, Roni Martinez, Walter Mejía, Rosabel Miró (RMi), Darién Montañez, Eric Moore, Whitney Mortimer, Francisco Muñoz, José Carlos Muñoz Ruiz, Desiree Narango, Collin Nichols, Jill Nichols, Luis Noack, Max No- ack, Patrick O'Donnell, William Orellana, Jacobo Ortega, Maynor Ovando, Jaimin Pa- tel, Tushar Patel, Paul Pickering, Mark Pretti, Ismael Quiroz, Ruben Ramírez (RuR), Moi- sés Rodríguez, Romel Romero (RoR), Edu - ardo Ruano, Roland Rumm, Andrew Russell, Guillermo Saborio, Jim Scarff (JSc), Larry Schmahl, Tom Schulenberg, Moises Siles, Jenn Sinasac, Ruben & Victor Stoll, Mario Teul, Simon Thompson, Jeff Tingle, Marvin Tórrez, Alan Troyer, Eric Tut, Jonathan Ur- bina, John van Dort, Marta Venegas, Doro- thy Wadlow, Linda Warschauer, Pieter Wes- tra, Venicio Wilson, Chris Wood, Jim Zook, Jorge Zuniga Lopez. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– John van Dort, Las Quebraditas, Santa Ana, FM 1205, Honduras • Oliver Komar, Zamorano University, #1242a Campus Central, Carretera a Danlí Km 30, FM, Honduras • same national park 10 Jan (RJ, JvD), thus providing the second and third winter records for the species in Honduras. Prairie War- bler is rare in Costa Rica, there- fore one at Rio Abangares, Puntar- enas 13 Jan (PW) was a great find, as was a Golden-cheeked Warbler at Monteverde, Puntarenas 14 Dec (RD). A male Hermit Warbler seen well in the Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo 26 Feb (RM) provided only the fifth or sixth record for Belize. Rare in Costa Rica outside the Guanacaste province, 3 Grass- hopper Sparrows were an excel- lent find at the Hotel Robledal, Alajuela 23 Feb (ph. GL). Lark Sparrow is among the rarest regularly occurring migrants in Be- lize, and is extremely rare during midwin- ter. One visiting the Bald Hills in Mountain Pine Ridge 12 Feb (RM) was noteworthy. Savannah Sparrows were reported from new locations in both El Salvador and Ni- caragua this winter. One seen at the mouth of the Jiboa R. 10 Dec (AC, EC, MB) fur- nished the first record for the Salvadoran department of La Paz. Nine Savannah Spar- rows observed at San Diego La Barra N.P., Santa Ana 24 Feb (AC, EC, MB, ph. GF) provided a high count for El Salvador; the same observers found an additional 3 at the Metapán Laguna in the same area that day. A group of 9 Savannah Sparrows provided a new country record for Nicaragua at La- guna de Tisma, Masaya 21 Feb (TS, BJ, LJ, MT, ph. CW). Painted Bunting, common in most of the Region, is rare in Panama. Up to 3 (including two males) were first reported at the Summit Ponds, Panamá 28 Jan (CB). They were seen by several observers (and extensively photographed) until 25 Feb (HL). Bobolink typically bypasses Central America on its migrations south, rarely re- ported anywhere in the Region. Thus, one at Isla del Coco in the Costa Rican Pacific 21 Dec (ph. AC) served as an exceptional winter record and well outside the nor- mal range. An unusually high count of 57 Yellow-winged Caciques, a w.-MX endemic that in our Region is local on the Pacific coast of Guatemala and El Salvador, was reported at Monterrico, Santa Rosa, Gua- temala 1 Jan (DA, OK, JPC). Spot-breasted Oriole continues its northward march along the coast of Belize, with sightings only re- cently north of Toledo. One present at Ha- manasi Resort, south of Hopkins Village 6 Dec (D&SH) provided just the third record for Stann Creek. Tricolored Munia, an inva- sive species originally from Asia and now on the unprecedented date of 2 Feb at Chan Chich Lodge, Orange Walk (ph. WM, BG et al.) may have been overwintering. One was also seen at Naranjo, San José 31 Jan (JZ). A Blue-and-white Mockingbird was a note- worthy find at the Tisey-La Estanzuela N.R., Estelí, Nicaragua 21 Feb (OK, JPC, KL). At least 2 Nashville Warblers wintered farther south than normal this winter. One provided the first documented record for Panama near Palma Real, Chiriquí 20 Feb (ph. LS); another provided the first docu- mented record for Nicaragua at the Tisey Nature Reserve 21 Feb (ph. JPC, OK, KL). A Nashville Warbler at Belcampo Lodge, Tole- do 30 Jan (LJ, HB, KJ) provided a new local- ity record for this heavily birded area near Punta Gorda and one of the few records for mainland Belize. No fewer than 3 Cape May Warblers were found wintering in Costa Rica this season. One was found at the Arenal Observatory Lodge, Alajuela 4 Dec (KMD, LG), where it continued to be seen by multi- ple observers to at least 29 Jan (JZ). Another was at Parque Laguna Doña Ana, Cartago 12 Jan (ph. JZ), while the third was seen at San Antonio de Turrialba, Cartago 21 Feb (PP). One was also noted at the Montibelli Pri- vate Reserve, Carazo, Nicaragua 5 Jan (DM). Unusual in s. Central America, a Northern Parula made for a noteworthy find at Wilson Botanical Garden, Puntarenas, Costa Rica 12 Feb (KGH). Blackburnian Warbler is a com- mon winter visitor to s. Central America, but is known in the northern part of the Region as a transient. Yet, several individu- als were found wintering farther north than usual this winter. One was seen at San Pe- dro, Ambergris Caye 16 Dec (BD) providing one of very few adequately documented Dec records for Belize. Observers in Honduras found one on the western slope of La Tigra N.P., Francisco Morazán 22 Dec (JD, RJ, ph. JvD), and nearly a month later found a dif- ferent individual on the eastern slope of the Savannah Sparrow was long overdue for Nicaragua. Nine individuals were seen at Laguna de Tisma in Masaya on 21 February. Photo by © Chris Wood.

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